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Editor’s Take: Send in the clowns

The finding of ‘double criminality’ by B.C. Supreme Associate Chief Justice Heather Holmes in the Huawei case last week dashed any hopes of a quick and orderly wrap-up to Canada’s ongoing diplomatic war with China. Justice Holmes ruled that the crimes Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou is charged with in the U.S. are also crimes in

Forecast: Summer weather, finally

Covering the period from June 3 to June 10

Last article’s general weather outlook was not too bad. The only part that was off a bit was the cool air that worked its way into our region late last week. The weather models originally had the cool air staying to our northeast, but the upper low that tracked through north-central Manitoba last week ended up being

India to let farmers sell produce directly to traders, retailers

Current system seen reducing farmer bargaining power

New Delhi | Reuters — India is to allow farmers to sell produce directly to bulk buyers such as trading companies, food processors and large retailers, the farm minister said on Wednesday. This would obviate the need for farmers to bring their produce to India’s more than 7,000 regulated wholesale markets and let buyers buy

Dutch to cull mink at farms hit by COVID-19 outbreak

Order follows mink-to-human virus transmissions

Amsterdam | Reuters — The Dutch government on Wednesday ordered mink culled at nine farms where animals have been infected with the coronavirus, fearing they could form a reservoir of disease infecting humans after the country’s current outbreak has passed. “Clearing the infected farms is in the interest of both human health and animal health,”

Connie Spenst (right) and her team have made changes to keep their business open safely during the pandemic.

Faith, family give strength to go on

Faces of Ag: Connie Spenst and family began their butcher shop and pizza business when a crisis pushed their farm to the breaking point

While the show goes on for Spenst Brothers in Winkler, the day to day looks a bit different. Markers on the floor show customers where to stand. Staff are signing in each day to say they have no symptoms of COVID-19. People call in wondering if they need to stockpile meat — they don’t, said

Most of the time markets move in what can be considered a sideways trend.

Expect the unexpected in markets

When the unexpected hits, price variation can exceed the expected very quickly

Last article, I talked about managing risk and uncertainty in the markets. As you might recall, there is an important difference between the two. Risk estimates everything we think might happen. Risk is our guess about what the future holds. More precisely, it is the range of things that might happen and how probable each

Correlation between risk management and mental health: Study

Study supports education around risk mitigation planning to support good mental health

Farm business management activities have a positive correlation to mental health, according to a new study from Farm Management Canada. “Farm business management practices offer a significant opportunity for managing the stresses of farming in a way that contributes to positive mental health,” said Heather Watson, executive director of Farm Management Canada in a news

Letters: Bigger not better

The recent closures of meat-packing plants in Alberta, Quebec and several American states due to the COVID-19 pandemic are shedding light on the tremendous expense of this style of massive meat-processing operation. The expense borne by the workers at the plants is the greatest of all, their health threatened so severely, even causing death to

The more water vapour there is in the air, the more potential energy exists to help a 
thunderstorm develop.

Weather school: What creates a thunderstorm?

A large difference in temperature between two areas is needed for a storm to form

It’s thunderstorm season, and while we haven’t seen any big storms so far this year, the heat seems to have moved in, so it is only a matter of time! We are going to begin with the same issue I bring up every year, which is how people mix up weather watches and weather warnings. Basically, when we