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Railways ration space as commodity congestion problems worsen

Winnipeg | Reuters — Canada’s two major railways are rationing space on trains traveling to the country’s biggest port and recently prioritized some commodities over others to deal with congestion, the latest indication of their struggle to meet demand from new trade deals. That move prompted Canada’s transport regulator last week to start an investigation […] Read more

Untangling the future of hemp fibre

Hemp fibre has been overshadowed by grain, but is it time to give it another look? And what obstacles still stand in the way?

Back in 1998, when industrial hemp production was legalized, most expected the crop would be grown for its fibre. After all, it was the original market for the crop, with the strong sturdy fibres having been used for centuries to produce rope, canvas and paper. Why it matters: Manitoba’s hemp industry has been largely grain […] Read more

Overcoming ongoing challenges key to success

Farmer panel says finding solutions through trial and error moves operations forward

Farming is problem solving in action. There’s always a new challenge and there isn’t always a ready solution. Why it matters: Farms always have challenges to face. These farmers say they looked for permanent solutions, some of which evolved over time. What’s interesting is how every farmer chooses to deal with those challenges. At the […] Read more

Glyphosate-resistant kochia confirmed in 12 municipalities in 2018

Testing is the only way to confirm how widespread glyphosate-resistant kochia is in Manitoba

When Tammy Jones’ phone rang last year as often as not it was farmers fed up with kochia spreading in their fields. The Manitoba Agriculture weeds specialist dubbed the tumbleweed ‘weed of 2018,’ in a talk at St. Jean Farm Days last week. “We saw a lot of it,” she said. “It felt like anyone […] Read more

Dry spell pares Brazil soybean estimates as crop ratings slide

This could cause concern for China that is doubly dependent on the country as trade relations with the U.S. have been frosty

Brazil has harvested two enormous soybean crops in a row and will likely make it a third straight in 2019, but the volume might not be as big as market participants were initially expecting and this could be of particular concern for the top customer. Brazil has helped pad supplies in No. 1 buyer, China, […] Read more

Seed companies defend proposed cereal seed royalty changes

Alliance Seed, Canterra Seeds, FP Genetics and SeCan say the current system for funding cereal development isn’t working

Four independent Canadian seed companies want western grain farmers to “get the facts” on a proposal for them to pay more royalties on new cereal seed to encourage variety development. Alliance Seed, Canterra Seeds, FP Genetics and SeCan issued a news release Jan. 11 saying the proposal is a “divisive topic,” but they are united […] Read more

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Canola trade on edge over China tensions

Canadian canola exports to China face some uncertainty as concerns mount that political tensions between the two countries could spill into trade. The back-and-forth tariff dispute between the U.S. and China, and resulting decline in Chinese purchases of U.S. soybeans, originally led to ideas that Canada would pick up some of the slack with increased […] Read more