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Province moves to curb unsafe night hunting

Tabled legislation aims to protect the public while respecting traditional hunting rights, provincial minister says

Legislation introduced last week to curb night hunting aims to put the public out of harm’s way while continuing to respect traditional hunting rights, Minister of Sustainable Development Rochelle Squires said last week. On May 16 the province tabled Bill 29, the Wildlife Amendment Act (Safe Hunting and Shared Management) to set out regulations on […] Read more

Overhead view of biker accessories placed on rustic wooden table. Items included motorcycle helmet, gloves and jacket. Motorcycle travel dream concept.

Heads-up for motorcycle safety

Here’s some reminders of things to do even before you get out on the road

In keeping with the goal of encouraging driver safety on the roads and highways, the RCMP reminds motorcyclists to adopt safe driving behaviours that reduce the risk of collisions. Safe motorcycling begins long before hitting the pavement. By planning ahead, you can ride towards a safer future for you and everyone else on the road. […] Read more

New case of PEDv confirmed May 15

Heightened biosecurity essential for large area in southeast

A new case of PEDv confirmed in a finisher barn May 15 in southeastern Manitoba once again has the hog sector on high alert. Biocontainment procedures were immediately put on the site where the virus was detected, while Manitoba Pork and the Chief Veterinary Office recommended all premises heighten biosecurity in a large swath of […] Read more

Argyle museum waves the flag – all 1,300 of them

Tiny rural museum’s flag collection is now second only to one in the National Capital Region. It received a generous donation earlier this winter

Every small-town museum hopes to flag down lots of visitors as tourist season starts. At Argyle, flags are now their main attraction. But they aren’t all flapping in the breeze this spring. Argyle’s Settlers Rails and Trails Museum has recently become home to the second-largest Canadian flag collection in the country, containing over 1,000 unique […] Read more

Stay stuck on safety when stuck in the field

Getting stuck can lead to more than just frustration if the hook slips at the wrong moment. Manitoba’s Farm Safety Program is urging farmers to think twice about safety in muddy fields

It happened in a second. Wawanesa farmer Simon Ellis had been attempting to pull a grain truck from a muddy field last year when the tow hook he had been using broke, snapping the rope and it back in a narrow miss of his cab window. Caught on video, Ellis posted about the incident on […] Read more

Balancing the lifestyle of family, farming and fun

Recording duo wants to pursue artistic side while raising a family and farming

Family farming roots, and following one’s dreams are the background of rural Manitoba’s rock ’n rollers known as The Young Pixels, a husband and wife duo from Kenton, Manitoba. Danny and Tricia Turner released their fifth record last month followed by a small tour taking them to Brandon, Winnipeg, and Kenton, before crossing the border […] Read more

Crop insurance working on claims

Last week the focus was on winterkilled winter wheat, but some reseeding claims are expected following strong winds

Manitoba’s long winter and cold spring wasn’t kind to many Manitoba winter wheat crops, says an official with the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC), which administers the federal provincial crop insurance program. Meanwhile, MASC is also expecting to get reseeding claims following last week’s high winds. “We’ve had the one canola claim (from the Portage […] Read more

Stellar safety record at Granny’s Poultry brings WCB premiums way down

Their company has put major effort into educating their entire team on why safe workplace practices are so important, says company CEO

Granny’s Poultry is proving dedication to a safer workplace can really pay off. Ten years ago the poultry processor’s Workers Compensation Board (WCB) experience rating was $7 per every $100 of payroll — WCB sets rates based on the employer’s track record. A major effort put towards reducing on-the-job injuries has now brought its premium […] Read more

‘We are all responsible for earning public trust,’ food and ag industry leaders say

Canadian Agri-Marketing Association hosted a two-day Winnipeg session focused on best practices and skills for nurturing public trust

Earning public trust is about doing the right thing, and being able to show and tell others why and how you do it. But in the noise of social media-spread myth and misinformation, being heard, believed and trusted has never been more complicated or challenging. The food industry is now in a veritable “pressure cooker” […] Read more