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The pork sector was among those applauding the passage of the new legislation.

Ag leaders pleased on passage of anti-trespassing laws

Strong opposition highlights the need for more conversations around biosecurity and farming practices

Agriculture leaders say they’re pleased to see two biosecurity and anti-trespassing bills pass into law. Manitoba Pork general manager Cam Dahl thanked the province for “helping producers protect their biosecurity as well as help them protect their workers and their families on the farm.” “These bills go a long ways to helping with those efforts,” he told the

Weather: Hot weather looks set to continue

Forecast covering the period from June 9 to June 16

Well, the warm, dry weather won out in last forecast. All it took was a northward shift of a few hundred kilometres to go from highs in the upper 20s to highs in the low to mid-30s. The area of low pressure that was forecast to track through southern and central regions late last week

PCs push through controversial planning bill

PCs push through controversial planning bill

Municipal governments feared Bill 37 would strip them of autonomy, developers said change was needed

A bill that drew criticism from municipal governments and opposition leaders quietly passed into law on May 20. Bill 37, which amended the Planning Act, passed on May 20. At time of writing, it awaits royal consent before it takes effect. The Planning Amendment and City of Winnipeg Charter Amendment Act gives the Municipal Board

Map from the Canadian Drought Monitor as of May 31, 2021. (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)

Drought conditions improve in May for some of Prairies, not all

MarketsFarm — Significant precipitation through May relieved drought conditions across parts of the Prairies, while other areas remained significantly dry, according to the latest assessment from the Canadian Drought Monitor as of May 31. This precipitation improved soil moisture conditions for the short-term, decreasing the area of moderate (D1) and severe drought (D2) in central

A report suggests that increasing soil carbon levels is one way to limit greenhouse gas emissions that exacerbate climate change.

Opinion: IEA report has consequences for agricultural producers

The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) widely publicized report on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to achieve global targets further bolsters the case more needs to be done in agriculture to combat climate change. Producers, as the report notes, can’t be excluded from that effort. Released this month, the report lists 400 actions that will need to

Skies cleared and arctic air moved in on May 26-27, leaving most regions of Manitoba with some frosted patches.

Will June showers follow May flowers?

Overnight freezes at the end of May were unusually long for that time of year

Another month is in the books, and it was another in a series of interesting months, weather-wise. May began where April left off, but since it was May, it felt even colder. Daytime highs struggled to make it into the low teens and overnight lows routinely fell well below 0 C. This all changed around May 11 when daytime highs began to warm

overhead view of farmland

Farmland has been a solid investment

Between rental values and appreciation, it can easily equal or beat other options

In addition to keeping an eye on the daily, weekly and monthly gyration of grain prices, we also need to take a step back to regularly review bigger-picture, longer-term business decisions and investment plans. Whether it’s selling the farm, retiring from active farming, transitioning to the next generation or looking to expand and diversify your investments, farmland values are

“It’s extremely important to hear from everyone — the producers, the grain handlers and the exporters and even our trading partners as well. We will want to consult with them. There’s a lot of data that we want to collect and analyze over and above the consultation as well.” – Marie-Claude Bibeau, Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister.

Canada Grain Act review completion months away

With talk of an early election, reforms could be thwarted as they were six years ago

Completion of the Canada Grain Act review, followed by legislation to amend it, are months away, Canada’s Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau, said in an interview May 27. Some wonder if the process will have been all for naught, given talk of an election. While one isn’t scheduled until Oct. 16, 2023, pundits speculate Prime Minister

Agriculture has not escaped the pressure to cut back or find alternatives for plastics, including commonly used products like bale wrap.

Agriculture an opportunity in the push against plastics

Agricultural residues are often critical pieces in bioplastics, including products now being developed as plastic alternatives for agriculture and agri-food

The world according to bioplastic developers would look a lot more cyclical. In an age of campaigns against single-use plastic, zero-waste social media influencers and increased public interest in sustainable packaging, bioplastics — which replace polymers from fossil fuels with biological sources — have been touted as a biodegradable and sustainable alternative. But as much

Avoiding the greenwash

Avoiding the greenwash

Biodegradable does not always mean compostable when it comes to bioplastics

“Biodegradable” bioplastics are not always equal, according to Amar Mohanty, director of the University of Guelph’s Bioproducts Discovery and Development Centre. In fact, he says, “the term ‘biodegradable’ is very misused by many people.” Bioplastics have been touted as a more sustainable option to traditional plastics, but not all bioplastics are biodegradable, and not all