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HyLife Foods wraps expansion

It’s been two years coming, but the new cut floor is ready to go at HyLife Foods in Neepawa

More pork will be running through HyLife Foods in Neepawa in the near future. The company has completed two years’ worth of upgrades, HyLife announced April 3, a move that HyLife president Claude Vielfaure says will lengthen their product’s shelf life and quality as well as doubling space on the cut floor. “An example of […] Read more

Manitoba Pork worries after Chinese tariffs against U.S.

Canadian pork will not suffer the same Chinese tariff hikes as the U.S., but those tariffs will still be felt locally, experts warn

Manitoba’s pork producers may not know the exact impact from China’s tariffs against the United States, but they know it’s coming. The U.S. pork sector has been caught up in the latest round of trade volleys between the United States and China. The Chinese government announced a sweep of tariffs April 1, blaming new U.S. tariffs against […] Read more

Plainview Colony brings home the bacon from Royal Manitoba Winter Fair

Organizers say the annual competition was smaller than normal, but judges had nothing but good feedback for the entries that were there

Quantity may have been lacking, but there was no shortage of quality on display at the 2018 Royal Manitoba Winter Fair pork quality competition. Judge Jason Care said the smaller-than-average show was one of the few he has seen where every entry earned warm carcass points. “Most of the shows that I do, I have […] Read more

GOING BIG: Chinese pork producers supersize

The country is the world’s top pork market, but until recently most of it has been raised on small operations

Surrounded by mountains in a remote part of southwestern China, Xinguangan’s first large-scale, modern pig farm is getting ready to produce its first offspring. By the end of the year, 10,000 sows will live inside two huge barns on this 73-hectare (180-acre) site, producing up to 280,000 piglets annually, or about 20,000 tonnes of pork. […] Read more


U.S. pork demand strong, but trade disputes could hit exports

Growing U.S. domestic demand will only go so far as the U.S. government picks trade fights with key export markets

American consumers are snapping up plentiful low-cost pork, but U.S. farmers are worried that trade spats with key export markets in China, Mexico and Canada could hurt a lucrative part of their pork business. The domestic demand outlook remains bright, thanks to the strong U.S. economy, upcoming spring grilling season and Easter holiday ham purchases. […] Read more

Uncertainty puts brakes on hog barns

Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler is optimistic about NAFTA, noting Trump can’t end the deal without support from the Senate and the House of Representatives

Manitoba needs 40 new hog barns over the next five years to meet nearby processor demand, but the province’s agriculture minister says NAFTA uncertainty is hindering that development. “I would say that is part of the problem, to be honest,” Ralph Eichler told reporters at Ag Days here Jan. 16. “There’s that uncertainly. But let’s […] Read more

Hog Days celebrated in Brandon

Dec. 14 marked the return of Manitoba’s Hog and Livestock Days, a biennial show highlighting the pork sector

It was all about the pigs in Brandon. Manitoba’s Hog and Live­stock Days, more commonly known as Hog Days, returned to the Keystone Centre Dec. 14. The biennial show was last held in 2015. The pork-specific trade show was up about 25 exhibitors, bringing participation up to 135 booths. “In two years, a lot of […] Read more

Pork sector mixed victories and challenges in 2017

Policy changes positive war with the worst PEDv outbreak on record and renewed criticism from Hog Watch as pork producers look back on 2017

Manitoba’s pork sector has racked up victories on paper, but challenges on the ground during 2017. In perhaps one of the biggest wins for the industry, 2017 ended the freeze on new barns, something industry has fought for since a rule requiring anaerobic digesters in new barns was first introduced in 2006 and expanded province-wide […] Read more

Pork sector learns biosecurity lessons from PEDv

2017 was by far the worst PEDv year on record, but it also forced a hard look at biosecurity and those lessons may lay the groundwork against future pig diseases

The summer’s PEDv outbreak has been a hard teacher on biosecurity issues, but the Manitoba Pork Council says those lessons will help fight future diseases like PRRS (porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome). The pork sector was rocked in the east this year, with 80 barns testing positive for PEDv, including the first cases west of […] Read more

Pork industry watching PRRS in wake of PEDv

PEDv has been on every pork producer’s mind this summer, but the sector hasn’t forgotten about PRRS

Manitoba’s worst PEDv year on record may be drawing to a close, but the pork sector already has a wary eye on what might be the next big disease threat. In 2016, veterinarians identified a new, aggressive strain of PRRS (porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome) in Manitoba. A total 15 sites have been impacted so far, […] Read more