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Find everything you need in the Exhibitor Showcase

Ag in Motion Special Event Feature

A popular part of Ag in Motion is the opportunity for farmers to visit hundreds of companies bringing the best and brightest farm equipment, technology and ideas. This year, the dedicated Exhibitor Showcase area goes online, filled with engaging and interactive content from over 100 agricultural companies. Virtual offerings include: exclusive product launches, new products

Delivering equipment demos directly to farmers from the field

Ag in Motion Special Event Feature

From air seeders to UTVs, Ag in Motion Discovery Plus promises to give farmers a chance to check out the latest equipment options from the comfort of their home or office. “Our digital event will deliver a variety of equipment demonstrations directly to farmers from the field,” says Rob O’Connor, Ag in Motion show director.

4-H Farm Safety Day comes to Ag in Motion

4-H Saskatchewan is coming to Ag in Motion this summer in a big way with an interactive Farm Safety Pavilion and 4-H Farm Safety Day. On Thursday, July 21, the Farm Safety Pavilion on 5th Street will be home to the 4-H Farm Safety Day as well as ongoing farm safety stations all three days

Ag in Motion offers a unique opportunity for farmers to see live demonstrations of field equipment and crop plots in action, all in one place.

Ag in Motion unlike any western Canadian farm show

Ag in Motion offers farmers a unique opportunity to see live crop plots from a variety of seed and crop protection companies, all in one place. For year two of Ag in Motion, attendees will see more plots and even more variety. “The aerial says it all,” says show director Rob O’Connor. “The crop plots