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Thoughts On Thanksgiving

The farmer gets out of bed early in the morning and checks the thermometer. There is no frost, the sky is blue and the sun is rising. It promises a bright, sunny day. Will he be able to get on to the field and rescue the wheat that was laying in the water yesterday? Is

Thoughts On Canada Day – for Jul. 1, 2010

More than 50 years ago it took us 17 hours to fly across the ocean from Holland to Canada. We had to refuel in Gander, but finally we landed in Montreal. We found the railway station and settled down for a 4-1/2-day travel to Vancouver. The landscape changed from forest and lakes to endless fields,

Thoughts On Easter – for Apr. 1, 2010

One of the most important events in Christianity is fast approaching. Spring is just around the corner, but we are not thinking of the new litters of kittens and bunnies. We are not talking about the egg hunt that brings excitement to the children. The Bible tells us that Christ died a cruel death for

Thoughts On Christmas

The parcels for family and friends are mailed and the cards sent. The tree has been cut and decorated and presents are wrapped and placed underneath. The fancy tablecloths and doilies are ironed, waiting to decorate the tables. When am I going to stop this race towards the deadline of December 25? What are we

Thoughts On Victoria Day

In Canada the celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday occurs every year on Monday, prior to May 25. This birthday has been celebrated since her reign (1837-1901) and was declared a holiday by the Legislature of the Province of Canada in 1845. Queen Victoria was a very well-known queen who reigned for almost 64 years. Despite

Thoughts On Mother’s Day

My mother is very special. She brought me into the world when she was only a teenager. She was not able to raise me so her uncle and aunt brought me up. My mother sacrificed her motherhood because she wanted what was best for me. She is still alive and is now a great-great-grandmother. Five

Thoughts On Easter – for Apr. 9, 2009

When I think back over the past year, it seems that half a lifetime has passed by. I attended weddings, saw some newborn babies and also was present at the funerals of good friends. Some neighbours moved away and others moved in. There is a historic event that happened more than 2,000 years ago that

Thoughts on Christmas and the new year

My homemade Christmas card says, “Wishing you a joyful Christmas.” Not everyone will celebrate a joyful Christmas this year. Someone might be mourning the death of a loved one, or suffering with a debilitating disease. This Christmas might not be joyful around us but there can still be joy in our heart because we know

Thoughts on Remembrance Day – for Nov. 6, 2008

Wars are raging in the world. Even during Bible times many wars were fought. November 11 is a day filled with special memories for me. I can still see the tanks rolling into the little town where we stayed, escaping the hunger in the big city. The Canadian soldiers came and set us free from