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Regenerative agriculture event to return to Brandon

Window closing on 'early bird' price regenerative ag conference tickets

The Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association isn’t resting on its laurels after last year’s two-day dive into regenerative agriculture. The production philosophy believes farm practices should build the environment and soil health rather than just maintain them, and will once again be the topic this fall when the MFGA launches its second regenerative agriculture forum. […] Read more

What does the new resistance-evading clubroot mean for Manitoba canola growers?

A new clubroot strain not controlled by canola varieties with traditional resistance genes has been found in Manitoba, but farmers can still keep this potentially devastating in check by being proactive

The discovery in south-central Manitoba of a new clubroot strain not controlled by traditional resistant canola varieties underscores the need to be proactive in keeping clubroot spore numbers low enough so they don’t damage canola crops. The 3A clubroot pathotype was found in a field in the RM of Pembina, Manitoba Agriculture posted on its […] Read more

The problem with phosphorus

Lake Winnipeg is suffering from phosphorus overload, but agriculture is just one contributor

Lake Winnipeg has a phosphorus problem. That’s not a controversial statement. But what can spark plenty of arguments is just what’s causing the problem. One of the handiest targets has long been local agriculture in general, and the province’s hog sector in particular. The hog sector and provincial government both claim the sector faces some […] Read more

Red tape sees marsh renewal project delayed

A pilot project would begin to restore the Netley-Libau marsh, which once filtered harmful nutrients out of the water flowing into Lake Winnipeg

A pilot project to revitalize the “kidney” of Lake Winnipeg will be delayed until next year due to red tape, the project committee announced August 30. “Every day that passes by is a day the Netley Marsh (which is the largest coastal wetlands in North America) could begin its journey back to being a healthy […] Read more

U of M researcher recognized for revolutionary work in grain storage

Digvir Jayas changed industry understanding of grain storage worldwide, U of M president says

A University of Manitoba researcher will be recognized for work that revolutionized grain storage, the school said September 17. Digvir Jayas, vice-president (research and international) at the U of M, has received the 2019 Sir John William Dawson Medal from the Royal Society of Canada. The biennial award is “for important and sustained contributions in […] Read more

Rains bring relief for winter wheat seeding

Winter wheat is ready to go, but the fields slated for the cereal may not be ready

Recent rains have brightened the outlook for winter wheat, assuming farmers can get on the drill. Western Winter Wheat Initiative agronomist Ken Gross said conditions are ideal for the crop’s first flush, despite the dry conditions that have plagued Manitoba this growing season. “As far as getting winter wheat into the ground, it may be […] Read more

‘This one’s gonna hurt’ – Interlake ranchers face drought disaster

Producers say that help they might otherwise receive is being held back because of the provincial election

A field down the road from Calvin Reykdal’s farm has two swaths taken out. The rest is still standing, only a couple of inches higher than the cut section. That was first cut, not worth the fuel and time to take it off the field. It’s one of many fields like that in the RM […] Read more

Thinking of planting winter cereals? Read this

Here is the Manitoba 2019 variety selection data for winter wheat and fall rye

Just in time to assist with decisions to plant winter cereals, the MCVET (Manitoba Crop Variety Evaluation Team) yield results are in for 2019 fall rye and winter wheat varieties testing locations from across Manitoba (see tables below). In addition to yield, the agronomic and disease-resistance information for winter wheat and fall rye varieties tested […] Read more

Doors prepare to swing open for Open Farm Day

Open Farm Day will run Sep. 15. This year’s roster includes 56 sites, including 23 that have never been seen on the day’s schedule before.

[UPDATED, Sept. 12, 2019] Open Farm Day organizer Wendy Bulloch is more than ready to take a swing at the wall between farmer and the non-farm public. It’s the main point of the event, after all — to foster public trust in food production and bridge the gap between, not only farms and the urban […] Read more

Producer’s key to calving is only a click away with camera system

Calving cameras promise to de-stress the most stressful weeks for livestock producers

Colin Palmer no longer fits the image of the sleep-deprived, anxiety-ridden beef producer when calving starts — despite having more than double the cattle he did a decade ago. Instead, he is losing fewer calves, spending less money on gas and steps off his farm near Saskatoon more lightly in spring, since he can pull […] Read more