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Thinking of planting winter cereals? Read this

Thinking of planting winter cereals? Read this

Here is the Manitoba 2019 variety selection data for winter wheat and fall rye

Just in time to assist with decisions to plant winter cereals, the MCVET (Manitoba Crop Variety Evaluation Team) yield results are in for 2019 fall rye and winter wheat varieties testing locations from across Manitoba (see tables below). In addition to yield, the agronomic and disease-resistance information for winter wheat and fall rye varieties tested

Manitoba has more crop choices than many locations on the Prairies, which makes a more diverse crop rotation possible.

Building a ‘better’ crop rotation

Understand all the interactions within a rotation and their effect on yield

Manitoba is a unique place to farm in the western Canadian Prairies. We enjoy a relatively long growing season, good rainfall (sometimes too much) and have the support of many industry partners, testing a wide range of crop types with adaptation to our climate. With all the crop options we have, a diverse crop rotation

a frost-damaged soybean seedling.\

Factors affecting spring frost damage in crops

There’s frost in the long weekend forecast. Don’t panic if it it happens, advises Anastasia Kubinec, oilseed specialist with Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Development

Don’t assume because there is frost (or snow) on the ground, that your emerging crop is dead. With the drop in temperatures in the past couple of days and the risk of frost on the May long weekend there are a few things to keep in mind if the mercury dips below 0 C. The

Optimizing Stand Establishment In Less-Than-Optimal Conditions

When seeding is delayed, optimizing stand establishment becomes imperative to achieving maximum yield. Remember, planting date is only one of many yield-influencing factors. The following tips can assist in maximizing seedling emergence and establishment. AVOID “MUDDING” IT IN Manage crop residue, drive on firm fields, and leave the drowned-out spots to dry. Early seeding favours

Late-Harvested Crops Require Careful Attention

With several crops still in the field, farmers must decide what to harvest first, at what moisture content and how to store for long-term quality. Sunflowers can hold out longer than swathed canola if the sunflowers are disease free and in good shape. And flax is less likely to shell out than canola. Some crops,

If It’s Too Wet To Drive Across, It’s Too Wet To Seed

Business Development Specialist – oilseeds Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Delayed seeding due to flooding or wet conditions may have you considering broadcast seeding your canola by floater or aerial application. In general, broadcast seeding is not recommended. This includes seeding canola by aircraft onto very wet fields: if it’s too wet to drive

Act now against future sunflower rust: MAFRI

The discovery of sunflower rust in some areas of Manitoba has prompted growers elsewhere to scout their fields for rust pustules. The dusty-brown-coloured rust on sunflowers will be visible on the leaves and stems. Sunflower rust has the potential to occur every year in Manitoba. But the levels of infection and severity have been relatively