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Legal opinion backs Pallister’s approach to carbon pricing

Manitoba’s ‘Green Plan’ to cut emissions will be out soon and the premier says he wants Manitobans’ feedback

Manitoba’s decision to develop its own plan to cut carbon emissions, to be released soon, has been vindicated, says Premier Brian Pallister. “If we just say no, we get Trudeau,” Pallister told reporters Oct. 11 after the provincial government released a report prepared by Bryan Schwartz, a University of Manitoba law professor, that concludes the […] Read more

Brandon’s dome slated for January unveiling

One of the last remaining structures from the 1913 Dominion Exhibition had fallen into serious disrepair over the decades

In 1913 it hosted throngs of visitors to Canada’s annual Dominion Exhibition. Most recently it was an unheated storage building for the provincial exhibition, bordering on derelict. Now Brandon’s dome building is set to return to its former glory. Organizers say the structure is on track for a January unveiling and will be open to […] Read more

VIDEO: Wind gusts whip across Manitoba

Wind gusts in southern Manitoba reached as high as 90 km/h during the day on Oct. 18, 2017. By evening, Environment Canada had lifted most of its wind warnings, but wind gusts were still being recorded at over 50 km/h in some areas of southern Manitoba. Video clips: Alexis Stockford and Greg Berg

Plowing championships held

Annual event celebrates the lost art of the plow

After being postponed the weekend of Sept. 23 and 24, the Manitoba Provincial Plowing Association held its annual championship Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 north of Carberry on Paul Addrianson’s property. Freelance photographer Sandy Black was in attendance to document the event, sponsored by the plowing association and Carberry Agricultural Society, which attracted entrants from 12 years […] Read more

MPSG clarifies position on a Manitoba soybean-crushing plant

The association supports the goal, but says the location will be decided by the company that builds

Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers (MPSG) supports efforts to attract a soybean-crushing plant to Manitoba, but is neutral on where it’s built, says association executive director Francois Labelle. “We want to see a facility built in Manitoba,” Labelle said in an interview Sept. 29. “That has been our position since we first started talking about […] Read more

Weathering the swarm

Lady beetles were a welcome addition to the field this summer, but the overwintering habits of one non-native species now has some rural residents irked

They’re on walls. They’re on ceilings. They’re on cups left in cupboards and anything left outside. If you’re in south-central Manitoba and feel something crawling on your arm, chances are it’s a lady beetle. The annual swarm is nothing new to rural Manitobans during September and October, but populations are particularly hearty this year with […] Read more

Fall field scouting can highlight diseases

Verticillium and Goss’s wilt are both easily spotted near or after harvest

Field scouting doesn’t stop with the combine, but it does become more specific, according to Dr. Vikram Bisht, pathologist with Manitoba Agriculture. “Usually, to scout for soil-borne pathogens is not an easy thing because you have to do a lot of laboratory work, but if you have the pathogens which survive in the crop residue […] Read more

EIA down, but not necessarily out, with incoming cold

The risk of spreading equine infectious anemia is slowing down as cold weather lowers fly populations, 
but the CFIA warns that more cases might be detected next year

The federally appointed veterinarian in Manitoba’s equine infectious anemia (EIA) scare says he expects positive results to trickle in through 2018. Alex McIsaac, Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) western animal health specialist, said a number of EIA carriers in the province have slipped through the cracks until now due to infrequent testing. Animals infected with […] Read more

Manitobans sign up to Drive Away Hunger

Farm Credit Canada (FCC) hopes to add at least five million 
meals’ worth of support to Canada’s food banks through its 
over-month-long Drive Away Hunger campaign

Combines may be busy on the field, but Farm Credit Canada (FCC) is occupied with a different kind of harvest. This year marks 14 years of FCC’s Drive Away Hunger campaign, a joint fundraising and food drive held nationally by FCC each fall in support of Food Banks Canada. The program launched Sept. 6 and […] Read more

The Manitoba and North Western Railway

The now-forgotten railway was one of the region’s ‘colonization railways’

In the photo collection of the Manitoba Agricultural Museum, there is photo of several railway flatcars marked Manitoba and North Western. These cars belonged to a railway operating in Manitoba between 1881 and 1900. The Government of Canada in the early 1880s embarked upon a policy of granting land subsidies to small railway companies in […] Read more