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Sister pair empowered by family to be women in ag

Faces of Ag: Sisters Jill and Clare Martens are tackling farm management and what it means to be a woman farmer in 2019

There’s a sign in one of the Martens family’s farm buildings that says “Jacob Martens and Sons.” “It’s kind of like an icon in my mind of what has changed in one generation,” said Clare Martens, 25. “Now it could say ‘Ben Martens and Daughters.’” Clare and sister Jill, 22, farm alongside their dad and […] Read more

Food 5.0 challenges agriculture misconceptions

Book tackles fear of pesticides, GMOs and new technologies with facts and common sense

Author Robert Saik concludes his just-released book Food 5.0 with the following observation — “I have immense faith in our farmers to feed the future… we just have to let them.” The book is aimed at the 99.8 per cent of the population who Saik figures have no on-the-ground knowledge of modern agriculture and explains […] Read more

Consumers and chemicals: The battle for a balanced pest management system

The preference of your customers is changing and it’s important for your business that you’re aware of it

The feud between farmers and pests is a never-ending story, and changes in consumer preferences might force producers to look at new ways to battle their microscopic foes. While farmers are in the midst of a constant struggle to protect their crops against bugs and diseases, at the same time consumers on a wide scale […] Read more

Farm family ‘the last thread hold’ of First Nation agriculture

Faces of Ag: BSE and flooding nearly wiped out his family farm, but Derrick Gould won’t let their way of life die

Derrick Gould’s farm is one of two left in his community. “We’re the last thread hold of the First Nation agriculture, farming way of life,” Gould told the Manitoba Co-operator. Forty years ago, Gould’s community of Pinaymootang (Fairford) First Nation was home to more than 30 farmers. As the community’s population grew, available farmland diminished, […] Read more

Producer’s key to calving is only a click away with camera system

Calving cameras promise to de-stress the most stressful weeks for livestock producers

Colin Palmer no longer fits the image of the sleep-deprived, anxiety-ridden beef producer when calving starts — despite having more than double the cattle he did a decade ago. Instead, he is losing fewer calves, spending less money on gas and steps off his farm near Saskatoon more lightly in spring, since he can pull […] Read more

Cow cams may fall short without tall towers

Failure to connect: Like anything involving video transfer, calving cameras will need good internet and cell service to transmit an image of the calving pen off the farm

Cow cams may promise peace of mind but, like most things connected to data agriculture, they also bring up the perennial challenges with rural internet. Rural internet is an obstacle for the farmers wanting to adopt cow cams, Colin Palmer (a producer and speaker on cattle surveillance systems) admits. He has reaped the benefit of […] Read more

Young aerial applicator pilots her dreams

For two months of the year, Amy Johnson flies a crop duster and for 10 she flies MedEvac planes

Amy Johnson loves an early morning — cool, calm, no one around and perfect for flying. “You’re just kind of in your own little bubble in the plane,” said Amy, 23. “You really feel like it’s just an extension of your body and the wings are your own wings… I get that feeling in this […] Read more

Are vertical farms ready for prime time?

Indoor farm companies say they're scaling up, but many question their business model

INNOVATION Indoor farm companies say they’re scaling up, 
but many question their business model

Reuters — Leafy salad greens grown under banks of LED lights, with mist or drips of water are having their day in the sun. Several top U.S. indoor farms say they are boosting production to a level where they can now supply hundreds of grocery stores. Plenty, Bowery, Aerofarms and 80 Acres Farms are among young companies that see a future […] Read more

Move over Tesla, agriculture is where the real autonomy is at

DOT's autonomous platform to bring hands-free navigation to the field

We’ve heard lots about the coming revolution of self-driving cars. Some of the biggest tech giants on the planet like Google and Tesla are working hard to bring this to roads around the world. But closer to home, with far less fanfare, farmers are already bringing autonomy to the field in the form of SeedMaster’s […] Read more