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Editorial: Biofuels fight

What would a world with another 400 million bushels of corn on the market look like? I am willing to bet that the grain growers among our readership just felt a small blood pressure spike at the very thought, anticipating dramatically lower crop prices. That figure represents the portion of the U.S. corn crop converted […] Read more

Editorial: Playing with trains

With spring just around the corner, it’s becoming clear a big wreck in grain shipping is unlikely this winter. Despite a 76-million-tonne crop to move, big blizzards and those infamous periods of frigid winter temperatures, the system has held together. Mark Hemmes of grain monitor firm Quorum said in a recent article in the Co-operator […] Read more

Opinion: United voice needed for industry challenges

Gord Gilmour’s recent editorial (‘Butt out,’ Jan. 12, 2017) about the reaction of farmers and others in the industry — me included — to the recent Bothwell Cheese decision to apply the Non-GMO Project Verified label on some of its product lines encouraged me to reflect more deeply on my views. There are nuggets I […] Read more

Editorial: Mutual respect

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard someone from this industry lament that consumers just don’t understand them. They don’t realize that agriculture produces some of the safest and most readily available food in human history, these ‘agvocates’ state, all on low margins, and at high risk. From their positions of comfort in […] Read more

Opinion: Choice of voice needed for Manitoba

Provincial Minister of Agriculture Ralph Eichler plans to improve the efficiency of the checkoff system that currently funds Keystone Agriculture Producers, reducing red tape. Agriculture is a complex industry with many issues and different viewpoints to consider. A system like we have now supports just one organization’s perspectives, limits the public debate and reduces the […] Read more

NAFTA: The art of the trade deal

The U.S. may be targeting Mexico, but Canada could be collateral damage in this fight

So the Trans-Pacific Partnership is officially dead, but the deal had already been on life support for quite some time. As America was embracing a new era of economic nationalism, even Hillary Clinton vowed during her campaign to kill the deal. No big loss for Canada, since there is no deal, but certainly a missed […] Read more

Editorial: Beggar thy neighbour

The early days of the carnival ride that is the Trump presidency have already exceeded even the most jaded expectations. In less than two weeks, he’s unleashed a flurry of executive orders, memorandums and proclamations that have ranged from the mundane to the downright terrifying. From pulling the U.S. out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to […] Read more

Could Trump save the Canadian dairy industry from itself?

Trump may be the catalyst necessary for a much-needed revamp of the Canadian dairy industry

The great Canadian dairy crisis is about to experience a new and interesting twist. As Donald trump assumes the role of the 45th president of the United States, some wonder whether he could bring about the end of Canada’s infatuation with dairy marketing boards. Both during his campaign and after the election, Trump took aim […] Read more

Editorial: Moving on

What happens when a farm family is no longer a farm family? This is a question I’ve been mulling lately, after talking with a couple of people I know whose families have decided now is the time to sell up. It’s a reality for many of us, or will be soon enough. Just a walk […] Read more

Editorial: Show time

By the time this issue of the Manitoba Co-operator is off to the printer, I will, like many others in the sector, be headed to Brandon for Ag Days. Like most other attendees I’ll enjoy the opportunity to see the latest and greatest in agriculture technology and catching up with old friends and business associates […] Read more

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