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Flax Council cautions on seed integrity

The group is worried more acres could see the return of Triffid

With the latest official acreage estimates showing a jump in flax acres across much of Western Canada, the Flax Council of Canada is urging caution. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s latest Seeded Acreage Report is expecting 1.1 million acres to go into the ground this year, putting pressure on seed supplies, and putting the integrity of […] Read more

StatsCan sees higher corn and soy acres in Manitoba

Statistics Canada’s seeding intentions report confirms, weather willing, 
there could be a 36 per cent jump in soy acres

Get ready to see more soybeans zipping by your truck window during trips to town this summer. According to Statistics Canada’s first Principal Field Crops report of the season, which looks at seeding intentions for the coming season, Manitoba’s soybean acres are expected to jump 34.6 per cent in 2017. Of the seven million soybean […] Read more

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Trade’s focus shifts to new-crop canola prospects

Facing tight old-crop supply, demand remains strong

The ICE Futures Canada canola market went in two directions during the week ended April 28, with the July/November spread narrowing in considerably. Speculators, adjusting positions, accounted for much of the activity during the week, especially in the May contract as traders exited that month before expiry. The old-crop July contract lost roughly $5 per […] Read more

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Support grows to keep deferred cash purchase tickets

KAP and the Western Grain Elevator Association say a proposal to end the option is bad for the grain sector

Support to retain deferred cash purchase tickets for western grain farmers is building. Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) passed a resolution to that end at its advisory council meeting here April 20 to keep the option. The Western Grain Elevators Association (WGEA), which represents Canada’s six major grain elevator companies, also wants to keep deferred cash […] Read more

Canola Council of Canada sticks to 2025 production goal

Experts are advising longer rotations for canola in the face of disease pressures, 
but the Canola Council of Canada says it won’t affect its production goals for 2025

The Canola Council of Canada says advice to lengthen rotations will not change its 2025 yield goals of 52 bushels an acre for a total 26 million tonnes. Typical wheat-canola rotation has fallen out of favour with agronomy experts, who argue that longer rotations are needed to manage disease such as blackleg, verticillium wilt or […] Read more

Bags Of Money On A Farm Field

Fears of short supplies sustain canola values

Alberta managed to harvest some of last year’s crop

ICE Futures Canada canola contracts chopped around for much of the holiday-shortened week before fund positioning pushed the front-month contracts up $5 on April 13. The spike left the May contract perched at the technically important $500-per-tonne mark. One of the main factors underpinning the canola market continues to be the idea that stocks of […] Read more

What’s your canola-seeding rate?

New online calculators can help get this key decision just right

When it comes to putting in canola, few decisions are more important than getting the seeding rate right. Now there are two new online calculators that you can find at that will help determine the correct plant stand for an individual field. The calculators determine target plant density and seeding rate, and allow farmers […] Read more

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Get a jump in April with these jobs

Your canola crop can benefit later 
from steps you take now

It’s still a bit early to get into the field, but here are a few jobs you can do now to set yourself up for success this season. Get the drill ready. Check each opener, tire and hose. If you have a perfectly flat spot for levelling, that may also help achieve consistent seed and […] Read more

How early is too early to seed canola?

There are better options for early seeding, especially in wetter areas where soil moisture isn’t an ongoing worry

Fields may have soil temperatures adequate for canola establishment and enough moisture for emergence, but should growers seed canola in early to mid-April? Past experience would suggest that starting on peas and maybe some cereals in mid-April would be the preferred early-seeding choice, with canola going in late April and early May. Growers may see […] Read more