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Possibilities include bananas with more vitamin A or apples that don’t brown when cut.

Genetically edited, not genetically modified?

Avoiding introduction of genes from other organisms 
could alleviate consumer concerns

Recent advances that allow the precise editing of genomes now raise the possibility that fruit and other crops might be genetically improved without the need to introduce foreign genes, according to researchers writing in the Cell Press publication Trends in Biotechnology on Aug. 13. With awareness of what makes these biotechnologies new and different, genetically

Bumblebees on a wildflower

Wondering about the state of the environment?

Just eavesdrop as bees communicate with each other 
on where to find the best eats

Researchers have been monitoring honeybee “waggle dances” to track where they find the best nectar and pollen and measure the benefits of biodiverse landscapes. The results reported in the Cell Press journal Current Biology May 22 suggest that costly measures to set aside agricultural lands and let the wildflowers grow can be very beneficial to

Where, oh where, has the roadkill gone?

Birds are demonstrating an ability to evolve shorter wingspans 
and learn how not to become a traffic fatality

Millions of birds die each year as they collide with moving vehicles, but things have been looking up, at least in the case of cliff swallows. Today’s swallows are hit less often, thanks to shorter wingspans that may help them take off more quickly and pivot away from passing cars. The findings, reported in the