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Research and ranching

Brandon-based Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiatives is realizing its 
potential as education and research centre

The Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiative is fast becoming one of the key centres for sector education and research in Western Canada. The rapid ascent could not be more perfectly timed, as the MBFI is in the midst of adding a learning centre to the Brookdale site, to complement the activities on the farm. “Our […] Read more

Creating a better process for assessing pasture

Stakeholders from across the industry are currently working together to develop 
a Manitoba-focused rangeland and pasture health assessment

Following in the footsteps of our Prairie neighbours, Manitoba is working towards developing a customized rangeland and pasture health assessment. “The project is born out of similar initiatives that started in the United States, Alberta and then Saskatchewan. They have developed these tools for assessing rangeland health, looking at various indicators like bare soil, litter […] Read more

Canadian forage research on the rise

The Beef Cattle Research Council has increased forage research funding from $40,000 to $6 million since its inception

The forage industry has begun to see a promised increase in research funding from the beef industry. According to Reynold Bergen, science director with the Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC), more of Canadian cattle producers’ checkoff dollars are being put towards research and the piece of the pie that had been allocated towards forages has […] Read more

CFGA focuses on increased forage production

The Canadian Forage and Grassland Association showcased the adoption of high-performance 
production systems at its national conference held last week

The forage industry is looking to increase productivity on Canada’s forage acres by showcasing the adoption of high-performance production systems. “If every pasture, piece of pasture or piece of native rangeland increased its productivity by 15 per cent with good forage management, we could make some massive impacts environmentally and economically,” said Cedric McLeod, executive […] Read more

MBFI collaboration draws accolades from visiting graziers

Tour participants said the model performs extension, something Canada has begun to fall behind on

Around 40 delegates to the Canadian Forage and Grasslands Association annual conference, recently held in Winnipeg, arrived a day early to get a look at how Manitoba does it. They enjoyed unseasonably warm and sunny weather as they took a close-up look at the action at the Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiative (MBFI) operations around […] Read more

Showcasing the value of the forage industry

The Canadian Forage and Grassland Association will highlight Manitoba’s 
unique forage research initiatives at the organization’s national conference

If you want to talk about grasslands and forage, go to where the action is — and lately a lot of that action is in Manitoba. In the eyes of the Canadian Forage and Grassland Association (CFGA), Manitoba has been a standout in its efforts towards forage research and the ideal place to hold this […] Read more

Bale grazing – benefiting the pasture and your wallet

Bale grazing has the potential to reduce overwintering costs and leaves substantial 
nutrients behind, promoting increased forage production and quality

Not only can bale grazing reduce costs and time in the tractor, it can also boost forage growth and overall production. “The advantages of bale grazing are that you are able to save money and reduce operating cost by lowering yardage, tractor use and removing the need to haul manure,” said Shawn Cabak, livestock specialist […] Read more

This ain’t your grandad’s grazing system

Innovative producers, especially younger ones, are looking to cover crop cocktail mixes to get more production per acre

Nearly 150 people — some from as far away as Manitoba — converged on a farm near Hardisty recently to learn more about cover crop cocktail mixes. But tour organizer Graeme Finn noticed something a little different about the crowd at the event in late August — it was mainly young farmers. “Young people can’t […] Read more

Focusing on nutrition will also help the pasture

World-renowned holistic management specialist 
says green is not the only right colour for grass

Many graziers have a theory that if you look after the soil, the rest of the operation will take care of itself, but Ian Mitchell-Innes looks at it the other way around. “The biggest mistake that people make after learning about holistic management is they try and save the ground. I did this also when […] Read more

‘Hay Day’ came early, but haying came late

Green Gold program issues final report for 2016

This year’s hay crop got off to an early start, but you can’t say the same for hay harvest. The Manitoba Forage & Grassland Association last week issued the final report for the Green Gold program, which tracks progress of the province’s alfalfa crop. Participating producers submit twice-weekly samples for testing of relative feed value […] Read more