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There’s a story to tell about antimicrobial use — and it’s a good one

Beef 911: The industry and veterinarians are doing what they should be doing to minimize resistance

There have been volumes written about antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in recent years — this article will highlight some of the key points on how well the cattle industry is doing so far and what changes veterinarians may make in their recommendations going forward. For those of you who crave more detailed information, there are several […] Read more

New product promises better parasite control

Extended-release parasiticide LongRange promises longer control over internal parasites, but some local farmers are still figuring out how it fits with their operation

A new parasiticide is promising respite from mid-season worm troubles, but farmers are still weighing pros and cons. Scott Atkins, Manitoba territory manager with Boehringer Ingelheim, took to Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiatives near Brandon April 18 to pitch his company’s extended-release parasiticide, LongRange, marketed for cattle in the pasture. “The big difference in this […] Read more

Feed the cow, feed the calf

Ensuring that cows receive adequate nutrition after calving is critical

The most crucial time for your cows to be fed right is right after calving. “The first 60 to 90 days post-calving is the most nutritionally demanding period in the production cycle of a cow and arguably one of the most important in achieving production goals,” says Janna Kincheloe, the North Dakota State University Extension […] Read more

Attention to detail is key in a synchronization program

Beef 911: There are three main synchronization programs that produce good results if you closely follow the protocols

Several factors must be considered when deciding what synchronization program to use in your herd. Do you have the time to heat detect or do you want timed breeding? Cost is a consideration, as timed artificial insemination programs require more financial commitment and more passes through the chute. We will explore three main synchronization programs […] Read more

beef carcasses

National Beef Quality Audit shows carcass defect cost on the rise

One of the biggest and growing issues for processors is a significant jump in liver defects

Canada’s beef processors are paying more to deal with carcass defects, even though body condition scores have improved. Results from the 2016-17 National Beef Quality Audit show that the cost of carcass defects has risen steadily since the first national audit in 1994 and now tops well over $100 million. The first national audit since […] Read more

Cattle handling facilities don’t have to be fancy to be good

Certification for sustainable beef requires having proper handling facilities, but most ranches have those

Thinking of producing certified sustainable beef, but worried your cattle-handling equipment is not up to standards? Don’t fret. “At entry level, if you have cattle it’s pretty hard not to have facilities that are working,” said rancher Stephen Hughes. The third-generation Longview, Alta. rancher has been part of the Certified Sustainable Beef Production (CRSB) initiative […] Read more

Calf hutches provide many benefits

Beef 911: You will be amazed how many calves make use of these shelters and be pleased with the many benefits

Calf hutches are utilized by many producers at calving season and for very good reason. They are especially imperative if calving early in inclement weather and with the increasing size of our herds, young calves need to get away from the stress of crowding. Even summer-calving herds will make use of hutches for shade and […] Read more

Rossburn producer breaking ground in cattle industry

Drawing on farm background woman is carving niche for herself as purebred producer

Ever since she was a young girl growing up on the family farm at Solsgirth, Amy Bonchuk has made a name for herself. Whether showing cattle as part of a 4-H beef project or at an elite show, or more recently making a presentation at Manitoba Ag-Ex’s Taste of Beef event this past year, Bonchuk […] Read more

Beef producers get trade rundown at AGM

From NAFTA to CETA and all points in between, trade was a key topic at the Manitoba Beef Producers annual meeting

There are at least as many questions as answers when it comes to beef and trade. Canadian beef is looking good in Asia with CPTPP, the replacement to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, proceeding. China remains a tempting fruit — but with more than a few thorns in the way — while questions remain over trade with […] Read more

BeefTalk: Why push a chain up a hill?

Matching cattle inventory and calving date with appropriate forage-based systems is critical

The recent thaw has helped cows into their generally relaxed routine in which they’re essentially finding shelter, eating, drinking and returning to shelter. The slow days of late gestation are eminent. In another month, many cows will be calving. Producers have time now to look ahead. In fact, the cow actually is looking ahead as […] Read more