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Comment: Farmer push-back on cereal seed royalty proposals

Most people don’t like change or paying more but a lack of trust could be a factor too

Western Canada’s wheat, barley and oat grower commissions say it’s unlikely farmers will accept either one of the two options to get farmers to pay more royalties for cereal seed. Some push-back was to be expected, but the seed industry no doubt was, and likely still is, hoping its arguments, including that farmers will gain […] Read more

Go malting

Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre issues annual variety list to aid growers

Pondering what barley variety to sow this spring? The Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre (CMBTC) has released its annual list of malting barley varieties that hold the most promise for producers in terms of performance, quality and marketability. The 2019-20 edition includes varieties that have been pilot-scale tested by the CMBTC and which exhibit good […] Read more

Opinion: Farmers’ voices important on crop missions

The Canadian wheat new crop missions for 2018 are well underway. These are missions organized and co-ordinated through three organizations: Cereals Canada, Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) and the Canadian Grain Commission. They take place over six weeks in November and December and include missions to 17 of our top markets for wheat and durum. […] Read more

Non-royalty wheats will continue to be an option

Industry officials say seed companies are unlikely to deregister varieties to limit farmers’ choices in an effort to collect more royalty money

If new proposed cereal royalties are implemented farmers will pay more for seed, but they can also choose to grow varieties not covered by the new regulations. That’s according to Plant Breeders’ Rights Commissioner Anthony Parker. But for how long? At least 2021 and probably longer, says the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which oversees seed […] Read more

Researchers working to produce winter wheat with ‘CWRS-like’ qualities

The project is all about improving returns to the producer by reducing the price difference between the two types of wheat, say research scientists

A wheat research program could combine the superior end-use qualities of hard red spring wheat with the higher yield and environmental benefits of winter wheat within the decade. Robert Graf, a research scientist responsible for the winter wheat-breeding program at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Lethbridge Research and Development Centre, says he and his team are […] Read more

NFU fears grain-grading system to be sacrificed under NAFTA

Cereals Canada says a deal can be reached to satisfy both Canada and the U.S.

Is Canada’s wheat quality assurance system under threat in the current NAFTA talks? The National Farmers Union says Canada needs to be on guard against U.S. efforts to destroy it. “Canada’s grain-grading system is the key to our international competitiveness, particularly for wheat,” Terry Boehm, chair of the NFU’s trade committee, said in a news […] Read more

2018 variety selection data for winter wheat and fall rye

This early data release is intended to help farmers make seeding decisions this fall

MCVET (Manitoba Crop Variety Evaluation Team) in collaboration with Glacier FarmMedia has been publishing winter cereal data collected from trials shortly after harvest to help farmers and seed growers make variety decisions during fall planting. In 2018, yield data is being published for eight fall rye and seven winter wheat varieties from five locations across […] Read more

Manitoba cornfields maturing faster than usual

Yields and quality expected to be hurt this season

Corn loves heat, but it also needs rain. Above-average heat and below-average rainfall have resulted in some Manitoba cornfields, or parts of them, prematurely drying up, raising concerns about yield and quality. “The crop is speeding along a lot faster than we would like it to,” Morgan Cott, the Manitoba Corn Growers Association’s field agronomist, […] Read more

Saudi sanctions add to market access woes

The list of customers trying to block Canadian grain is a growing concern to the industry

Saudi Arabia isn’t a big Canadian grain customer, but Canada’s grain sector isn’t happy about losing access to it in the wake of a diplomatic spat sparked by Canada’s criticism of Saudi Arabia’s poor human rights record. “I think we really do need to see a focus from all government agencies and departments that they […] Read more

Setting up for success as planting season approaches for winter wheat

Winter wheat specialists anticipating another dry seeding season have some advice on the best recipe for success

Manitoba’s winter wheat woes this year may have some lessons for the coming crop. Ken Gross, agronomist with the Western Winter Wheat Initiative, says fields that survived their dry planting, harsh winter and hot, dry, growing season this year might offer insight for what will likely be similarly moisture-starved conditions this fall. Winter wheat acreage […] Read more