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How Much Are You Losing?

Canola growers lose up to five bushels per acre out the back of their combines. That skims a lot of profit off the top and adds to volunteer canola costs in following years. Manitoba Canola Growers Association and the Canola Council of Canada will host a Combine Performance Clinic at the Keystone Centre in Brandon,

Canola council advises care with early seeding

Growers eager to get out in the field are reminded to take extra caution to avoid the high price of incorrect seeding depth that may result in uneven stands, says Canola Council of Canada senior agronomy specialist Doug Moisey. “Uneven stands can reduce yields and ultimately cost growers money, says Moisey. “Growers should take care to

Watch moisture and temperature in stored canola

Two numbers should be on the minds of producers with canola in their bins — 8 and 15. “For long term storage canola needs to be kept below 8 per cent moisture and 15 degrees Celsius” says Canola Council of Canada agronomist Matthew Stanford. “As oil content goes up, the potential for storage issues increases, so