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EU fights ‘urgent challenge’ of African swine fever spread

Of the 10 nations affected, Bulgaria and Romania are hardest hit

Reuters – The European Union faces an urgent challenge in tackling an outbreak of African swine fever which threatens Bulgaria’s pig-breeding industry, a commission spokeswoman said August 8. Ten EU nations are currently affected by African swine fever, with particularly bad outbreaks in Bulgaria and its neighbour Romania. Slovakia was affected by the disease in […] Read more

No rolling the dice on PED says Manitoba Pork Council

PEDv has broken into both central and northeastern Manitoba, and barns in newly impacted areas might not be ready for the threat

Barns dodging PED might owe that to luck rather than robust bio­security. Andrew Dickson, the Manitoba Pork Council’s general manager, warns that some barns outside southeast Manitoba will need to heighten their guard if they hope to repel a serious risk of the disease. “We’ve got odd stories of people saying, ‘Well I’ve never got […] Read more

China’s pig farms clean up to beat swine fever

Industry sees improved biosecurity in farms, transport as sales of disinfectants, truck washes soar

Reuters – A devastating outbreak of African swine fever that has killed millions of pigs in China is changing attitudes in a country where farm hygiene has often been seen as lax by international standards. From farms to feed mills to transport, people involved in the pork industry say biosecurity has been tightened, with sales […] Read more

PigTRACE price to go up

Tag prices will go up 20 cents for small tags and 35 cents for large tags as of Aug. 1

Hog producers will have to pay more for traceability in the near future. Canada’s PigTRACE program will be raising ear tag prices as of Aug. 1. [Click here for the price list as of Aug. 1]  Prices will go up 20 cents for every small ear tag and 35 cents for every large ear tag, […] Read more

Another 2017 for PEDv?

Manitoba’s CVO says the carry-over of 2017 is lasting longer than expected

It’s shaping up to be another bad year for PEDv in the province’s pork sector. In fact the province says it could easily be on par with 2017, the province’s worst year. On June 18, Dr. Glen Duizer of Manitoba’s Chief Veterinary Office (CVO) said 2019 cases were comparable to the same point in time […] Read more

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Manitoba Pork pushing online disease response program as PEDv cases climb

Participation in the Manitoba Co-ordinated Disease Response program has grown to 79 per cent in the southeast

The Manitoba Pork Council is hoping to get the final few southeastern hog producers signed on to the first line of defence against PEDv. About 79 per cent of those producers have signed on with the council’s Manitoba Co-ordinated Disease Response program (MCDR). The online information-sharing platform includes information on biosecurity, manure spreading and outbreak […] Read more

North American ASF campaign gains key support from OIE and FAO

A Pan-Canadian action plan is under development, says Canada’s CVO

The North American campaign to stop the spread of African swine fever just got a big boost from the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), according to Canada’s chief veterinary officer. ASF “is now everyone’s problem,” said Jaspinder Komal, Canada’s CVO. At its recent general assembly meeting in Paris, OIE delegates agreed to launch a […] Read more

Reported ractopamine finding locks third pork company out of China

The CFIA is investigating the Chinese claim that a pork shipment tested positive for ractopamine

The pork industry says it’s too soon to say the trade spat with China is leaking over into its sector. It’s awaiting the results of a CFIA investigation, launched after a third Canadian company was suspended from exporting pork to China. On June 18, news dropped that China would be temporarily suspending imports from Quebec […] Read more

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Disease concerns highlight risk for pork sector

Wild pigs have become a reservoir for disease in other jurisdictions

Manitoba’s growing wild pig problem could spell trouble for one of its biggest economic engines — the pork sector. In parts of Europe they’ve become an impossible-to-control vector for African swine fever. There’s also the risk that the Canadian herd and the much-larger U.S. herd that’s moving north could soon meet and mingle, further increasing […] Read more

High hog prices ‘sure nice’ for expanding producers

Relaxed regulations sparked a building boom in the Manitoba pork industry; higher prices are just the icing on the cake

High hog prices are a boon, but hardly a deciding factor, for hog producers building and expanding in Manitoba. “It’s sure nice,” said Henrik Thomsen, owner of Canmark Family Farming Ltd. “It’s good timing while we’re building.” Thomsen will nearly triple his Roblin-area operation when he adds 3,700 sow farrow-to-isowean spaces, 700 nursery spaces, and […] Read more