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Market Power: 50 Years Forward, 50 Years Back

As a farmer, I m alarmed at an elected government denying farmers a say in arguably the most important question in the history of Prairie farming. Without the marketing and representative power of the Canadian Wheat Board, grain farmers would be a scattered bunch of thousands peddling their wares to a handful of powerful grain

Fertilizer Pricing The Last Straw For Farmers

“Well, if they (farmers) won’t pay our prices, we’ll grow the grain in China or India.” In the late winter of 1975, our family was having lunch in a Brandon, Manitoba restaurant. At the table next to ours, three fertilizer executives (two local and one from the U. S.) were discussing product pricing and bemoaning

Rose-breeding program understated

When we were growing up on our farm at Snowflake in the ’40s and ’50s, one of our annual highlights was a car trip to the Morden Experimental Farm to admire the herbaceous borders, unusual trees, and the orchards where new varieties of fruit for the Prairies were being developed and tested. Besides ornamentals, there