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Editorial: Mission improbable

It’s that time of year when all the hoping and wishing — or fear and loathing, depending on the year — gets put to the test. In a lot of grain-growing regions around the world this summer, our own included, most farmers probably weren’t predicting a bountiful harvest. From Europe to the U.S., Australia to […] Read more

Editorial: Gone Hollywood

One of the great issues of the modern hyper-wired information age is the perniciousness of false facts. It seems to be all but impossible to stamp out an untruth, once it’s been released into the wild. No matter how many actual facts one presents, there’s still going to be a cohort of people somewhere who […] Read more

Editorial: A new view on Canada/U.S. trade

If you’ve been too busy on the combine to keep up with the latest developments or, like many, have simply become numb to the rhetoric and brinksmanship after nearly two years of threats and bluster, there’s been a big and not-so-good development on the trade front this week. It turns out those side negotiations between […] Read more

Editorial: A big boom

It’s been quite the week in Ottawa. Even in the midst of harvest it was impossible to ignore the very public departure of former leadership front-runner Maxime Bernier from the Conservative Party of Canada’s benches. He didn’t just burn the bridges as he left, he took the time to dynamite the piers as he went, […] Read more

Editorial: Right questions, wrong answers

Reaction from farmers was swift to last week’s announcement by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) that it plans to phase out most uses of neonicotinoids in Canada over the next three to five years. Shock, confusion and anger pretty much sum it up. Some said that if this relatively new class of products is […] Read more

Editorial: Fair fees

There’s an acronym long popular with right-of-centre thinkers from the late economist Milton Friedman to the science fiction author Robert Heinlein: TANSTAAFL. It’s an abbreviation of the concept, ‘there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch,’ and has been used to convey the impossibility of getting something for nothing. One wonders if that’s what […] Read more

Editorial: Beggar-thy-neighbour

To steal a line from “Star Wars” filmmaker George Lucas, on the night of Nov. 8, 2016, I felt a ‘great disturbance in the force.’ The occasion, of course, was the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president, and the subsequent horror of many. At the time I was more sanguine. He may arguably be […] Read more

Editorial: Bringing innovation to life

The annual Ag in Motion outdoor farm show hosted by the Manitoba Co-operator’s parent company, Glacier FarmMedia just west of Saskatoon every July has evolved into an event that attracts more than 30,000 farmers from all over the world. This year’s AIM featured 459 exhibitors on the 320-acre show site that included 32 acres of […] Read more

Editorial: The Trump discount

If you follow markets, especially if you grow soybeans, you’ll know about the price debacle resulting from President Trump’s decision to start a trade war with China. In retaliation for his duty on manufactured goods, China slapped a 25 per cent tariff on U.S. soybeans. That’s caused U.S. futures to plummet to a 10-year low […] Read more

Editorial: We had it in the ’70s

Some readers may remember the Western Grain Stabilization Administration (WGSA), a Prairie grain support program that ran from 1976 to 1989. Farmers could contribute up two per cent of net grain sales, matched two to one by the federal government. It was a pretty good deal, so most farmers participated. The payout mechanism was simple […] Read more