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“Terminator” technology terminated

Our History: October 7, 1999

In the 1990s, Delta and Pine Land, a company working with and later acquired by Monsanto, devised the ultimate protection for preventing farmers from replanting seed from protected varieties. It developed what became known as “Terminator” technology which would render the seed sterile after its first year. The technology was highly controversial, and we reported […] Read more

Trudeau asks, “Why should I sell your wheat?”

Our History: October 2000

The editorial in our October 5, 2000 issue noted the passing of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, who had often been criticized for his quote from a 1968 meeting in Winnipeg when he said, “Why should I sell your wheat?” We carried the full text which followed that statement just after he was elected, which […] Read more

Delco-Light generator can power your farm

Our History: September 1927

The Delco-Light generator advertised in the September 1927 issue of The Scoop Shovel could provide light for buildings and power for the separator, grinder, pump or saw for only a few cents per day. In a lengthy article, Manitoba Wheat Pool manager R.M. Mahoney discussed grain grading, a subject on which he said, “I have […] Read more

‘Get ahead’ with Pool hybrid pigs

Our History: September 1969

Pool hybrid pigs advertised in our Sept. 25, 1969 issue were said to yield well and bring good returns, with one customer reporting a sale of 100 animals with an average return of $60.22 and a total of $126 in premiums. Our main front-page story was on a Food and Agricultural Organization report which suggested […] Read more

New grain type yields high in farm field test

Our History: September 1961

Our Sept. 7, 1961 issue reported on “high productivity and drought resistance” on a new “synthetic grain species” developed at the University of Manitoba. The cross between durum wheat and rye, later named triticale, had been grown on 35 acres on the farm of A.V. Arnott at Darlingford, and it was estimated it would yield […] Read more

Drought year predicts high crop insurance payouts

Our History: September 1980

Effects of the drought-stricken crop of 1980 dominated the front page of our September 11, 1980 issue. Manitoba Crop Insurance anticipated a possible payout of $100 million, its highest on record. Crops farther west had suffered less than in Manitoba, and Statistics Canada was forecasting a larger Prairie wheat crop than the previous year, but […] Read more

‘We’re not ready for Roundup Ready wheat’

Our History: August 2003

In the early 2000s, Monsanto had developed Roundup Ready wheat and had established variety trials in Western Canada, but its proposed licensing attracted strong opposition, as evidenced by this ad in our July 24, 2003 issue. The Canadian Wheat Board had warned that export customers could refuse any wheat contaminated with genetically modified varieties, a […] Read more

Milking on the Barnardo farm

Our History: August 1891

The front page of the August 1891 issue of The Nor-West Farmer, And Miller featured this engraving of milking on Dr. Barnardo’s farm near Russell. Dr. Barnardo was founder of a controversial British organization to help destitute or orphan boys by sending them to work on farms in Canada, but was later seen as a […] Read more

Grain elevator lineup “longest day of the year”

Our History: August 1991

This is what a lineup at the elevator still looked like in 1991 — this shot in our August 8 issue was actually taken at Miami on July 31 but 1991 was one of several years in which that was the “longest day of the year.” That referred to elevator managers dating cash tickets (sometimes […] Read more

Wheat Board has bad news for grain producers

Our History: August 1998

With BSE still to appear in Canada in August 1998, it may not have been realized just how important our Aug. 13 front-page story would be. Former Canadian Cattlemen’s Association general manager told his annual meeting in Edmonton about the new project to develop a national cattle identification program. There was little good news for […] Read more