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A glowing nanotube nose

A glowing nanotube nose

A new way to decide whether your meat passes the 'sniff test'

Deciding whether to cook or toss a steak that’s been in the fridge for a few days calls for a sniff test. This generally works well for home cooks. But food manufacturers that supply tons of meats to consumers require more reliable measures. In a new journal called ACS Sensors, scientists report a simple method

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New weapons on the way to battle wicked weeds

The need for better stewardship was emphasized 
at the recent American Chemical Society symposium 
on herbicide-resistant weeds

Asombre picture of the struggle against super-weeds has emerged as scientists attending a symposium described the relentless spread of herbicide-resistant menaces like pigweed and horseweed that shrug off powerful herbicides and have forced farmers in some areas to return to the hand-held hoes that were a mainstay of weed control a century ago. The reports