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Light up the night with ice candles

This Christmas season, try a craft that requires only water, a balloon, a candle and our Manitoba winter. To make these ice candles, fill a 12-inch balloon quite full with water, being sure to leave a bit of air in the balloon as you tie it off. Set the balloon in a plastic-lined bowl and

Ideas For The Christmas Dinner Table

Why not create some place cards for Christmas dinner? As well as an exercise in recycling, they also look great, and show that you gave some forethought as to who needs to sit near their children or who needs to sit at the end because they are left-handed. Christmas Dinner Place Cards Materials: Old cards

Summer Welding Project – for Jul. 29, 2010

Ahhh – morning coffee outside! And to set down that cup of coffee, why not pull out those old, “too good to throw out,” antique heat grates you keep storing, and weld up a lovely patio table. Table 1(top photo) This table was made of a large grate welded onto an old TV stand. The

Create A Christmas Centrepiece

I designed this centrepiece for a cowboy-theme Christmas banquet. To keep costs down, I went to our pasture for some small birch trees, and to my garden for wild bittersweet vines and grapevines. Armed with my trusty glue gun, some Christmas corsages from the dollar store and my sister for help, we made 20 table