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Slugs and snails pose a risk
to pets. Ask about lungworm in
your area.

How to protect your pets from lungworms

They can live in the lungs and airways of dogs and cats causing serious problems

Part of a complete pet health strategy includes protecting pets from the parasites in your area, and treating and preventing intestinal worms and heartworm is part of regular care. With changes in climate, wildlife ranges and travel patterns, we can see new parasites show up that haven’t been a concern for pets in the past. Lungworms are some

Vaccinations are an important part of keeping your pet healthy.

Be sure to vaccinate your pet

Vaccinations are a significant part of health care

Vaccinations are a very significant part of your pet’s health care as they protect dogs and cats from infectious agents that can cause serious illness or may be fatal. As in humans, vaccines have had a major impact in decreasing infectious diseases and are very safe. Nowadays we don’t see many of these diseases —