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Pinto beans. (Vergani_Fotografia/iStock/Getty Images)

Pulse weekly outlook: Manitoba crops emerge despite dry soils

Beans 'tougher than people think'

MarketsFarm — While Manitoba continues to deal with drought conditions in many growing areas, planting of pulses and soybeans is near done and some pulses are starting to emerge. “Pea and fava bean seeding wrapped up a while ago,” said Cassandra Tkachuk, production specialist for Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers (MPSG). “Dry bean planting actually

Crop recovery good after late-May frost, flea beetle pressure on canola sees reseeding

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for June 8

Southwest Region Daytime temperatures across the Southwest region reached the mid- 30 C mark; average temperatures ranged from 18 to 21 C. The 37 C high over the weekend came with damaging winds. In general, most of the southern parts of the Southwest region received 2 to 10 mm. The majority of the northern districts

“It’s extremely important to hear from everyone — the producers, the grain handlers and the exporters and even our trading partners as well. We will want to consult with them. There’s a lot of data that we want to collect and analyze over and above the consultation as well.” – Marie-Claude Bibeau, Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister.

Canada Grain Act review completion months away

With talk of an early election, reforms could be thwarted as they were six years ago

Completion of the Canada Grain Act review, followed by legislation to amend it, are months away, Canada’s Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau, said in an interview May 27. Some wonder if the process will have been all for naught, given talk of an election. While one isn’t scheduled until Oct. 16, 2023, pundits speculate Prime Minister

Mosaic’s potash facility at Esterhazy, Sask. (Greg Berg photo)

Flood risk forces Mosaic to shut Esterhazy potash shaft

Company to restart Colonsay mine

Winnipeg | Reuters — Fertilizer producer Mosaic Co. said Friday it would immediately cut production at its biggest potash mine due to flood risks, and restart an idled mine to offset some of the reduction. Mosaic’s K1 and K2 mine shafts at Esterhazy, Sask., about 75 km southeast of Yorkton, have long been prone to

Manitoba farmers are finding the spray window an elusive target this season.

It’s a hard crop protection season on multiple fronts

How to manage a dry and windy spray season that has gone from below freezing to extreme heat in a matter of days

Producers are told to spray when weeds are growing, but with both weeds and crop both reeling from a string of stresses and Mother Nature not co-operating, that spray window has been hard to pin down. Why it matters: Hardened weeds and poor spray conditions may leave producers with less effective weed control than they

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Pulse weekly outlook: India’s tariff elimination has little effect on Canada

MarketsFarm — A temporary elimination of some import duties on three pulses currently has little effect on Canada, according to Mac Ross, director of market access and trade policy for Pulse Canada. Earlier in mid-May, the Indian government ordered the suspension of tariffs on pigeon peas, mung beans and urad/black gram lentils until Oct. 31.

Frost falls on agro-Manitoba, reseeding efforts take shape

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for June 1

Southwest Region Cooler than normal temperatures continued from the previous week. All parts of the region had temperatures drop below freezing last week, down to -5 C for several hours in some areas. There are some reports of reseeding canola, but damage is not widespread. Increasing temperatures this week will spur new growth. Daytime temperatures

A very dry period caused a major bout of blowing dust earlier this month, seen here near the outskirts of Portage la Prairie.

No rush to roll pulses

Dry soil might make this a good year for post-emergence field rolling, according to experts

Producers may want to adopt their dry-weather mentality when it comes to managing pulse acres. For many Manitoba growers, it’s time for field rolling once crops like soybeans are safely in the ground. But Dennis Lange, a pulse specialist with Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development, says rolling should not be automatic. Instead, he argues, producers should be actively gauging whether rolling is