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Ugandan farm women.

Farming better in Uganda — with Canadian help

An organization founded by a CBC broadcaster now helps millions of farmers in 38 countries in Africa

Uganda has some of the most fertile land on Earth and is home to thousands of smallholder farmers who feed the country relying on just two basic tools — a machete and a hoe. In some ways their situation is similar to that of Prairie homesteaders early in the last century, who also relied on

Amalgamation talks put on hold

Holstein Canada has pulled out of amalgamation talks with the Canadian Dairy Network, officials told the annual meeting here recently. Following a series of cross-country meetings with the breed association’s members, the organization decided there wasn’t enough overall support within its membership to proceed with the amalgamation. “The members have spoken and the organization will

The Business Of Sustainability In Dairy

Sustainability may be the new buzzword in agribusiness, but it’s not a simple subject. Dairy Farmers of Canada guest panellists provided delegates to the annual conference held in Winnipeg July 12 and 13 with three perspectives on sustainability. According to Petra Kassun- Mutch, founder of Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company in Ontario, sustainability isn’t just