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High-disturbance discs are very hard on soil structure, soil specialists say.

The complicated question of tillage

Despite an urgent need to conserve every drop of water, soil experts say a surprising number of producers are still tilling fields this fall

There’s time to till this fall, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily should. That’s the message from Manitoba’s soil specialists, as harvest wraps up on a tremendously dry year — one they worry will end even drier if some of that precious water is lost through weed uptake or extra movement of soil. Why it

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Ardent Mills to buy further into gluten-free

Company plans deal for North Dakota pulse miller Firebird

A major North American flour miller plans to stretch its reach further into the gluten-free milling market with a deal for a North Dakota processor. Ardent Mills said Monday it plans to buy the assets of Firebird Artisan Mills, which processes pulses and specialty grains at Harvey, N.D., about 240 km south of Brandon, Man.

Hemp acres subdued despite early interest

Hemp acres subdued despite early interest

Acres actually fell following a period of excitement in the sector

Back in 2018 hemp conference speakers were conveying the message that the future looked bright. An age of development and expansion was at hand for the crop. Hemp acres since, however, have not matched the surge in excitement. Grain hemp acres have yet to recover to their pre-2018 levels, according to seeding data from the

The humble soil test is your best bet this fall for better nutrient management after a drought.

Soil testing even more crucial after drought year

A poor crop year means nutrients may be left in the soil. An accurate reading of what’s there can help farmers reduce costs and manage nutrients better

After a drought year, soil testing is more crucial than ever — and farmers may like the results they get. “In the driest areas with the poorest yields, we’re hearing of very high levels of nitrogen remaining,” said John Heard, soil fertility specialist with Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development. “I have never been so curious

dairy cows feeding

The lessons of ‘Buttergate’

A Canadian had a front-row seat for both Buttergate and New Zealand controversies Social media conversations about food can go from benign to trending in a matter of hours or days. That became painfully obvious to Canadian dairy farmers during the so-called “Buttergate” controversy earlier this year. The same thing happened five years ago to

Organic checkoff gets the green light

Organic checkoff gets the green light

This is the first mandated organic checkoff in Canada, says MOA

The Manitoba Organic Alliance (MOA) says its new checkoff levy on organic cereals, pulses and oilseeds will help fund organic-specific research and extension work. “It wasn’t felt that the research and development and marketing were actually benefiting organic grain farmers,” MOA project manager Karen Klassen told the Co-operator. “This is the first organic grain levy

Canada is already ahead of the curve in addressing climate change within agriculture, at least relative to large swaths of the global community.

Comment: Can Canada lead on ag at upcoming climate talks?

There’s a new push to address agriculture’s contribution to global pollution

A new, particularly stark warning about climate change shows Canadian agriculture could be a lighthouse to other nations trying to mitigate greenhouse gases. Word that global warming is “widespread, rapid, and intensifying” has likely spread across the country by now. Yet another report, this one from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC),

Hemp (seeds shown at left) will soon be blended with peas (shown at right) to create a high-protein flour.

Manitoba companies join pea-hemp protein project

The project is the 24th project through Canada’s Protein Innovation Supercluster

Manitoba Harvest, part of Fresh Hemp Foods Ltd., is partnering with a group of companies to develop improved hemp and pea varieties and to create a hemp-pea flour blend. Winkler-based Pulse Genetics will also collaborate on the project. “The advancements will dramatically increase the potential for hemp usage in the growing plant-based protein movement,” Manitoba

Comment: The rise of the ‘grow’cer

Retailers are bringing agriculture right to the store floor

Canadians have started to notice that grocers are starting to sell plants in miniature greenhouses. Gardens on rooftops, vertical farms close to stores — some are even selling gardening equipment to gardeners shopping for food. The farm is essentially merging with the retail food spaces we roam as consumers. Quite interesting. We are slowly witnessing