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Calmed-down cattle handling tagged for farm safety

Low cattle stress turns to lower human risk

It was a far cry from the usual energy surrounding cattle movement. In fact, to those watching the low-stress cattle-handling demonstration at Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiatives near Brookdale last month, there seemed to be little going on at all. Movement seemed to grind to a halt for long moments at the end of the […] Read more

Breaking down the basics of low-stress cattle handling

Proponents advise producers to get inside a cow’s head

Low-stress cattle handling is more art than science, Reg Steward of Buffalo Creek Consulting admits, but it might be boiled down to, ‘think like a cow.’ For many experienced handlers, that principle comes as little surprise, he acknowledged although some details of the practice may give some food for thought. [VIDEO: MBFI staff demonstrate low […] Read more

Comment: McDonald’s and the great protein betrayal

Many will feel abandoned by a company that long-championed livestock producers

When McDonald’s makes a move, everyone pays attention. That’s just the way things are in the food-service industry. For months, rumours were swirling around McDonald’s and when it would launch a plant-based product. We now know McDonald’s will enter the plant-based game by running a pilot in Ontario. The pilot project will last 12 weeks. […] Read more

Beyond Meat? More like Beneath Beef in my view

Beef 911: Plant-based burgers may come close in some aspects but it remains a highly processed food

Well cattle and beef producers, this is solely marketing for marketing’s sake. With the organic, vegetarian, raised without added antibiotics or hormones movements we are seeing, I suppose a plant-based protein product was probably inevitable. What we as beef producers need to do is keep telling our story — and what we do to raise […] Read more

Carrefour cuts ties with Brazilian meat firms tainted by slave labour

Some cattle farms in Brazil have forced workers to work against their will

Reuters – Carrefour and a Brazilian supermarket chain have severed ties with Brazilian companies involved in slave labour after coming under fire for buying meat sourced from blacklisted farmers. The French supermarket retailer — Europe’s largest —- and Grupo Pão de Açucar (GPA) have pledged in recent years to keep their supply chains free of […] Read more

Brazil beef plants set for Chinese inspections

Amid swine fever outbreak, China seeks new protein sources

Chinese health inspectors are evaluating four Brazilian beef plants as part of a push to approve new meat exporters amid an outbreak of swine fever, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters. Marfrig Global Foods SA owns one of the plants, located in the town of Várzea Grande in Mato Grosso state, according to […] Read more

Got poor weight gain in cattle? Check for parasites

Beef 911: Even seemingly healthy cattle might do better after deworming

This season has really turned around in Western Canada in terms of moisture. This has seen the pastures shoot up, humidity run up and should lead to optimal survival of internal parasite larvae. If turnout to pasture occurred at normal times, maximum picking up of larvae has or is occurring so internal levels will be […] Read more

Canadian Cattlemen’s Association sees beef potential in Europe

More vets needed to certify animals were raised without growth promotants

Canada could be selling more beef to Europe if it increased the number of veterinarians trained to approve cattle for shipment there or secured approval for using Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) to meet European requirements, the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) says. Since the free trade agreement with Europe came into effect nearly two years […] Read more

Fast-food chain joins beef sustainability effort

Harvey’s signs on to program as demand for certified sustainable beef continues to grow

Fast-food chain Harvey’s has become the latest major buyer to sign up for the ‘sustainable’ beef initiative. But even while the number of retailers is increasing, most cattle producers are taking a ‘wait and see’ approach that has resulted in a gap between supply and demand. However, that gap is closing, said Ponoka rancher Greg […] Read more