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Forecast: Seasonable weather, but continued dry spell

Issued May 6, 2019: Covering the period from May 8 to May 15

It finally looks like we are almost done dealing with a large upper-level low that has been controlling our weather over the last couple of weeks. The main upper low did track across north-central Manitoba over the weekend as predicted, but instead of moving off into Quebec, it looks like it will meander over Hudson […] Read more

Forecast: A slow warming trend ahead

Issued April 29, 2019: Covering the period from May 1 to May 8

Once again, last week’s forecast quickly fell apart as cool high pressure combined with a retrograding upper low over Northern Canada played havoc with the forecast. What looked to be a fairly wet period turned out to be dry, as the forecast areas of low pressure were pushed to our south with only far western […] Read more

Forecast: Is the dry spring weather coming to an end?

Issued April 22, 2019: Covering the period from April 24 to May 1

For the first time in a while, last week’s forecast played out pretty close to what the weather models were predicting, with the added bonus of temperatures ending up a little warmer than expected. This forecast period will begin with a predominantly zonal flow with the jet stream tracking across the southern Prairies. This will […] Read more

Forecast: It’s feeling more like spring

Issued April 15, 2019: Covering the period from April 17 to April 24

For those of you who closely follow the weather and forecasting, you know that small changes early in the forecast period are often amplified later. Last week’s forecast was a perfect example of this. The arctic high that brought the cool weather last week also helped to protect us from a large Colorado low that […] Read more

Forecast: Seasonable but unsettled weather

Issued April 8, 2019: Covering the period from April 10 to April 17

Last week’s forecast called for a shift in the large-scale weather pattern, and while we did see a shift, it didn’t shift exactly as forecast. While the large low over northeastern Canada did shift eastward and weaken, it was replaced by an area of arctic high pressure that has been helping to keep the really […] Read more

Forecast: Spring melt to begin in earnest

Issued April 1, 2019: Covering the period from April 3 to April 9

Surprisingly, last week’s forecast played out pretty close to what the models had forecast. The biggest difference was in the overnight lows, which tended to be a little warmer than forecast. While the cooler-than-average temperatures might not have been what everyone wanted, they did create nearly perfect conditions for a nice slow melt. It is […] Read more

Forecast: Expect the slow melt to continue

Issued March 25, 2019: Covering the period from March 27 to April 6

Have I ever mentioned how difficult it can be to create weather forecasts in the spring and fall, never mind trying to create a week-long forecast three days ahead of time? The yearly springtime battle between cold and warm air simply makes for a rough, frustrating time in the weather forecasting department. This battle played […] Read more

Forecast: Warm with a chance of rain

Issued March 18, 2019: Covering the period from March 20 to March 27

With the official beginning of astronomical spring, it looks more and more like we’ll finally see some of the above-average temperatures the weather models have been predicting for nearly a month now. While this might be good news for some, it might be a concern for those worrying about spring flooding. Before we dive into […] Read more

Forecast: Manitoba’s spring melt slowly begins

Issued March 11, 2019: Covering the period from March 13 to March 20

As we begin to transition from winter to spring it’s not unusual for the accuracy of the forecasts to take a bit of a hit. We saw that in the last forecast as the weekend storm system that looked to stay well south of us took a much more northerly track, bringing measurable snow to […] Read more

Forecast: Above-average temperatures ahead?

Issued March 4, 2019: Covering the period from March 6 to March 13

Well, it looks like we’re paying for the nice warm December as cold winter-like temperatures dominated our region for most of the last forecast period. Over the last month or so, the weather models have been pointing toward a break in the cold weather sometime around the middle of March, and while it does look […] Read more