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Cows herded in to holding pen

Manitoba cattle market defies trend

The province’s geographic proximity to significant domestic markets is coming into play

Ontario and Quebec interest continues to buoy prices at Manitoba cattle auctions. “Pound for pound, on the good end of the calves, we’re probably still $5 to $7 per hundredweight better than they (Alberta) are,” said Rick Wright of Heartland Order Buying Co. On Oct. 31, good 600-lb. steers at Virden, Man., were attracting prices […] Read more

Manitoba cattle market better than rest of Prairies

Geography is working in favour of local producers, with more nearby market options

While cattle prices are starting to soften across most of Western Canada, Manitoba is finding itself as the exception. “In Manitoba things aren’t looking too bad. They’ve got some options there, their price has almost been a premium, or some of the strongest in Western Canada,” said Brian Perillat, manager and senior analyst at Canfax. […] Read more

Neither trick nor treat at recent sheep and goat sale

Sheep and goat markets are near full capacity, but prices stayed mostly firm

It might be the last taste of summer, but winter was in the wings at the latest sheep and goat sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction. With colder weather approaching hair lambs are beginning to make their way into the ring, part of a 350-head sale October 17. In the sheep sale buyers appeared to be […] Read more

Fall cattle run in full swing

A later run and shortage of feed may be causing even bigger volumes than usual

Manitoba’s cattle auctions were busy during the week ended Oct. 19, as the fall run hit its full stride. “I think every barn had their biggest sale of the year so far,” said Rick Wright of Heartland Order Buying. While big volumes are normal for this time of year, he said cattle were coming to […] Read more

High demand for feeder lambs seen at Oct. 3 sheep, goat sale

Selection limited, but prices were higher for dairy rather than meat goats

Bidding prices for lightweight lambs at the Oct. 3 Winnipeg Livestock Auction increased slightly compared to the last sale, possibly due to the limited selection. However, 248 sheep and goats were delivered and young, tender Manitoba lamb could be on more local tables this year. There appeared to be no price difference between wool and […] Read more

Wet weather supportive for Manitoba’s cattle markets

A weaker loonie and higher pork prices haven’t hurt, either

Wet weather is holding producers back from rushing to sell their cattle in Western Canada, according to an analyst. “Volumes are a decent size, but they’re not burdensome by any means. (They’re) maybe slowed down a little bit by the weather and guys maybe reassessing if things are going to green up. It just takes […] Read more

Manitoba auctions attract lots of lighter cattle

Feeder markets are expected steady through to Christmas

Harold Unrau, manager of Grunthal Livestock Auction Mart, has some advice for cattle producers who might be looking at thinning their herds. Look for other options first — sell calves early, maybe even potential replacement animals, depending on the situation — before selling cows. “It’s a bad time to reduce your herd, because butcher cows […] Read more