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Disease concerns highlight risk for pork sector

Wild pigs have become a reservoir for disease in other jurisdictions

Manitoba’s growing wild pig problem could spell trouble for one of its biggest economic engines — the pork sector. In parts of Europe they’ve become an impossible-to-control vector for African swine fever. There’s also the risk that the Canadian herd and the much-larger U.S. herd that’s moving north could soon meet and mingle, further increasing […] Read more

High hog prices ‘sure nice’ for expanding producers

Relaxed regulations sparked a building boom in the Manitoba pork industry; higher prices are just the icing on the cake

High hog prices are a boon, but hardly a deciding factor, for hog producers building and expanding in Manitoba. “It’s sure nice,” said Henrik Thomsen, owner of Canmark Family Farming Ltd. “It’s good timing while we’re building.” Thomsen will nearly triple his Roblin-area operation when he adds 3,700 sow farrow-to-isowean spaces, 700 nursery spaces, and […] Read more

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Pork suffering indirect trade woes

Canada’s canola producers have been in the headlines, but Manitoba’s pork sector says it has been fighting against Chinese tariffs bubbling over from the U.S.

Manitoba’s pork sector wants more attention to its own trade issues with China. The canola sector has dominated the agricultural headlines since sales to China ground to a halt earlier this year. But George Matheson, Manitoba Pork Council president, says pork producers have been fighting the impact of Chinese tariffs for a year. Why it […] Read more

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Value chain for sale

The recent HyLife deal demonstrates how foreign buyers love vertically integrated companies

Offshore buyers don’t just love your products anymore. Some also want a cross-section of the whole value chain. For evidence, look no further than the recent sale of Manitoba’s HyLife Foods to the Thai-based conglomerate Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF), the third-largest sow company in the world. Once finalized, the deal will hand off 50.1 per […] Read more

HyLife to hand over to Thai conglomerate

Over half of HyLife Foods stock will belong to Thai-based conglomerate CPF once the deal closes

Manitoba pork giant HyLife Foods will soon have someone else calling the shots. The company announced a deal with Thailand-based exporter Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CPF) for 50.1 of the company’s stock April 22. The $498-million deal adds HyLife to the conglomerate’s list of companies, which span 17 countries and include hogs, chickens, […] Read more

Plugging the holes on African swine fever

Canadian officials hope to hold the line on African swine fever

Officials are hoping an ounce of prevention will mean no cure is needed when it comes to African swine fever (ASF). Prevention has so far been a building block of Canada’s plans against the deadly swine disease. The highly contagious disease can be carried in blood, tissues, manure and stay viable in deadstock and fresh […] Read more

Manitoba prepares for African swine fever

The hog industry is planning ahead and learning from the past

The Manitoba pork sector says it won’t be caught flat footed if African swine fever (ASF) makes its way here. The virulent disease is wreaking havoc in China and industry and government both concede it could be just a plane ride away from Manitoba. “In my opinion, I think you can never be prepared enough,” […] Read more

Two in a row for Plainview Colony

Plainview Colony has had a good few years at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair pork quality competition, chalking up another win this year

Plainview Colony was the best in show for the second year running at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair’s annual pork quality competition. The colony’s north barn successfully defended its grand champion spot. Last year, the barn claimed both first and second in the annual winter fair competition on top of a fourth-place finish in December […] Read more

Researchers create algorithm to predict PEDv outbreaks

The high-tech approach already has an 80 per cent accuracy rate

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed an algorithm that could give pig producers advance notice of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) outbreaks. The proof-of-concept algorithm has potential for use in real-time prediction of other disease outbreaks in food animals. PEDv is a virus that causes high mortality rates in preweaned piglets. The virus […] Read more

African swine fever hits huge, foreign-invested Chinese farm

Despite government claims to the contrary, little progress in containing the disease is apparent

Reuters – China reported an outbreak of deadly African swine fever on a huge pig farm part owned by a Danish investment fund, showing the spread of the virus to modern industrial farms expected to have the best levels of disease prevention. The outbreak occurred on a farm in Suihua city with 73,000 pigs in […] Read more