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Commission markets first hogs via teletype

Our History: March 1965

This photo on the front page of our March 4, 1965 issue showed Jack Spigelman (l), president of the Winnipeg Beef Company and Canada Department of Agriculture livestock grader John Tropak with the first lot of hogs to be marketed through the Manitoba Hog Commission’s new teletype system. The Winnipeg Beef Company bought the hogs […] Read more

NWMP puts out the call for recruits

Our History: March 1890

If farming wasn’t working out for you and you needed a new career, your experience with horses would help you reply to this advertisement in the March 1890 issue of the Nor’-West Farmer and Miller. The Northwest Mounted Police wanted able-bodied men “of thoroughly sound constitution” between 22 and 45 for a five-year term of […] Read more

‘Best Results’ with the Chinook Air Seeder

Our History: February 1989

In 1986, Canadian Co-operative Implements had merged with Vicon Manufacturing, keeping its former logo but renaming the company as Cereal Implements, as seen in this ad for the Chinook Air Seeder in our February 23, 1989 issue. However, it continued to struggle and was placed in receivership in 1991. News that month was dominated by […] Read more

Drill-Fil makes seeding fast and easy

Our History: February 1968

The Smith-Roles Drill-Fil advertised in our February 22, 1968 issue allowed you to “Throw away that pail and shovel. Straighten up that aching back. Take the strain off sore muscles.” That issue reported the defeat of Prime Minister Lester Pearson’s minority Liberal government on a money bill, forcing a vote of confidence, but the next […] Read more

Swift’s Sky-Hi Layers

Our History: February 1956

This Swift’s Hatchery ad from our Feb. 23, 1956 issue reminds of a time when most readers kept at least a few laying hens. Among the news items we reported that month were that scientists at the university had developed methods of chemical control of wild oats in certain crops, and a wheat-rye cross that […] Read more

A seven year round of trade talks?

Our History: February 1992

The Uruguay Round of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) had been going on for 5-1/2 years in February 1992. Though it continued to stretch for another two years, there was concern that an impending agreement would limit Canada’s ability to maintain supply management. A crowd of farmers and other supporters, estimated at […] Read more

Mechanization, ‘that extra hired man’

Our History: January 1960

More than 100 Manitoba livestock producers had purchased this electric mix mill advertised in our January 7, 1960 issue. It could mix and grind up to four ingredients at a cost of 23 cents per ton. Free trade, or the lack of it, was the main news item on the front page that week. Manitoba […] Read more

A new star on the horizon for canola growers

Our History: January 1984

Westar was the “new star on the horizon” for canola growers when advertised in our January 1984 issues. But the news in our January 26 edition was not particularly good, other than news that the Soviet Union had agreed to purchase another million tonnes of Canadian wheat that year, which was over and above the […] Read more

The railway ‘spaghetti’ network

Our History: January 1975

The map of the rail network in Western Canada looked a lot more like spaghetti in 1975. In our January 2 issue, we reported that the federal government had announced the basic rail network of 12,413 miles would be protected until 2000, and that 6,283 miles would be reviewed. It was later announced that would […] Read more

During times of war, a message of courage

Our History: December 1943

The image on the front page of our December 15, 1943 issue carried a Christmas message to take courage during the bleak time of the Second World War. Among the news on the front page was that Manitoba’s total Victory Bond sales had reached $99,641,400, just short of the $100-million objective and that the Manitoba […] Read more