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Beef producers seeing more wolf kills

Wolf predation is a growing concern among producers, says association president

A decade ago spotting a wolf was rare in this part of Manitoba’s Interlake. But the one Robert Green shot last fall wasn’t skulking through the bush around their Fisher Branch-area cow-calf operation. The animal had come right into their farmyard. It’s not the only close encounter the Greens have had with wolves lately either. […] Read more

Manitoba Beef Producers releases carbon pricing policy

The beef industry is part of the solution and must not have punitive 
profit-killing measures enacted, says MBP

Manitoba Beef Producers is proposing a carbon pricing policy centred around recognizing its sector as part of the solution. Pastures and grassland play a key role in carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas reduction, the organization said. “We believe we have a valuable role to play in helping Manitoba achieve its goal of reducing GHGs,” said […] Read more

Zhoda-area couple reports 150 cattle missing

Manitoba Beef Producers spokesman says the loss is unprecedented

Owners of a Zhoda-area cattle operation are warning other cattle producers to be on the lookout, after discovering as many as 150 head disappeared from their ranch. Juergen Schubert, owner of New Country Ranch in Zhoda, Man., was widely quoted in media reports last week saying thieves stole the cows from their herd of 800 […] Read more

Beef 911: The facts about the dangers of antibiotic resistance

The cattle industry is doing a good job to prevent resistance and we are improving those efforts

There has been volumes written on antibiotic/antimicrobial resistance in the last several years. This article will highlight some of the key points on how well the cattle industry is doing so far and predict what changes veterinarians may make in their recommendations going forward. For those of you who crave more detailed information, there are […] Read more

Have a plan before turning your cattle out

Bountiful, nutritious forage doesn’t happen by accident — here’s how to plan for success

A grazing plan might save you more than you think. Whether it’s a simple or detailed plan, a few key components will not only save your grass, but maybe save you a few dollars in the long run. Adjusting your stocking rate will allow you to get good-quality forage and vigorous regrowth. “Managing the amount […] Read more

Manitoba Beef Producers working to protect species at risk

Producers teaming up with conservation group for protection of threatened habitat

Beef producers will lead a new program in Manitoba aimed at improving the habitat — and thereby chances of survival — for grassland birds whose populations are in perilous decline. Manitoba Beef Producers (MBP) will receive $750,000 from Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Species at Risk Partnerships on Agricultural Lands (SARPAL) over three years to […] Read more

Spend a little now and make money later

Reduced death loss, fewer open cows, and reduced shedding 
are major benefits from a proper vaccination program

The adage goes, ‘It takes money to make money.’ It is no different in the beef industry. “Low-cost producers do not cut corners on pasture, bulls, and herd health,” said beef economist Kathy Larson of the Western Beef Development Centre. “Spending less on these items often leads to reduced herd productivity and thereby raises your […] Read more

Top tips for vaccinating livestock

Storage, the injection route, and when you administer a vaccine 
are all key, says 
Dr. Nathan Erickson

Time it right A vaccine needs to match the immune response of the cattle to the vaccine and the period of greatest risk. “So for BVD, the risk period is the first three months of gestation, while IBR, lepto, and vibrio, they tend to be a little bit later in gestation — around four months,” […] Read more

Beef 911: Vaccinating young calves

More vaccines are happening earlier and while performing other procedures

There has been lots of trial work over the years regarding vaccinations of calves and when is the most ideal time. Immunologists debate this but as situations on farms changed and herds got larger, trends changed. Herd owners no longer boostered vaccines at four to six weeks apart, as was often recommended. Summer pneumonias cropped […] Read more

Beef producers cautious about herd expansion proposal

Lack of profitability and uncertainty over where to market animals are two key challenges

Manitoba cattle producers aren’t against a government plan to substantially increase the province’s beef herd but have a lot of questions about how to get there. Growing those numbers will require more producers, larger herds and more acres, according to Manitoba Beef Producers. Exactly where those will come from isn’t clear, especially considering the cost […] Read more