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Much of Manitoba last week had the temperatures and conditions favourable for thunderstorms to develop — but was short on humidity.

How to break a drought

In a dry spell, storm systems don’t have much moisture to offer up as rain

Sometimes I really hate my early deadline — and this is one of those times. As I write this on May 20, I’m watching the weather to see just how much rain we might see from the trough of low pressure moving through the province over the May long weekend. So far, the first part

“It appears as though kind of the worst-case scenario for spring conditions has developed.” – Tyler Fulton, Manitoba Beef Producers.

The dreaded ‘D’ word: drought

Producers eye desiccated fields and dropping dugouts while worriedly watching for rain

When asked how he’s feeling about the season, all Tyler Fulton, president of the Manitoba Beef Producers, can say is “anxious.” He has reason to be. Like most farmers in Manitoba, Fulton is watching his early concern over a looming drought year come into sharp focus. Why it matters: Producers were worried the province was

Salinity issues turn field edges in southwestern Manitoba white this spring.

Plan now for a salty spring

Manitoba’s dry conditions have done little to beat back salinity in areas prone to the issue

Snow wasn’t the only white creeping across Manitoba’s fields this spring, and unlike snow, this white stuff won’t be melting away. High salinity is not a surprising topic for provincial soil specialist Marla Riekman, given the province’s still-dry conditions and the rise in salinity questions she’s fielded from producers in the last few years. Salinity

Dry, cool soils see slow start to seeding in agro-Manitoba

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for April 27

Southwest Region Scattered rain and snow over the past two weeks in the Southwest region brought some moisture to replenish the seedbed. Overall seedbed moisture conditions are optimum in much of the Southwest, but good rains are needed to replenish soil profile. Overwinter snow and runoff was below normal, with average winter temperatures 2 to

A snowy owl fixes the photographer with a steely gaze.

How a retrograding upper low is keeping us cool

Cut-off lows tend to bring prolonged periods of unsettled weather

We all knew it was probably going to happen, after having one of the earliest and nicest starts to spring on record — snow and cold air moved in, reminding us it is still early spring across the Prairies. Weather models had been having trouble with the medium-range forecasts for the last several weeks, with

Recent snowstorm a mixed blessing for cattle markets

Recent snowstorm a mixed blessing for cattle markets

It kept cattle at home, but more precipitation was, and is, needed

After weeks of above-average temperatures and dry conditions, a snowstorm travelling across southern Manitoba on April 12-13 affected local cattle markets during the week ending April 15. The system, which brought 10-15 centimetres of snow to most areas, prompted many to wait until next week before selling their animals. Auction sites at both Ashern and

Weather: A cooler pattern settling in

Forecast covering the period from April 21 to April 28

If you’re going to fail, then fail spectacularly. That’s what happened with the last forecast. Thanks to the retrograding upper low that impacted our region for most of the week of April 12-16, the forecast fell apart as the atmosphere underwent a shift to a much cooler pattern. The question is, just how long will

Multiple factors push canola prices upward

Multiple factors push canola prices upward

Buyers are bent on sweeping out whatever’s left in bins

There was little doubt canola was to have been on the upswing for most of this week. Signs of forthcoming gains were evident on April 9 as prices moved well off of their lows, though canola contracts still finished that Friday with small declines. A number of factors have combined to rally canola this week.

With spring, comes mud – just ask the owner of this dog. It takes almost as much heat to melt snow as it does to bring water to its boiling point.

When does spring usually begin?

Every year with a late spring had significant snow cover going into April

Still working on finishing up the look at this past winter and, in particular, whether it was the shortest winter on record. As I worked on defining just what constitutes ‘winter,’ I came across a previous article I wrote about when spring usually arrives. So, I figured I would revive that article and begin our

Months of dry weather have left lots of dugouts low and in need of freshwater. Ryan Young of Middleton Ventures widened and deepened Manitoba Co-operator reporter Allan Dawson's dugout near Altamont April 10 before the recent snow. (Young is Dawson's son-in-law)

KAP welcomes snow, Churchill and $21 canola

Manitoba farmers welcome much-needed moisture via snowfall last week

Manitoba farmers welcomed the precipitation much of agro-Manitoba received April 12 and 13, even if most of it was snow. “The moisture is certainly appreciated…” Keystone Agriculture Producers’ (KAP) president Bill Campbell said during the general farm organization’s online advisory council meeting April 15. However, in an interview later Campbell stressed more timely rains will