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U.S. firm partners with James Cameron’s Prairie pulse processor

CNS Canada — Saskatchewan pulse processing company Verdient Foods has entered into a joint venture agreement with U.S. company Ingredion to expand operations. The organic pea protein fractionation facility at Vanscoy, about 20 km southwest of Saskatoon, has been running since last year and the new agreement will see it expand operations to include more

Good year for Prairie spring wheat, not so much for durum

Spring wheat prices are expected to see pressure in the new year

While spring wheat prices in Western Canada enjoyed a strong year, durum prices weren’t so lucky. Heading into 2019, spring wheat prices could fall victim to increasing global wheat acreage, while durum prices will need to see acreage fall. Data from the PDQ (Price and Data Quotes) show Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS, 13.5 per

Sal sizes have been smaller lately as many auction marts prepare for the holiday break.

Holiday slow season nears for Manitoba cattle sales

Variable quality leads to variable prices at auctions

As the fall run wraps up at Manitoba auction marts and volumes start to drop, any cattle that aren’t in top form are selling for discounts. “Guys are getting a little fussier on the quality and the discounts for non-performing-type cattle are getting a little steeper,” said Allan Munroe of Killarney Auction Mart. Feedlots are