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Ample supply of sheep, goats as festival season wraps up

Lower bids marked the end of this market cycle, while animal numbers held up

As the Muslim festival of Eid wrapped up, a small sale was expected. However, 600 goats and sheep arrived at Winnipeg Livestock Auction for the September 5 sale. In some cases the animals appeared to be culls, but the size of the sale represented a general reluctance to carry or hold extra animals. The sheep […] Read more

Cattle volumes on lighter side as fall run draws near

Dry weather and a dearth of truckers weigh on producers

As the cattle market gears up for the annual fall run, producers in Manitoba are grappling with dry pastures and looming transportation issues. “The pasture issues are extremely serious; we’re bordering in some regions on drought conditions and have been for the past two to three weeks,” said Rick Wright of Heartland Order Buying Co. […] Read more

Manitoba cattle values steady with Ontario, U.S. interest

Producers face both higher feed costs and a falling loonie

Manitoba cattle auctions reported strong prices this week amid good interest from the U.S. and Ontario. Prices slipped slightly, but remain at relatively strong levels, according to Manitoba Beef Producers general manager Brian Lemon and Brian Perillat of cattle market analysis firm Canfax. “Prices are still down a bit. But they are still softening from […] Read more

Final festival sale of sheep a big event

There was lots of supply and plenty of buyers’ interest at Winnipeg Livestock Auction August 15

The most recent sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction was set for the flood of more than 1,000 animals it received. Slated for August 15 it fell just before the Eid holiday and buyers brought their lists to fill festival demand for this Muslim holiday celebrating sharing and giving. The semi-trucks were waiting and ready for […] Read more

The ABCs of cattle options and futures

These tools can help you manage both your costs and your revenue

An estimated 27,000 cattle producers across the Prairies manage about nine million head in cow-calf, feeder and stocker operations worth approximately $8 billion, according to StatsCan data. That’s a lot of money. So it’s no surprise more and more cattle producers want to learn about price protection for their cattle. Speaking with producers at the […] Read more

Current strength in cattle prices not expected to last

Producers face early sales due to short supplies of feed

Cattle prices in Manitoba continued to hang strong during the week ended Aug. 17, as producers grappled with growing feed problems and persistent smoke from fires in British Columbia and Ontario. Volumes remained seasonally low, but one market watcher noted activity at online auctions was brisk. “When you look at video sales there are more […] Read more

Auction fills festival requirements

One of the Muslim world’s two globally celebrated festivals drove this market 

The August 1 sheep sale at the Winnipeg Livestock Auction was scheduled in preparation for the Eli-al-Adha, or Festival of Sacrifice, a major holiday in the Muslim world. Producers provided about 600 sheep and goats in expectation of an exciting sale. The next auction was to be held August 15. In the sheep sale buyers […] Read more

Concerns over limited feed could mean early fall run

Cattle prices remain steady on summer-level volumes

After low-yielding hay cuts have left Manitoba cattle producers scrambling to find hay to buy, some producers are starting to consider their options — including selling earlier than usual. “I would say there’s definitely concern for sure. I’m not saying it’s in dire, desperate need today, but there’s definitely concerns of feed (shortages) in areas,” […] Read more

Cows herded in to holding pen

‘Gap’ season more active than normal for cattle sales

Poor pasture conditions cause an early-fall calf run prediction

It’s sometimes known as the gap season in cattle markets — that slow time of year between the early spring and fall-winter sales runs. But there are decent profits producers can pick up now, said Rick Wright of Heartland Order Buying. “Cattle are actually bringing a profit and the buyers are a bit reluctant to […] Read more

Cows herded in to holding pen

Manitoba cattle markets stay steady

Prices are showing surprising resilience against seasonal slumps

The cattle market in Manitoba continues to show surprising strength as higher feed costs and a seasonal slowdown in sales haven’t caused a serious setback in prices. Volumes were light but ranchers still managed to find enough animals to take to market. Feeder cattle in Manitoba weighing 700 pounds and under averaged around $200 per […] Read more