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Australia is finding high-tech solutions are going to take an educated workforce.

Australia is a leader in high-tech agriculture

The country seeks to plug its shortage in 
rural labour with technology solutions

Parts of Australia’s farming industry are rushing to recruit a new generation of tech-savvy graduates as the sector swaps its bucolic past for a future of drones, robots and automated sensors. The push comes as cutting-edge machinery is used to plug a labour shortage on the nation’s remote farms that threatens to derail its ambitions

Photo: Reuters

Grain consortium lobbying hard for Australia’s biggest wheat exporter

Sydney/Reuters – A consortium seeking to buy Australia’s biggest wheat exporter, Co-operative Bulk Handling Ltd (CBH), is stepping up lobbying for its offer amid concerns the deal may be snubbed and reports of a rival Chinese bidder. The Australian Grains Champion (AGC), which includes farmers and some former directors of CBH, wants to acquire and list