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Milk production being ramped up

New dairy-processing plants will allow Manitoba milk producers to have quota fully issued

Manitoba’s dairy farmers are preparing for what may be the largest increase of processing capacity ever seen as a result of one project. “I don’t know if there has ever been a situation elsewhere in Canada where there has been a 40 per cent increase in processing capacity in a province from just one project, […] Read more

overhead view of farmland

KAP has a plan to tackle skyrocketing farmland taxes

But it’s going to require farmers lobby their municipal councils 
and then for farmers and municipalities to pressure 
the Manitoba government to act

Last fall many Manitoba farmers were shocked by double-digit increases in municipal tax bills on farmland because of its higher assessed value, but Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) has a plan for relief. KAP, which has been studying the issue since last August, says on average the assessed value of Manitoba farmland in 2016 jumped 45 […] Read more

Manitoba dairy: Trump comments ‘not based on fact’

The Dairy Farmers of Manitoba is defending its industry’s supply management and pricing strategies

As the U.S. and Canada trade verbal shots over supply management and protectionism while dairy groups in New Zealand and Australia say they’ll support any U.S. WTO actions, Manitoba dairy producers are standing pat. The Dairy Farmers of Manitoba (DFM) says it is still confidant that the federal government is behind it despite the fierce […] Read more

Keystone Agricultural Producers adds detail to its carbon tax policy

Some KAP delegates argued the farm group should oppose a carbon tax, 
but others said since a tax was inevitable KAP should help government 
create a tax that won’t make farmers uncompetitive

Keystone Agricultural Producers’ (KAP) carbon tax policy was further refined at its advisory council meeting here April 20. But an almost hour-long debate on five carbon tax-related resolutions revealed some KAP members want KAP to oppose a carbon tax. “We want to wait and get everybody (in competing agricultural countries) on board before we move […] Read more

Long-distance flyers

Many migrating birds travel an astonishing number of kilometres and some even make the trip non-stop

It’s migration time, not just for “Canadian snowbirds” returning from a winter in the southern U.S. or Mexico, but for actual birds returning north for the nesting season. April and May are prime months for migrating birds to reach Manitoba, although a few early species may appear in March, and late ones in June. Horned […] Read more

Communications Tower with blue sky and clouds in the background.

Province to upgrade emergency communications system

Unreliable FleetNet is 26 years old 
and at the end of its service life

With sporadic flooding this spring and grassfire season just around the corner, one reeve in Manitoba says at least they know they won’t be handling emergencies much longer without proper communications systems. Provincial officials say they are finalizing a request for proposals to replace Manitoba’s now obsolete FleetNet public safety emergency communications system. “We are […] Read more

Doctors push disease prevention as tick season begins in Manitoba

The bloodsuckers are back and experts are once again 
offering advice on tick-borne disease

Doctors and government are sounding the alarm on tick-borne diseases as the first blacklegged ticks of the season have been discovered in Manitoba. Lyme disease, the illness most associated with the blacklegged tick and a growing villain in the minds of Manitobans, once again tops the province’s tick-related health concerns. Last year saw the highest […] Read more

Tips for avoiding ticks

Information taken from Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living Perform daily tick checks, particularly after spending time in areas with known blacklegged tick populations. Remain on paths and away from long grass. Wear appropriate tick repellant. Wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts and closed-toe shoes. Tuck pants into socks. Wear light colours to more easily detect […] Read more

Pollinator support program coming to Manitoba this summer

The North America-wide initiative between General Mills and the Xerces Society aims to establish 3,000 acres of pollinator habitat in Manitoba 
by 2021. The program will host demo workshops here this summer

Native bees play a crucial role in a healthy environment but they need our help. That’s the message an Agriculture Canada staffer had for farmers and other rural landowners meeting here earlier this month. Melanie Dubois is a senior riparian and biodiversity biologist, based at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Brandon Research and Development Centre, who […] Read more