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Worth a look: Annual production estimates a valuable resource

It can help you calculate your own risk and rewards, but only if you use it

At first glance, the annual Guidelines for Estimating Crop Production Costs released every January looks like good bedtime reading for insomniacs. But sort through the numbers and analysis, and the story that emerges is full of mystery and intrigue. These production estimates are designed to give farmers a reference for determining which crops make the […] Read more

Food policy recommendations reflect diverse interests

The report to Parliament will either cement the solitudes or set the stage for finding common ground

The 21 recommendations toward developing this country’s first national food policy delivered to Parliament recently establish one thing fairly succinctly. It’s complicated. However, from the first recommendation (making adequate nutrition as a basic human right) to the last (calling for a national food policy advisory body with a wildly diverse range of stakeholders), the committee’s […] Read more

Editorial: Ultimate inside information

One day in my previous life as director of information for the Canadian Wheat Board, a Chinese delegation was in Winnipeg to negotiate a wheat purchase. By that time, Chinese negotiations were down to a few days rather than the few weeks they had taken in the 1960s and 1970s, but there was still a […] Read more

canola plant

Comment: A method to its madness

There’s more to Richardson’s canola council withdrawal than meets the eye

Canola is a Canadian success story and there’s no disputing the Canola Council of Canada’s role in making it so. That’s why when Richardson International, Canada’s largest grain company, didn’t renew its council membership in 2018, there was shock, disappointment, concern and even anger. Why would Richardson suddenly pull out of an organization with a […] Read more

flax bolls

Comment: Have your say on commodity groups

I want to encourage Manitoba farmers to attend the 2018 Crop Connect Conference. While there, attend the annual meetings of at least some of the five farm commodity groups that are considering a new way to promote the research, production and marketing of their crops. Farmer directors of Manitoba Flax Growers, Manitoba Corn Growers, The […] Read more

TPP II: Hedging against NAFTA, and America

The deal looks good for most farms but supply management will likely suffer and should plan for the future

Even as the North American free trade agreement talks continue, we’ve learned that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is not dead after all. In fact, the trade deal among Pacific Rim countries has a new name: the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). Along with Canada, it includes Japan, Mexico, Malaysia and seven other countries. […] Read more

Editorial: Saving playoffs lobster

No, your editor has not suddenly developed a love of free-form beatnik poetry in middle age, producing that seemingly nonsensical headline. It might not look like it, but those unrelated words are conveying critical information that could save lives under the right circumstances. The problem is a familiar one to any rural resident — how […] Read more

Comment: Time to tax meat?

Many think so but they’re advocating for this measure from an ideologically driven perspective

The idea of having to pay a sin tax for environmentally detrimental foods seems to be gaining more support — but who gets to decide what’s a sin? For some, eating meat is considered a sin, and therefore meat products should be taxed, like alcohol and tobacco. A new report published recently by a group […] Read more

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