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Climate Corp. has launched a new tool within its web-based field management system.

FieldView getting into the zone on crop protection

Climate FieldView has expanded its scope of zone-based variable-rate mapping from seed and fertilizer to crop protection products

Climate Corporation argues that every spray droplet should land where it’s going to do the farmer the most good, and it says new features of its Climate FieldView management system are letting producers do exactly that. The company has launched a new tool within the web-based field management system; one that allows the producer to create customized variable-rate

Pumping up efficiencies in ag with autonomy

Those developing the technology say farmers will increasingly harness unmanned equipment to increase global productivity

By this point, the ag sector is getting used to watching the Dot Power Platform trundle various implements around farm show demo fields. The technology is a sign of the future as farmers confront the challenge of producing more food with fewer resources, Wade Robey, executive director of Raven Autonomy, told viewers taking in the

Face to face from the comfort of home

AGvisorPRO wants to make its free Tech Direct platform the new ‘go-to’ for ag advice

Robert Saik, founder and CEO of AGvisorPRO, wants to displace the 1-800 number when it comes to agriculture. Farmers will be well familiar with the frustrations of long-distance service, from the challenge of describing or diagnosing problems over the phone, to the trials of navigating number-option phone systems and automated messages. The result, Saik argues,

Xarvio Field Manager goes mobile

Field Manager was web based only until recently. Now the company has gone app based

BASF’s digital branch, Xarvio Digital Farming Solutions, is putting more and more of its services in the palm of the hand. Farmers may already be familiar with Xarvio’s Field Manager, previously launched as a web-based service for collecting, analyzing and making data-driven decisions at the field level. Now, however, the company wants to make that

This example from one of the Ag in Motion fields combines an electroconductivity map, with an elevation and water map, and a topography map.  Together these layers produce the SWAT map.

Bringing agronomy into high resolution

High-resolution agronomy is looking for the fine print in what field conditions are telling the farmer

Producers are always looking for the best way to maximize their return on investment and the big brains of the agricultural industry are doing everything they can to make that proposition easier and easier. To that end, a growing trend in agriculture is concerned with pinpointing and targeting smaller areas of a field to more

Crop scouting still requires boots on the ground

Imagery helps identify problem areas, but it doesn’t replace the need for field visits

Farmers have access to an expanding range of eyes in the sky to monitor their crops, but high-tech aids are not a replacement for boots on the ground, says Matt Fagnou, manager of Precision Ag/Echelon Canada. “Imagery can guide to where to scout and sample but there’s still no replacement for us being in the

Digital ag, but a lower price tag

FarmBeats from Microsoft hopes to put data-driven agriculture on the table for farmers balking at cost or hurting for bandwidth

Ranveer Chandra doesn’t have a background in agriculture; he has a PhD in computer science from Cornell University and is the chief scientist of digital cloud provider Microsoft Azure Global. Yes, Chandra grew up in India where he would spend his summer and winter vacations visiting his grandfather’s farm, but you won’t hear him wax

Are farmers ready to seize the day when it comes to smart ag?

Investing in next-generation agriculture would pay big dividends, but investment dollars will be in short supply

The pandemic has revealed critical weaknesses in the country’s agriculture and food systems — and the need to invest in their future, say experts. “It’s continuing to show the importance of technology, and adopting technology, on the farm,” said Remi Schmaltz, CEO and co-founder of Decisive Farming, a digital ag and farm management company. “We

Turning precision ag data into higher profits

Seeding and Tillage: The fast-evolving technology can bring a lot of value if you know how to manage it

Adam DeVisser is a recent convert to using precision agriculture, but he’s practical about its application. “The value is not in computers making decisions for us, but in us making more informed decisions,” he said at a recent crops conference in Ontario. DeVisser and his fellow panellists — farmer Mark Brock and Brandon Dietrich of

Guy Ash demonstrates how weather station data is used to help inform production decisions.

Evolving technology creating new role for agronomists

New products and new information are changing how agronomists help the family farm

The technology explosion and changes to agricultural systems are altering the view of the average Canadian farm. New technology could mean different things to different people. To some farmers it could be bigger or smaller fields, buying some new equipment, or maybe some more advanced data utilization and management techniques. However, these changes don’t only