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“Exceptional” crop ratings in Alberta

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development has released its biweekly crop report for July 24. The provincial summary follows. The full report is available alongside. Alberta has seen the return to more seasonal temperatures over the past several weeks following the hot weather experienced two weeks ago. Sporadic light and heavy showers were reported in all

Designing Handling Facilities To Minimize Stress

Livestock handling specialist Temple Grandin says handling practices can be less stressful to the animals and safer for the handler if one understands the behavioural characteristics of livestock. They include: ” Genetics Breed differences mean some cattle are more excitable. ” Individual differences Each animal is an individual and has a different reaction to stress.

First frost hits northern Alberta

Ralph Wright, soil moisture specialist with Alberta Agriculture, has released a map showing that overnight temperatures dipped below zero across two large areas on the night of Sept. 11-12 These areas are roughly centred around Edmonton and Grande Prairie. Several stations recorded overnight temperatures that dipped below 0 C, across two large areas; one centred

Ten things to consider before incorporating the family farm

Every year the debate continues, as farmers wonder whether they should incorporate the family farm or not,” says Merle Good, business development – tax strategies, with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. “The answer is not that simple, but I have found over the years it depends on a farmer’s answers to 10 questions.” Income 1.

Alberta encourages BSE sampling

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency are reminding cattle producers in Alberta to call their veterinarians to collect brain tissue samples to be tested for Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), also known as Mad Cow Disease. Cattle producers play a key role in monitoring and eradicating this disease from the Canadian

Generally good Alberta conditions except for the Peace

Alberta Agriculture’s biweekly crop report indicates generally good conditions, except in the Peace River region, which continues dry. The report’s summary follows. For a full report including tables, click here. Precipitation received during the last two weeks varied considerably across the province. In the Peace Region, it was more than 20 mm in the northern