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BeefTalk: Why push a chain up a hill?

Matching cattle inventory and calving date with appropriate forage-based systems is critical

The recent thaw has helped cows into their generally relaxed routine in which they’re essentially finding shelter, eating, drinking and returning to shelter. The slow days of late gestation are eminent. In another month, many cows will be calving. Producers have time now to look ahead. In fact, the cow actually is looking ahead as […] Read more

Mandatory livestock inspections split MBP membership

A resolution pushing for mandatory livestock inspections got a narrow pass during this year’s 
Manitoba Beef Producers (MBP) AGM. Now, it’s up to the province if that program becomes reality

Manitoba Beef Producers will be pushing for mandatory livestock inspections, although not all their membership agrees. The producer group passed a resolution Feb. 8 to lobby government for the new program. The 45-42 vote was among the most polarizing resolutions of the 2018 AGM in Brandon. Ben Fox stepped out of his role as MBP […] Read more

Trials are open on CCA record-keeping app

The CCA is pitching a new record-keeping app, and it’s letting producers try it for free until April 1

The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association is dishing out a taste of its new cow-calf record-keeping tool before it hits the market. Producers can get a free trial of Herdly, software developed for both desktop and Apple mobile, from now until April 1, 2018, Mark Klassen, CCA director of technical services announced during the Manitoba Beef Producers […] Read more

Manitoba Beef Producers pushes for predation action

The 2018 Manitoba Beef Producers AGM saw multiple resolutions on the topic

The Manitoba Beef Producers membership is getting fed up with a growing predation problem in parts of the province. Manitoba Beef Producers members heartily adopted all six resolutions on predation put forward this year at the AGM, Feb. 8-9 in Brandon, most aimed at prompting provincial action. Predation has been a long-standing issue between the […] Read more

Improper cervical dilation at calving demands quick action

Beef 911: This is one of the hardest situations that comes during calving and recognizing the problem is the first step

One of the hardest calving dilemmas you face as producers, or we face as veterinarians, is improper cervical dilation. When going through the stages of labour before expulsion of the fetus, the cervix relaxes, softens, and opens up (essentially as wide as the vagina) to allow the fetus to enter the vaginal vault. When this […] Read more

National cattle checkoff on its way up this spring

The national levy used to fund marketing and research is going up by $1.50 — the first increase since 2002

Come spring, more than the grass will be rising — the national cattle levy is going up $1.50 per head on April 1. “The impetus for us was the national beef strategy,” said Rich Smith, executive director of Alberta Beef Producers. “The national beef strategy is a plan for us for the next five years […] Read more

Beef and forage highlights to hit Manitoba communities

Producers have a one-stop shop for beef commodity group and 
forage news as Beef Days starts its week-long tour

Ag Days is over, but Manitoba’s Beef Producers has its own round in the spotlight starting today. This year’s Beef and Forage Days will cover five stops from Jan. 29 to Feb. 2. The tour starts in the Interlake with Eriksdale before moving to Ste. Rose and Minitonas in the following days. Holland will host […] Read more

Manitoba Beef Producers on the hunt for production specialist

MBP’s project co-ordinator job will soon make way for a production specialist, something general manager Brian Lemon says will help the group respond to issues and develop policy

Manitoba Beef Producers is getting a bit closer to the ground with an upcoming hire. It’s on the hunt for a production specialist that will join the organization’s roster in the coming weeks. It’s a move the group says will give them better insight into on-the-ground issues when it comes to developing policy objectives. MBP […] Read more

Making the most of corn grazing during a cold Manitoba winter

A late-December cold snap didn’t seem to set back corn-grazed cattle much

Manitobans may feel like they’ve been living in a deep freeze, but some of the province’s cattle have weathered the cold among the cornstalks. That’s no small feat, as the last days of 2017 dropped to -35 C with wind chills approaching -50 C. Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiatives (MBFI) near Brookdale winters its animals […] Read more

Make sure your calves get off to a proper start

Bee 911: Calves need adequate amounts of high-quality colostrum after birth and substitutes are a good option

There have been many articles written over the years on the value of calves receiving adequate amounts of good-quality colostrum. Also over the years, colostrum substitutes have come into greater and greater usage. Several things have led to this change. Colostrum substitutes have become higher quality and are more convenient than using frozen colostrum. As […] Read more