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Grow your own herbal tea garden

Prairie Fare: Apple and rhubarb herbal tea blend

This summer, consider growing your own herbal tea garden. Not only will you enjoy amazing flavours as you harvest your herbs, but you’ll enjoy lovely foliage and flowers in your garden all summer long. Luckily for us, tea herbs are easy to grow and require relatively little care. Most thrive in full sun in average, […] Read more

Eat your asparagus

Asparagus is a nutritional star that is high in fibre, several vitamins and minerals

I opened the refrigerator and noted the large bunch of dark-green asparagus. I had purchased two bunches of asparagus recently and used one of them. We rinsed and trimmed the ends of the first bunch of asparagus, then we drizzled it with olive oil and grilled it on a perforated grilling pan. It cooked quickly […] Read more

The truth behind nutrition and health headlines

Asking questions is a great start when it comes to sorting fact from fiction

“An intern was asking how many cans of pop you drink a day,” one of our program assistants commented a few years ago.“She said you carry around a can of soda all day,” the program assistant continued with a laugh.She knew the truth and was teasing me. “It’s the same can!” I replied. “After I […] Read more

Time for an oil change?

Oils are generally more healthful than solid fats, but they can become rancid more quickly

Have you ever been startled by the unpleasant aroma of a previously opened container of oil or solid shortening? I have a recipe that works best with a particular type of solid shortening. I hadn’t made the recipe for several months, so I reached into the cupboard and pulled out the container. When I opened […] Read more

Eat your weeds

Prairie Fare: Some of those pesky plant pests are good for you

Chances are you have a few dandelions, chickweed, purslane, lamb’s quarters or even stinging nettle growing in your yard. Keeping up with these vigorous growers is a constant chore. To make the task a little more fun this year, why not try eating them? That’s right, eat your garden weeds. Eating weeds is not as […] Read more

Table etiquette 101

Prairie Fare: It’s a rare thing in this busy era, but try to have a dining experience now and then

Mom, just because they put it on your plate doesn’t mean you have to eat it,” my 12-year-old commented as we sat at a table at a culinary college in another state. Every time I finished a slice of fresh bread, one of the attentive culinary students placed another slice on my plate. I finally […] Read more

How much food do you toss?

Here are eight tips to help you avoid food waste

A few years ago, I found a container of frosting in my cupboard that required a ladder to retrieve. I had completely forgotten that I had it. When I opened the container, the frosting had the consistency and colour of a tire. The rich brown chocolate was now black. That container ended up in the […] Read more

Be aware of grocery store psychology

Plan menus and make a list before going to the store

I think I will curl up by a pallet of baked beans and take a nap,” my husband commented. I think he was in a “food coma.” My husband and I had just completed a hearty breakfast at a nearby restaurant. We followed our breakfast with a trip to a warehouse-type grocery store. “I don’t […] Read more

Have you enjoyed an egg lately?

Prairie Fare: Eggs aren’t just cheap, delicious and convenient — they’re also among nature’s most nutritious foods

When I was young, my family often purchased eggs from a local farmer. He knew that I really liked brown eggs. I think he enjoyed seeing me run to the door and open the cartons. I grinned broadly when the cartons were populated with brown eggs. I thought brown eggs tasted better in my favourite […] Read more

Does timing of meals affect health?

It turns out breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, according to a recent study

They’re cagey. I fed them at 3 a.m.,” he noted. “You already fed them? Jake was barking, so I got up and fed them at 4:30 so you could sleep,” I responded. Yes, our three dachshunds are like infants who demand early-morning feedings. I got up with our three human kids when they were babies, […] Read more