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Falling Number Will Not Be A Grading Factor

This year, many producers seeded late because of cold, wet weather and this may lead to a late harvest. Researchers at the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) believe that if there is a late harvest coupled with significant rain or moisture there could be an increased possibility of significant levels of sprout-damaged grain this fall. Sprout

Monitoring Bin Temperature And Aerating Grain

It is important to monitor grain temperature and to keep stored grain cool and dry by regularly aerating it through mechanical aeration or by turning it. Moisture and warm temperatures allow the growth of moulds and the development of an environment that is suitable for insects. If warm grain is placed into storage and left

Storage protocols can protect profits

Producers can keep their grain crops in good condition this fall by following tips from the Canadian Grain Commission about preventing insect infestations during storage. To help producers identify and control potential infestations, the Canadian Grain Commission’s web site features updated information about many species of insect pests. Videos show the insects in action. The