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By allowing U.S.-grown grain of all types into our grain-handling and export system, we can also expect impacts on our grain transportation system.

Comment: Will Canada’s grain farmers be collateral damage?

The rush to pass Bill C-4 saw a number of under-the-radar changes shoehorned into the legislation

Canada is confronting an unprecedented crisis as we deal with the global COVID-19 pandemic. On March 12 Prime Minister Trudeau and at least two other MPs had to self-isolate after being exposed to the virus. The following day, Parliament decided not to carry on business as usual, and moved to recess until April 20. At

Comment: Who’s in charge of agricultural policy?

Harvest will take top billing in farmers’ minds as we put in the long hours that lie ahead of us, but other issues must be considered. Two of the most important are Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s (AAFC) attack on farmers’ right to freely use our own seed, and AAFC’s seemingly unsupervised rewriting of the Canada

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Opinion: The backstory on Seed Synergy

Over the last two months farmers have become aware of an ominous drive, co-ordinated by elements of Canada’s seed industry and financially aided by our federal government, that is attempting to eliminate our right to freely save and reuse our own seed. This story actually begins in 1990, when the Canadian government adopted the UPOV

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Opinion: Flawed Bill C-49 won’t aid farmers

The Senate is now studying Bill C-49, a bill to amend Canada’s Transportation Act and other related acts, which the House of Commons passed in November. The National Farmers Union (NFU) is one of many groups urging the Senate’s Transportation and Communications Committee to amend the bill before it goes back to the Senate for