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Heads up on fusarium head blight

Early flowering is the time to apply a prophylactic fungicide on wheat but first assess the field’s disease risk

It’s time to turn a weather eye on cereal crops for fusarium infections. Fusarium head blight damaged a lot of Manitoba spring wheat last year and farmers should be assessing this year’s risk from the fungal disease that can cut wheat quality and yield. Since wheat is most susceptible to fusarium infection at flowering, early […] Read more

Cool, wet weather creates challenges for producers

Manitoba Crop Report and Crop Weather report for June 26, 2017

Precipitation was reported in all regions, with amounts ranging from 3 to 29 mm. Some crops in low lying areas are experiencing moisture stress. Cool temperatures have slowed growth of warm seeded crops. Herbicide and fungicide applications were delayed due to cool, windy, and wet conditions this week. Most crops have received one herbicide application, […] Read more

Manitoba sheep flock expands

Consistent profitability and growing market driving producers to expand flocks, MSA spokesman says

Manitoba’s sheep flock is growing faster than anywhere else in Canada. The latest Census of Agriculture figures show flock expansion of 43.2 per cent between 2011 and 2016, to 90,423 animals in 2016. Elsewhere in Canada the sheep flock declined in that same time period by 4.9 per cent. Jonathon Nichol isn’t surprised to hear […] Read more

Tips for assessing soybean plant stands

Thankfully there’s an app for that!

The Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers (MPSG) Bean App Plant Stand Assessor simplifies the following steps for more efficient recording, unit conversion and calculation of plant populations. The free app is available at the Apple Store or Google Play. A web-based app is also available at: Use a fixed area for solid-seeded crops seven […] Read more

VIDEO: CanolaPALOOZA comes to Manitoba

Canolapalooza made its second annual stop in Manitoba at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada grounds in Portage la Prairie on June 21. Hear what Manitoba Co-operator reporter Alexis Stockford had to say about the event and what you can expect to see in an upcoming issue of the Co-operator.

Barn building code changes under fire after blaze

Hog Watch Manitoba is concerned that proposed building code changes will decrease fire safety; 
the province and pork industry don’t agree

Manitoba Pork is standing by the province’s proposed building code changes, even as advocacy group Hog Watch Manitoba argues they might increase the risk of hog barn fires. In January 2017, Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler announced plans to repeal the Farm Building Code and instead roll farm structures into the provincial building code. The changes […] Read more

Alfalfa weevils at high levels, more stripe rust detected

Manitoba Insect & Disease Update for June 21

Alfalfa weevil has been reported at high levels in fields in the Interlake, Southwest, and Northwest. There are some lingering cutworm issues in the northwest, although populations of cutworm in many locations are turning to pupae. Stripe rust has been detected in more locations around Manitoba. The disease is known to have overwintered in Manitoba near Austin. Reports have come in of detections […] Read more

PEDv risk factors identified as investigation continues

The PEDv investigation has identified potential vectors for the virus to slip into barns

Manitoba’s Chief Veterinarian Officer continues to investigate the ongoing PEDv infection in southeastern Manitoba, an outbreak that has broken records as the worst on record. Both the Chief Veterinarian Officer and Manitoba Pork Council have noted biosecurity gaps in the region and have asked producers to tighten up biosecurity. As the investigation into the source […] Read more

Newdale sign tells the story of Manitoba’s official soil

A committee in the village worked alongside soil scientists and others to see signs developed and placed in and around the southwestern Manitoba village. They tell the story of the province’s official soil and the farm community it’s named after

Newdale’s name is officially a “dirt-y” word and those living and farming here are proud of it. This past weekend local farm families and townsfolk unveiled a large sign on its Main Street showing how their community shares its name with the province’s official soil. The celebration comes precisely seven years to the day since […] Read more