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A cake filled with edible insects in the shape of the cookbook The Insect Cookbook is displayed at the University of Wageningen. Research by scientists at the university showed that insects could provide the best source of protein to meet the needs of a rising population. Currently, 70 per cent of agricultural land is used for livestock production. photo: REUTERS/Michael Kooren

Want to lose weight? Eat bugs!

The thought of eating beetles, caterpillars and ants may give you the creeps, but the authors of a UN report published earlier this month said the health benefits of consuming nutritious insects could help fight obesity. More than 1,900 species of insects are eaten around the world, mainly in Africa and Asia, but people in

Italy to launch durum wheat futures contract

Reuters / Borsa Italiana is set to launch Europe’s first futures market for durum wheat in November to cater to demand from the continent’s Italian-led pasta makers, but building sufficient trading volumes will be a challenge, traders say. Grain futures generally take a long time to attract a large trading base, and the minimal volumes

UN urges change in U.S. biofuel policy to avoid food crisis

The United Nations’ food agency stepped up the pressure on the United States on Aug. 10 to change its biofuel policies because of the danger of a world food crisis, arguing the importance of growing crops for food over their use for fuel. Global alarm over the potential for a food crisis of the kind

Renewed Food Inflation Risk As Funds Eye Edible Oils

Less than two years after a surge in global food prices caused panic and riots around the world, investors are starting to return to vegetable oil markets and raising the spectre of renewed food price inflation. Billions of dollars change hands annually in the markets for palm, soybean and other vegetable oils, which are used