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cattle in a feedlot

Don’t jump to conclusions when cattle come up lame

Beef 911: Just assuming it is foot rot can be a mistake as there are many different conditions — and types of treatment

There are many different causes of lameness in both the cow-calf and finishing sector of the cattle industry. Making the correct diagnosis or recognizing specific clinical entities will alter specific treatments that are given. This article will review most common lameness issues and what common solutions are available. This may help you get more favourable […] Read more

Klassen: Stronger demand sustains feeder cattle market

Western Canadian feeder cattle markets were relatively unchanged from week-ago levels. Feeder cattle numbers are declining at this time of year, so those buyers looking to secure ownership had to be more aggressive. Higher-quality packages were available in Saskatchewan, which traded at a small premium to Alberta markets. In central and southern Alberta, there appeared […] Read more

Horse owners have mixed views on EIA policy

There are fears that tightened testing requirements for equine infectious anemia could be too expensive for smaller equine events

Horse owners are up in arms over proposed plans to tighten federal policy on equine infectious anemia (EIA). The incurable disease can cause anemia, anorexia, weakness and fever, among other symptoms and can be potentially deadly. The disease has been a recurring problem for equine owners in Western Canada, one that has been federally reportable […] Read more

Controlling cattle pests vital

Left untreated, pests can cause significant loss in production

Integrated pest management concepts that are commonplace for controlling crop pests also apply to controlling livestock pests, North Dakota State University Extension livestock and pest management specialists say. Those key concepts for controlling pests effectively are using the right type of control at the right time for the right duration. “Many livestock producers apply pest […] Read more

Livestock industry sweating the details on Crown land changes

Manitoba Beef Producers says Crown land changes are a step in the right direction, but the group still has a wish list before the first bids come in this fall

Livestock and forage growers already know the next round of Crown land allocation will look different, but how different is yet to be confirmed. The province took its tender-based Crown lands program to the industry this spring, with the promise that feedback would be considered before the program got its first stress test when 2019 […] Read more


Saputo urges end to contentious Class 7 system

Winnipeg | Reuters –– Saputo, one of Canada’s largest dairies, supports ending a domestic milk ingredient pricing system that has angered the United States, CEO Lino Saputo Jr. said on Monday, showing a rare crack in solidarity among processors and the country’s dairy farmers. The Class 7 pricing agreement, struck in 2016 between Canadian dairy […] Read more

Olymel to pick up Ontario chicken processor Pinty’s

The meat packing arm of agrifood co-operative La Coop federee is set to boost its stakes in the Ontario packaged chicken and appetizer markets with a deal for Pinty’s Delicious Foods. Olymel announced Thursday it will buy Burlington, Ont.-based Pinty’s, including its three southern Ontario chicken slaughter and processing operations at Port Colborne, Paris and […] Read more