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The farmers’ market goes high tech

A small group of local food producers are taking their marketing efforts online

Squinting through blowing snow isn’t how most vendors travel to farmers’ markets across Manitoba — but that’s the sort of trip owners of Thousand Hills Ranch take once in a while. Tiina and Dean Hildebrand, who raise grass-fed beef and lamb near Morden, keep a segment of the Morden summer farmers’ market going through the […] Read more

Hunting permission slips pitched

Producers say they’re sick of dealing with trespassers during hunting season and hope written permission rules might help them cope

Hunters would need written permission before their next trip onto private agricultural land, if the Manitoba Beef Producers gets its way. MBP will be lobbying to extend signed landowner access rules for hunters and require written permission from landowners. The province currently requires hunters to get permission before hunting or retrieving game animals, regardless of […] Read more

Government fixes farm safety funding

The Manitoba Farm Safety Program: It’s free, confidential and funded for at least another five years

In the midst of a farm safety seminar kicking off the annual meeting of the Keystone Agricultural Producers, some good news arrived. In a joint announcement the federal and provincial agriculture ministers revealed a $1.1-million funding program over five years to support farm safety programming in the province. The program is designed to develop safety […] Read more

WestMan mixed farm is recipient of the 2018 Turtle Mountain Conservation District conservation award

G & B Farms spans more than 2,700 acres and includes a large livestock component

Gordon and Brenda Adams together with their two children Colin and Lacey manage G & B Farms, comprised of Black Angus cows, horses and chickens, and a land base of 2,720 acres spread between the Turtle Mountains, Whitewater Lake, Medora and Pipestone. At Pipestone there are 1,120 acres of native pasture, never broken, plus the […] Read more

KAP president Bill Campbell has lots to do

Campbell, who was acclaimed at KAP’s annual meeting, says farm issues get more complex the deeper one digs

Leading Manitoba’s general farm organization is, and isn’t, like farming. A farmer’s work is never done. It’s the same for the president of the Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP). But the deeper one digs into farm policy, the more complex it gets, Bill Campbell said in an interview Feb. 6 following KAP’s 35th annual meeting in […] Read more

Education tax model ‘flawed’ says Eichler

The agriculture minister agrees farmers pay more than their share, but says there’s not much he can do about it

Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler concedes Manitoba farmers get a raw deal on farmland education taxes — but he also says relief won’t be immediate. “We know there are a number of funding models that would look better,” Eichler said during a question period following his speech at the Keystone Agricultural Producers’ (KAP) 35th annual meeting […] Read more

Ranchers call for certainty on unit transfers

Northern ranchers are worried that Crown land unit transfers might disappear ‘with a stroke of the pen’

Northern beef producers say they stand to take a big hit on farm value, should unit transfers not be on the table when the province releases their Crown lands regulations. The province froze both new Crown land leases and unit transfer applications in the wake of changes to the Crown Lands Act, pending a review. […] Read more

Yield Manitoba turns 20

It was 20 years ago today, Yield Manitoba came into play. The annual publication is marking its 20th anniversary and is based on the Manitoba Management Plus Program. This year marks the data program’s 25th anniversary and Yield Manitoba 2019, included in this issue of the Manitoba Co-operator as a supplemental publication, summarizes and adds […] Read more

Wheat and Canadian Money or dollar or currency in double exposure shot, concept for earnings or spend in Agriculture

KAP carefully considering seed ‘value creation’

KAP doesn’t have a set plan, but it has set out its principles on the issue

The Keystone Agricultural Producer’s (KAP) policy on how farmers should fund new cereal variety development remains a work in progress. The seed industry has proposed two models — trailing and end point royalties. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) has been consulting farmers about them. But KAP delegates attending their 35th annual meeting in Winnipeg Feb. […] Read more