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To ensure breeding soundness, make sure warts are treated

In the vast majority of cases, penile warts can be successfully and simply dealt with

When examining bulls, especially young ones, for breeding soundness, one of the more common issues we see involving the bull’s penis are warts. This article will go into the cause, treatment, clinical signs, and outcomes expected when dealing with penile warts. All purebred breeders will get some eventually and commercial cattlemen may have some crop […] Read more

Is your calf getting enough colostrum?

Farmers may want to take product source, birth ease and method of feeding into account when determining if a calf has got enough colostrum in the first few hours

A calf should have a strong suckle reflex 10 minutes after birth, or they’ll likely need human help to get enough colostrum. That’s the message that Dr. Craig Dorin of Airdrie, Alta., had for producers as the early calving season gets underway. Dorin was one of two veterinarians to touch on colostrum during a recent […] Read more

Protein key for pregnant cows

Keep your cows in their best shape with proper feed

Underfeeding protein to stock cows through their winter gestation has serious consequences, a North Dakota State University Extension livestock expert warns. “If insufficient protein and nitrogen are provided and degraded in the rumen, forage digestion will be reduced and the cow may not meet caloric needs and lose weight,” says John Dhuyvetter, Extension livestock systems […] Read more

Stand and be counted: beef industry seeking vets for EU compliance inspections

The Manitoba Beef Producers is teaming up with the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association to streamline the hunt for an on-farm inspector

Technically beef producers have been able to sell their product into the EU since 2017 when the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) came into effect. But in practice a number of regulatory issues have stalled any progress including Europe’s insistence on hormone-free beef and the use of carcass wash not approved in the […] Read more

Clanwilliam-Erickson beef operation honoured at MCDA 2018 convention

Nine awards for land stewardship were presented at the MCDA December 11

John and Adele Popp who operate a beef operation in the Municipality of Clanwilliam-Erickson are the recipients of the Little Saskatchewan Conservation District 2018 award for their land stewardship practices. The couple has owned Popp Farms Ltd. since 1998, a farm started by John’s parents in 1983, and today farm with their children Viktor and […] Read more

How to make the best of a bad situation

Beef 911: If you plan ahead, you can still get good value for an animal that suddenly needs to be put down

All producers run into the need for emergency slaughter of their livestock from time to time. With a co-ordinated effort between producers, abattoirs, and veterinarians we can realize good value and prevent the waste of good meat protein. It is important to preplan the chain of events that would happen in the event of emergency […] Read more

cattle on pasture

Beef producers put spotlight on Crown Land changes

Producers raise questions on access, lease terms as MBP makes its membership rounds and Bill 35 makes its way through the Legislature

Crown Lands have come up more than once as the Manitoba Beef Producers makes their annual membership rounds. The topic of conversation is a proposed bill to change the Crown Lands Act and legislate changes that do away with the previous points system (under which Crown Lands have historically been allocated but that critics, including […] Read more

Manitoba Beef Producers pleased with CPTPP ratification

MPB general manager Brian Lemon says being in the original six is very important

Manitoba Co-operator reporter Alexis Stockford spoke to Manitoba Beef Producers general manager Brian Lemon at AgEx in Brandon about the recent ratification of theComprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) trade agreement. Below is the audio file of that conversation.

VIDEO: Ag Ex debuts Speckled Park cattle

Speckled Park cattle are more common in northwestern Saskatchewan, but they’ve made their way onto the Ag Ex schedule this year

Manitoba breeders have a new breed to show locally. The Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba’s Ag Ex is already one of the biggest stops for Manitoba cattle breeders, with at least one breed usually crowning its national champion every year in Brandon. This  is the first year, however, that Speckled Park has been in the mix. […] Read more

Make the most of passes through the cattle chute

Beef 911: Don’t take a ‘we can do it later’ attitude and miss the opportunity to get more done in one pass

Some preplanning by the cattle producer in consultation with the herd veterinarian ahead of a major processing will accomplish many things, including herd improvement. This article will describe a specific example of this. Certain points may fit into the management of your operation. Some points may become obvious when the processing starts and can be […] Read more