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Broiler chicken

USDA faces backlash over proposed rules

Chicken processors are crying foul over moves aimed to protect producers

The U.S. Department of Agriculture proposed rules Dec. 14 it said will help protect chicken producers from mistreatment by the small group of meat companies that control most of the country’s production. With only a few weeks left to the Obama administration, the agency clarified that individual farmers who feel they have been treated unfairly do […] Read more

Small flock producers appeal denied

Existing operations will not be grandfathered into the new regulations say Manitoba Chicken Producers

The Manitoba Chicken Producers have rejected an appeal on behalf of small farmers, who say a new specialty quota program will impose arbitrary and punitive costs on their operations. “This is a poor decision for Manitobans who care about where their food comes from, we hope the public will support us as we take this […] Read more

chickens in a barn

Poultry biosecurity crucial in fall

Minor illnesses in wild populations can quickly become pandemics

It turns out birds have a flu season too. After years of studying the role of wild birds in outbreaks of avian influenza in domestic poultry flocks, one of Canada’s top public sector veterinarians says the bottom line is farmers need to take precaution in the fall. John Pasick is the national veterinary science authority […] Read more


Which chicken, in what pot?

Supply management doesn’t fit well with speciality production and a proposed new quota program is a misstep

Over 50 farmers gathered at the St. Norbert Community Centre on November 1 to hear Wayne Hiltz, executive director of the Manitoba Chicken Producers, present the new Annual Specialty Quota Program announced in September. The new program is designed to serve niche markets in the province with fresh Manitoba-raised chicken year round. This is done […] Read more

Producers won’t be grandfathered into new chicken quota program

New specialty quota program penalizes existing specialty chicken producers 
for production over 30,000 kgs with 40-cent levy

Rudy Reimer is thinking about his chickens, but feeling more like a sacrificial lamb. His operation, which has been operating under a special permit since the late 1960s, will be penalized under a new specialty quota program being rolled out by Manitoba Chicken Producers because it no longer fits the new guidelines. Existing producers will […] Read more

portrait of a white broiler chicken closeup

Feathers ruffled at information session

New farmers and established producers believe a new program for speciality birds 
will make it more difficult for them to participate in poultry production

Jeanette Sivilay felt her hopes of adding chickens to the co-operative farm she and her partners operate fading as she read through newly introduced rules governing small poultry production in Manitoba. The Metanoia FarmerWorkers Co-operative, a community-shared agriculture initiative by students and alumni of Canadian Mennonite University, wouldn’t qualify for a proposed small-scale poultry production […] Read more

Small producers will hear more about new chicken quota program Nov. 1

A farm direct-marketing group questions if this is the right approach

A spokesman for Manitoba Chicken Producers hopes a meeting November 1 sets the record straight on how its new annual specialty quota program set to launch in 2017 will operate. MCP executive director Wayne Hiltz will speak in Winnipeg that day to a producer meeting organized by Direct Farm Manitoba. Hiltz said he can address […] Read more

Much talk, no action on supply management border issues

A Commons trade committee meeting heard lots of words but little new information at a recent hearing

Many words were spoken, but little new was said. At a recent two-hour session of the Commons trade committee, representatives of the dairy and poultry sector and Lawrence MacAulay, the federal agriculture minister, all spoke at length about border issues — but largely reiterated previous statements. Following a Parliament Hill protest by dairy farmers this […] Read more

Small-scale chicken quota changes stir controversy

Manitoba Chicken Producers has launched a new annual specialty quota program in hopes 
of developing new markets for specialty poultry products in the province

Manitoba Chicken Producers is changing the guidelines for small-scale producers. It’s moving to an annual specialty quota program it says addresses the reality that the chicken market is becoming more specialized, and will give consumers access to Manitoba-grown birds. “At the end of the day what we want consumers in Manitoba to have access to […] Read more

Layer hen rules fuelling scrutiny

The National Farm Animal Care Council is the focus of a recent freedom of information request

The organization leading Canada’s development of humane livestock production is under the activist microscope. The National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) was recently the focus of a request under the freedom of information legislation. The group says it suspects the move is related to its connection to guidelines for layer hens. The request relates to […] Read more