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Recovering pigs being moved to other barns

Though pigs survived latest PEDV outbreak, officials concerned about disease spread

Manitoba hog farmers whose barns are affected by the ongoing porcine epidemic diarrhea (PEDv) outbreak are running out of space to put the surviving pigs. Five unaffected barns recently had to receive pigs from locations battling the virus due to space constraints, Dr. Glen Duizer of Manitoba’s chief veterinary office said last week. While the […] Read more

Expanded staff to put hog disease in the crosshairs

Manitoba Pork says it hopes to fill the new swine health programs manager by early fall

Manitoba Pork hopes revisiting its disease management and prevention programming will help the industry dodge the next disease threat. The council will be expanding staff to include a swine health programs manager as part of the process, chair George Matheson said during a recent interview with industry-run broadcast “Farmscape.” The new hire will take on […] Read more

PEDv crosses into south-central Manitoba

A finisher barn in the Altona/Gretna region was confirmed PEDv positive July 14

Porcine epidemic diarrhea (PEDv) has been confirmed west of the Red River for the first time after a farm in the Altona/Gretna region tested positive for the virus July 14. Dr. Glen Duizer of Manitoba’s Chief Veterinary Office (CVO) said the barn was exposed after a shipment of pigs from a farm that was later […] Read more

Manitoba Pork turns to producer-based program to stem PEDv outbreak

Manitoba Pork is hanging its hopes for combating PEDv on a newly launched disease response program

Manitoba’s PEDv outbreak is still in full force, but the industry hopes a new initiative to connect producers will help combat the spread. This has already become the worst year on record for the virus with over four times as many cases reported as in the previous three years combined. The Manitoba Coordinated Disease Response […] Read more

Barn building code changes under fire after blaze

Hog Watch Manitoba is concerned that proposed building code changes will decrease fire safety; 
the province and pork industry don’t agree

Manitoba Pork is standing by the province’s proposed building code changes, even as advocacy group Hog Watch Manitoba argues they might increase the risk of hog barn fires. In January 2017, Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler announced plans to repeal the Farm Building Code and instead roll farm structures into the provincial building code. The changes […] Read more

Pork sector calls for washing station changes

Manitoba Pork argues a return to domestic wash stations will allow greater control over variables that might contribute to the spread of PEDv

Manitoba Pork wants to see the return of Canadian-based wash stations for hog transport trailers coming back from the United States. If implemented, it would be an echo of a 2014 pilot project, one of several emergency measures by the pork sector following the first Canadian outbreaks. News of the virus’s spread to Canada in […] Read more

PEDv risk factors identified as investigation continues

The PEDv investigation has identified potential vectors for the virus to slip into barns

Manitoba’s Chief Veterinarian Officer continues to investigate the ongoing PEDv infection in southeastern Manitoba, an outbreak that has broken records as the worst on record. Both the Chief Veterinarian Officer and Manitoba Pork Council have noted biosecurity gaps in the region and have asked producers to tighten up biosecurity. As the investigation into the source […] Read more

Vaccine put to the test as PEDv outbreak continues

Clinical trials have shown high hopes for the vaccine, which has been deployed to a producer in the PEDv hot zone in southeast Manitoba

[Updated June 16, 2017] A vaccine that researchers say has been over 90 per cent effective against PEDv in clinical trials is on track for another field test in southeast Manitoba. Dr. Volker Gerdts, associate director of research at VIDO-InterVac and one of the lead researchers on the project, says the Canadian Food Inspection Agency […] Read more

HogWatch calls for safer barns

A watchdog group says a recent barn fire illustrates the need for safer barns. Approximately 3,500 hogs died June 8 when fire engulfed two barns last week near New Bothwell. Hespeler Hog Farms was also one of the operations affected by an outbreak of porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) earlier this spring. HogWatch Manitoba says the […] Read more