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Comment: Authors of their own misfortune

Canada’s dairy industry is about to lay in a bed of its own making

Remember the early days of the NAFTA renegotiations, when all Donald Trump wanted to do was “tweak” the agreement as far as Canada was concerned? That seems like a century ago now. A lot has happened to poison the well between then and now, including the U.S. president’s over-the-top reaction to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s […] Read more

Opinion: Counting cows

Comparing the shelf price of milk in other countries is far too simplified a way of trying to compare complex differences between complete systems of producing and marketing milk. The CFFO prides itself on considering agricultural issues not only from an economic perspective. Last week’s commentary considered the social impacts of Canada’s supply management system, […] Read more

U.S. agriculture chief calls for end of Class 7 milk

Trump is talking tough, saying Canada has been ‘ripping us off’ for a long time

Canada must end its low-price milk proteins policy to reach a U.S.-Canadian deal to update the North American Free Trade Agreement, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said Sept. 9. Canada has encouraged overproduction and flooded export markets for milk proteins used in cheese and yogurt, hurting U.S. dairy farmers, Perdue said in an interview aired […] Read more

‘Care farm’ model allows Dutch dairy farm to expand

Couple combines their professions to create a farm that provides care for those with intellectual challenges

It was long lonely days for Bas Hofman. He would milk his 70 cows every morning and night, while his wife, Greet Cazemier, worked as a psychiatric nurse at a large care institution. Hofman knew if he wanted to continue as a farmer he would have to expand his farm. Cazemier, on the other hand, […] Read more

Losing one quota means gaining another

Dutch dairy farmers are now free to produce all the milk they want — if they buy quota to produce more phosphate

CNS Canada/Dongen and Oirschot, Netherlands – Dutch dairy farmers were excited when the European Union removed milk quotas in 2015. For years the Netherlands had been hitting its quota, so dairy farms could finally grow. But when that growth happened too fast, there were new problems. Dutch dairy farmer Cees Beekmans says government officials claimed […] Read more

Close up of milking cluster

Supply management protects few, could harm more

Why are broad trade agreements that benefit almost all Canadians being jeopardized to protect a small subset of farmers, estimated at just 13,500 across Canada? The United States has repeatedly indicated that a key tension in North American Free Trade (NAFTA) renegotiations is Canada’s protection of dairy, poultry and egg producers. These protectionist policies were […] Read more

TAKEN BY SURPRISE: TPP II hits supply management with no warning

When combined with earlier trade deals, 10 per cent of the dairy and poultry will potentially be in foreign hands

The supply-managed sector learned the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), as the updated TPP trade deal is now known, would be proceeding at the same time the rest of the country did. That’s despite regular meetings with cabinet members and government officials to express concerns about provisions in it. The sector is now awaiting […] Read more

Cover crops ‘essential’ to in-field grazing

Confined livestock do little to help build soil health

Got cows? On your cropland? Jay Fuhrer certainly hopes so. The soil health specialist believes cropland and large ruminants are a natural fit. He advocates turning animals out of the barn and onto the land whenever possible. “Soils, plants and animals evolved together,” he told producers gathered in Winnipeg for the annual Dairy Farmers of […] Read more

Pilot program seeking dairy farmers

Barriers to employment can be as straightforward as lacking access to transportation or childcare

A new partnership hopes to make it easier for Manitoba milk producers to hire locally. Keystone Agricultural Producers is working with Workplace Education Manitoba and Industry Training and Employment Services to create a pilot program that would see interested participants trained to work on dairy farms in southeastern parts of the province. Read more: New dairy […] Read more

There’s a simple solution to the increase of clostridial cases

Beef 911: Vaccines for the clostridial diseases are the cheapest on the market, but often aren’t given

There has definitely been a trend upwards of the various forms of clostridial disease seen primarily inside housed dairy cattle. This article will explore how it is possible for these cases to occur and how there are still an alarming number of dairy and beef producers who don’t vaccinate, vaccinate sporadically, or forget about booster […] Read more