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RMs near halfway mark on hog barn rule revisit

The clock is ticking for municipalities to set their own size limits when it comes to conditional use for hog barns

Municipalities have a little over half a year left to review their policy on how big a new hog barn has to be before it sparks a conditional use hearing. The province rolled back its own conditional use requirements in June, part of a list of changes made to the Planning Act around large-scale livestock […] Read more

Pork industry chalking up wins

While poor prices have grabbed the headlines the long-term trends are more positive

The Manitoba Pork Council is quietly celebrating a string of low-key wins during its fall producer meetings. From falling numbers of PED cases to a modest barn-building boom and new trade deals that will stabilize and expand markets, long-term trends look positive, the group says. Why it matters: The industry needs to stay focused on […] Read more

Hog barn expansion poses questions

Hog Watch says the approval should have been subject to different rules

A hog barn near Strathclair has come under scrutiny after critics say it failed to meet the proper approvals prior to construction. The wrangle over the facility has revealed grey areas in the regulations which some feel are open to interpretation. Capacity in question In a September submission to the RM of Yellowhead council, advocacy […] Read more

Maple Leaf pulls ahead on open sow housing

Gestation crates will be a thing of the past at Maple Leaf Foods as of 2021, three years ahead of the National Farm Animal Care Council’s deadline

Maple Leaf Foods now expects to complete its shift to open sow housing with years to spare. The company is more than halfway completed its transition, according to Dr. Greg Douglas, vice-president of animal care. About 40,000 of the company’s 70,000 sows are currently managed under the advanced open-housing system, and the company expects to […] Read more

Province promises up to $9.5 million in tax rebates for Hylife expansion

Hylife Ltd. will recoup some of the new tax generated from its recent expansions

Hylife Ltd. has joined the companies expecting to get a financial boost from their own tax revenue. The province announced Sept. 14 that the pork giant will join the companies and projects singled out for TIF, or tax increment financing. Governments most commonly turn to TIF to jump-start economic development and private sector investment by […] Read more

Trade wars cast a long shadow over hog industry

Trump tariffs a significant factor, NAFTA weighs in too

The ongoing trade war between the United States and the rest of the world is side-swiping Manitoba’s pork industry. Hog prices have tumbled since last spring, leaving producers worried about their future just as the industry is recovering from a decade of economic woe. “It’s pretty terrible. It’s about as bad as it’s been in […] Read more

Manitoba cuts the ribbon on blueblood boar genetics

Pork genetics company Topigs Norsvin has officially opened its doors in Manitoba

Manitoba’s hog sector is adding to its pedigree. Global swine genetics company Topigs Norsvin has officially opened the doors to Delta Canada, a boar genetics and research facility located northwest of Winnipeg near Woodlands. The company, which markets itself as the second-largest swine genetic company globally, opened the $15-million facility June 27 and aims to […] Read more

Five more cases of PED confirmed as of June 1

CVO and Manitoba Pork working to trace back source of virus

The hog sector remains on high alert following more confirmed cases of the deadly PED in barns in southeastern Manitoba. Six cases of PED have now been confirmed as of June 1. The first case was confirmed in a finisher barn May 15. As of the end of last week, the virus has been found […] Read more

Just passing through

Pigs that better digest their nutrients could reduce pork industry’s carbon footprint

Pigs will eat what’s put in front of them — but digesting it is another question. In particular, according to one research scientist from the South China Agricultural University, nitrogen and phosphorus can pass through the pig undigested, causing downstream environmental challenges. Lead author of the study Xianwei Zhang, published recently in the online journal […] Read more