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Warm yourself with some soup

Soup is high in liquid, which means it usually is lower in calories than other foods

Mom, now my hands will smell like onions!” my older daughter said as she chopped a particularly fragrant onion we had grown this summer. She has been my long-term vegetable chopper, even when we have gadgets that will do the work for us. We had onions, bell peppers and potatoes to chop as we tried […] Read more

Squash is a winter treat

There’s a near endless variety of winter squash — and recipes to use them in

Winter squash come in various shapes, sizes and textures in shades of green, yellow, orange, white and even blue. Their tough outer rind sets them apart from their summer cousins (zucchini, patty pan and crookneck squash) which are harvested while immature and their skins are soft and tender. Because of their extended growing time, winter […] Read more

Pizza party

Prairie Fare: Don’t feel guilty, well-chosen toppings can make your pizza a healthful menu option

Do you recall your first experience with pizza? The first time I tried pizza, at about age five, I was not sold on it. In fact, I couldn’t imagine why anyone wanted to eat it on a regular basis. I was enticed by TV ads that said pizza made from the kit being advertised was […] Read more

It’s been 20 years of food tips

Prairie Fare: In that time this column has covered topics from apples to zucchini and everything in between

What would you think about writing a weekly column?” a couple of editors from the NDSU Extension Service asked me. “What if no papers run it?” I responded. “Oh, they will,” they replied in unison. “Writing something new every week can get to be a grind, though,” one of them added. “And what if the […] Read more

Squash are nutrition all-stars

Prairie Fare: They’re decorative, but they’re also delicious and healthy

We live an exciting life,” my husband commented as he flipped a butternut squash on its side. We were at a grocery store on a Saturday evening. An attractive display of colourful squash and pumpkins caught my eye, and I pulled my phone out of my purse to take a photo. I stepped back to […] Read more

Does your stomach ever interrupt your work?

Prairie Fare: Eating breakfast has many benefits for people of all ages

Oh, no, I thought to myself. My stomach was going to growl loudly enough to interrupt a meeting. This is more than a little embarrassing, especially among casual acquaintances. I usually grab a small snack before I go to a 10 a.m. meeting, but I answered a phone call. I grabbed a water bottle and […] Read more

Enjoy more apples this season

Prairie Fare: Apples are more than just tasty snacks, they’re good for your health

We didn’t get any apples on our apple tree this year,” my 19-year-old daughter lamented. “Not even one.” My neighbours cut down their aging apple tree last year, so that probably had something to do with our fruitless tree. According to NDSU Extension information written by our horticulture specialists, “many tree fruit cultivars cannot set […] Read more

Bowl of fresh salsa dip isolated on white background

My favourite salsa recipes

It’s the perfect way to preserve extra tomatoes from the garden

Some people love this time of year because of the changing colour of leaves, the rumble of the combine or the kids going back to school. I love it because of the fresh garden tomatoes and homemade salsa. If you’ve never made your own fresh salsa, stop everything and make a batch right now; you’re […] Read more

In a pickle over a side dish?

Prairie Fare: Pickles can be made from almost any vegetable or many fruits

Please enjoy these fresh pickles. Your food will be out shortly,” the server said as she placed a plate of cucumber slices in front of us. They were sprinkled with dill weed and had a nice crunch. I was in a restaurant in another state, and the somewhat sweet yet vinegary flavour and crisp texture […] Read more

Ovens are for baking, not canning

Prairie Fare: To avoid foodborne illnesses, use research-tested recipes and follow them carefully

In the past few weeks, I fielded questions for some of our extension agents while they took well-earned annual leave. I learned a lot about what people do as they harvest their bountiful garden produce. As the questions reached my office, I also began exploring the internet to see what was being shared by some […] Read more