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Editorial: Food solitudes

World Food Day on Oct. 16 shed light on some confusing twists around global food security. The annual UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) event dating back to 1945 now falls five days after another big day — World Obesity Day, established by the World Obesity Foundation in 2015 to highlight the growing epidemic expected […] Read more

Comment: A failure to communicate

The federal government is long on rhetoric and short on meaningful detail in its tax proposals

Too often the discussion of tax reform is boiling down to partisan debate. But this question is so much larger, and is fundamentally a right or wrong issue. The last time a tax reform of this magnitude was implemented it was the early ’70s. It took about six years of consultation and about two years […] Read more

Comment: The loudest voices against tax reform are not neutral

Almost absent in the debate about proposed Canadian changes are any voices defending 
the idea of tax fairness

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s proposals for tightening tax breaks associated with private companies is generating several kinds of response on social media and in mainstream media. The most evident is an impressive deluge of evidence-free rhetoric claiming that the proposals are an attack on everything from the middle class to maternity leave for female […] Read more

Editorial: Provincial benefit

There isn’t even a firm proposal on the table and already folks are lining up to argue over where any future soybean-crushing plant should be built in the province. Among the first out of the gate was a group in western Manitoba, that last year commissioned a feasibility study on the concept of building the […] Read more

Editorial: A case of beer

For all the ink and vitriol that’s been spilled over supply management in Canadian agricultural commodities over the years, not much has changed. There’s been a bit of evolution around the edges and some grudging concession on imports, but the fundamental bedrock of the system remains. Now an earthquake could be coming, from the most […] Read more

Ritz leaves lasting legacy

The colourful and often controversial agriculture minister undoubtedly left his mark

In time Gerry Ritz will receive his due for his accomplishments as federal agriculture minister, an eight-year stint that marked the agri-food sector’s emergence from obscurity to growing recognition as a powerhouse of the Canadian economy. Although Ritz handily held his riding in the 2015 election and switched to being international trade critic, being in […] Read more

Farmer in wheat field

Opinion: Proposed tax changes for corporations poorly structured

The current proposals will stifle business and create unfairness

In July the prime minister of Canada and the federal finance minister introduced proposals that, if enacted, will fundamentally change how small business in Canada operates. Since that unveiling of proposals, debate on the merits of each point has been impassioned. Debate has since polarized along ideological dogma. Canadian society must decide where they wish […] Read more

Editorial: Sweating the details

As the Canada-Europe Trade Agreement was negotiated over the last few years, it’s been touted as a game-changing deal that opens up a potentially massive market. That may well be, but it would appear for most agricultural commodities, that’s going to be an ‘easier-said-than-done’ scenario, at least for the foreseeable future. Ottawa has made much […] Read more

Editorial: All hands on deck

It was a dreary fall afternoon this past Sunday at Argyle, as rain lashed the countryside and soaked stubble fields. Inside the local community hall and curling rink, however, there was a clear sense of warmth and community. The hamlet had pulled out all the stops to host its annual fall supper — the 135th […] Read more


Farmers’ focus must shift from yields to soil health

But looking after the land doesn’t have to result in a ‘yield penalty’

A funny thing happens whenever talk turns to how to make farming more sustainable. As various options for improving how agriculture treats the natural environment are discussed, someone inevitably brings up the “yield penalty” farmers and society would pay. That penalty is seen as the gap between conventional methods using tillage and high rates of […] Read more

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