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New and better auto insurance

Our History: April 1971

This ad in our April 22, 1971 issue told Manitobans that they would soon have a new auto-insurance program. The front-page headline that issue was about federal Bill C-176, which provided for the establishment of national marketing boards. It had opened an east-west split in the country, with eastern dairy and poultry farmers favouring the […] Read more

‘Big meaty’ prize turkeys

Our History: April 1960

Turkeys used to be grown on many farms in the province, and an ad like this one in our April 14, 1960 issue promoted the benefits of breeds such as the “Brown” Chinook Belt Bronze and the Menefee Hybrids. However, the news that month may have indicated there were too many producers in the business. […] Read more

When buckwheat acres were abundant

Our History: April 1964

This ad from our April 7, 1983 issue reminds of a time when buckwheat was a more significant crop in Manitoba. There were 90,000 acres reported in the province that year, and there had been as many as 135,000 in 1979. However, only 5,465 acres were reported to crop insurance in 2017. Continental Grain, though […] Read more

Proven results! with Chipman seed treatments

Our History: March 1964

Mergamma and Agrosol seed treatment liquid were offered in glass bottles in this ad in our March 12, 1964 issue. A front-page story said attendees at the annual meeting of the Manitoba Branch of the Canadian Seed Growers Association heard that Canadian farmers could seriously hurt their chances in the export market if supplies of […] Read more

Pure Bred Cattle and Sheep and Swine Breeders

Our History: March 1898

The March 1898 issue of the Nor’-West Farmer and Miller had this photo of the Pure Bred Cattle and Sheep and Swine Breeders Associations of Manitoba for 1897. Back row (l-r) G.H. Greig, Winnipeg (sec.-treas.); A. Graham, Pomeroy; P.W. Brown, Portage la Prairie; S.A. Bedford, Brandon; R. Waugh, Winnipeg. Seated (l-r) Jas. Dale, Grund; J.G. […] Read more

J. E. Smith purebred Clydesdales and Shorthorns

Our History: March 1890

If you were looking for cattle or horses in March 1890, this ad from the Nor’-West Farmer and Miller offered purebred Clydesdales and Shorthorns. J.E. Smith said his Shorthorns had won every red ticket except one at the Brandon Summer Exhibition and Souris Fall Fair. The issue contained a long article on a continuing debate […] Read more

Lands for grain growing and stock raising

Our History: March 1887

In return for building its rail lines, the Winnipeg and Hudson’s Bay Railway had received a grant from the Government of Canada of 6,400 acres per mile for its southern portion and 12,800 acres for the northern portion. In this ad in the March 1887 issue of the Nor’-West Farmer and Manitoba Miller, it was […] Read more

Discover a new world with Columbus Wheat

Our History: February 1983

Columbus wheat was available for wide distribution in 1983, with attributes including yield higher than Neepawa, rust resistance and improved resistance to sprouting. Proposed changes to the Crow freight rate dominated news that month, with delegates to the Canadian Federation of Agriculture annual meeting rejecting an acreage-based subsidy in favour of paying it to railways […] Read more

Dayton Dozer blades for your tractor

Our History: February 1964

This Dayton utility dozer blade was advertised in our February 1964 issues. The lead story on our Feb. 13 front page reported that a legislative commitee on livestock marketing in Manitoba had recommended that a provincial hog-marketing commission be established to inject more competition into the marketplace. However, it did not recommend a producer-controlled board. […] Read more

Beat the freeze with the Rotaspreader

Our History: February 1971

Winter spreading of manure was apparently not a concern in February 1971, as avoiding winter freeze-ups was promoted as one of the benefits of the Starline Rotaspreader. The stories in our Feb. 25 issue reflected the concerns over wheat marketing at the time, as Western Canada was sitting on a huge surplus. Wheat board minister, […] Read more