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Opinion: Plastic bag politics

Reducing single-use plastics is a worthy goal but not an easy one

An increasing number of people are voicing concerns about the use of plastics in our day-to-day lives. Single-use plastics of any kind are significant yet preventable sources of plastic pollution. In Canada, bans on plastics have so far been left up to municipalities, some of whom are taking action. Both Montreal and Victoria have recently […] Read more

Editorial: Scorecard needed

As the Winnipeg Jets mount what promises to be an exciting playoff run, casual hockey fans find themselves at a disadvantage. No doubt more than a few tuned in to the first couple of games last week and were surprised to find a member of the famed Stastny clan had joined the ranks of the […] Read more

Opinion: U.S. and China stumble into Thucydides Trap

The United States and China have fired the opening shots in a trade war that may be hard to stop. The United States has appeared eager to impose tariffs to create leverage and force China into concessions on the bilateral trade deficit, intellectual property protection and forced technology transfer. For its part, China has appeared […] Read more

Opinion: Putting a price tag on the grain backlog

There’s demurrage and contract defaults, but the biggest cost is to Canada’s reputation

We’ll never know exactly how much this year’s grain backlog cost Western Canada’s grain industry, including farmers, but it will be in the millions of dollars. A bigger backlog in 2013-14 cost members of the Western Grain Elevator Association — Canada’s major grain companies — $90 million just in demurrage, contract extensions and defaults. That […] Read more

Editorial: Why all the fuss?

Canada’s dairy system has figured prominently in the rhetorical storm surrounding NAFTA renegotiations. The Canadian government has so far remained steadfastly opposed to any significant change. Two documents that surfaced recently help explain why. The first, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s “Regulatory Economic Impact Analysis of the Final Decision to Establish a California Federal Milk […] Read more

The ALUS revolution

From its beginnings in Manitoba 12 years ago, ALUS has evolved into the next generation of Canadian conservation

In response to the Manitoba Co-operator’s March 22 editorial, “Go ask ALUS,” we at ALUS Canada would like to add to the history of ALUS and its current status. Many farmers in Manitoba will remember ALUS as a homegrown idea. A dozen years later, ALUS can rightly be called the next generation of Canadian conservation. […] Read more

Seventy crops

A life of farming has taught this farmer some valuable lessons

Shortly after he turns 86 on April 10, Eugene Glock will begin planting his 70th corn crop on the Butler County, NE farm he operates with his son. “He runs the place,” explains Gene by telephone, “and I’m the hired hand. I plant all the corn, though.” And, the Lord willing, he adds, he will […] Read more

Making room

Early this month, the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario’s supply management committee hosted representatives from Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO), Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO), and Egg Farmers of Ontario (EFO) to discuss their efforts to attract new entrants. The familiar story is that it’s impossible for young people to get into agriculture, and especially […] Read more

Editorial: Who needs convincing?

Maybe it’s just a guilty pleasure or maybe you can justify it by saying it’s good mental exercise, but one way or another I confess — I watch “Jeopardy.” One of the benefits of being semi-retired is that you can be home to watch it at 4:30. Considering the U.S. drug commercials (with their terrifying […] Read more

Opinion: Jiminy crickets!

The disgusting (and nutritious) truth about bugs and food

Loblaw, the largest food distribution company in the country, is now selling cricket flour. The product itself is not new, as many specialty stores have been selling it for a few years now. But Loblaw is the first major retailer to sell the product under its own private label. For Loblaw, whose head office is […] Read more

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