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You can check into an escape room any time, but how soon you get out is down to your problem-solving abilities.

Escape winter in an escape room

These team-building brain-teasing facilities are now available outside the Perimeter Highway

Feel like you’re in a rut with winter activities? Want to escape? Try an escape room. Winnipeg offers several, but the fun has spilled over the perimeter to four rural locations. Locked room challenges pit groups against a time constraint — usually one hour — to find clues to freedom. (Safety protocols prohibit locking people

A corn husker that constantly broke down caused Frederick Maytag to vow to produce top-quality products, leading to the company's reputation for bulletproof designs like this early washing machine.

From farm implements to home convenience

Maytag is a home appliance giant now but it started out making farm implements

When you hear the name Maytag, do you remember your grandfather’s Maytag tractor? How about the family Maytag car or light truck? No? That could be because the company that began as a farm implement and vehicle manufacturer eventually focused solely on home appliances. In 1893, Frederick Louis Maytag and three partners started the Parsons

Food activists such as Vani Hari, also known as The Food Babe encourage consumers to vote with their dollars.

Building trust from producer to consumer

The majority of consumers is reasonable, intelligent people — especially if their questions are answered with transparency, patience and respect

People often link a distrust of the food industry on the lengthening of the food chain, the growing distance between production and consumption. For some, the perception is that when everyone knew personally the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker they had greater confidence in the safety of their food. Yet history shows that

Soldiers of the Soil helped feed the front

Many who have served during times of war are remembered every November 11. But one group has been all but forgotten. They never faced combat, but did in fact serve as “Soldiers of the Soil.” Although this phrase has often been broadly used, there was an official Soldiers of the Soil program. Created as an

The Prairie Wide Web: Virtual communities of pioneer women

Before the World Wide Web, women living on isolated homesteads belonged to virtual communities with much in common with today’s social media. These communities involved more than one physical location. They offered an exchange of ideas, opinions and information, and provided networking, education and problem-solving opportunities. Instead of Facebook or Twitter, they had names such

Have fun — stay healthy

Summer in Manitoba means plenty of fun outdoor events. From small local fairs to the Red River Ex in Winnipeg, people consume a great deal of food from temporary venues. The tasty offerings vary, but all vendors must meet the criteria set by the local health inspector’s office to protect the public from foodborne illnesses.

The challenge of raising informed consumers

One hundred years ago when Canadians often butchered their own meat and pulled vegetables from their own gardens, they did not need to contemplate the source of their food. They could see it with their own eyes. Today, our access to food is so easy that we need not contemplate the source either. There are

Finding And Keeping Volunteers

April 10 to 16 is National Volunteer Week. Maybe you’re involved with one of the many organizations which benefit from the over two billion hours spent annually in Canada on volunteer work. If so, you know what a struggle it is to get and keep volunteers. Statistics Canada’s several National Surveys of Non-Profit and Voluntary

Be Prepared For A Home Invasion

The first step to dealing with an infestation is to identify the intruder. Termites are 10 times as destructive as carpenter ants, but termites are far less likely to be the culprits as they are not native to the Prairies. The distinctions in appearance between carpenter and other species of ant are subtle, and ants

Time To “Cowboy Up” – for Feb. 5, 2009

“Cowboy up” is an expression which refers to a specific profession, but is often repeated in other walks of life. Its exact meaning can depend upon the situation, but basically it means work hard and stay true to yourself and your ideals. Some complain that urban youth have co-opted this phrase and are acting as