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EU to ban pesticides blamed for bee losses

The European Union will ban three of the world’s most widely-used pesticides for two years because of fears they are linked to a plunge in the population of bees critical to the production of crops. The executive European Commission said Monday it would press ahead with the ban on a class of pesticides known as

Farm subsidies still get top share of EU austerity budget

France and other major farming nations thwarted 
attempts to shift farm spending to growth and jobs

Farm subsidies will continue to gobble up the biggest share of the European Union’s budget to 2020, despite a 13 per cent drop in future agricultural spending, under a deal struck by EU leaders Feb. 8. Agriculture’s budget supremacy was secured after France and other major farming nations thwarted attempts by Britain and its northern

EU farm subsidy reforms cut payments to the wealthiest farms

Europe’s wealthiest landowners, including Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and Spain’s Duchess of Alba, will see deep cuts to their future farm subsidies under proposals from members of the European Parliament Jan. 23. Annual payments to the top recipients of agricultural subsidies should be capped at 300,000 euros from 2014, the European Parliament’s influential agriculture committee said.

EU approves Morocco agriculture trade deal

European Union lawmakers approved a new trade deal with Morocco Feb. 16 that will significantly extend duty-free sales of agricultural, food and fisheries products between the North African kingdom and the 27-nation bloc. The EU’s agriculture chief, Dacian Ciolos, described the deal as both economically and politically significant. “It is a balanced agreement, which opens