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Letters: Wild boars are bad news

There might be a lot of differences between rural Manitoba and the Italian countryside, but there is one similarity. In Italy about 1,000 farms around Rome have had to deal with the destruction caused by wild boars. That country has been forced to defend its agricultural history — grape production reaching back centuries. The wild […] Read more

Letters: What’s the true value of life?

A recent article by Allan Dawson on seed royalties included this statement under the ‘why it matters’ heading: “The seed industry says Canadian farmers need to pay more for cereals varieties to make farms profitable.” In my understanding of the world there is a lot of history behind that statement, history which we need to […] Read more

Letters: Crown land changes short sighted

The Manitoba government’s recent changes to the Agricultural Crown Lands (ACL) Program are a major blow to ranchers operating on leased Crown land throughout this province. It is not surprising that leaseholders are furious at the changes that the government has introduced as they appear to be nothing but a short-sighted cash grab. The regulatory […] Read more

Farmer Walking Through Field Checking Wheat Crop

Wheat industry moving forward

I was very disappointed this paper chose to publish the opinion piece from Stewart Wells on GM Wheat Policy (Cereals Canada’s irresponsible GM wheat policy) but actually an attack on industry groups. I am proud of what I call Team Canada — namely Cereals Canada and what it has done for the Canadian wheat industry. […] Read more

It’s time for Maxime Bernier to move on…

Regarding the opinion piece on dairy supply management by Maxime Bernier carried in the July 5 Manitoba Co-operator: Polls indicate that the vast majority of Canadians have little to no idea what supply management is really about. The same polls also reveal when consumers are told how supply management works, they support the price stabilizing […] Read more