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Ag in Motion: Get close to the technology

Ag in Motion is different from other farm shows because it is the best place to see demonstrations live in the field. Large equipment, large crowds and an abundance of information create the high-energy environment that surrounds the large-scale field demos each year. It’s the perfect setting to compare machines like combines or planters. But […] Read more

Ag in Motion: Managing herbicide resistance

Diversity is defined in the dictionary as “the condition of having or being composed of differing elements.” In weed control, diversity means using multiple strategies, or an integrated weed management approach. For herbicides, this means using all of the modes of action available to reduce the risk of weed resistance. This may be obvious, but […] Read more

Ag in Motion: Seeing results where they count

At Ag in Motion, seed, crop protection and fertilizer companies, as well as grower associations and industry members will showcase field crop products as they should be seen — in the ground. Ag in Motion, running July 18-20 northwest of Saskatoon, is home to over 100 acres of crop plots from over 25 companies and […] Read more