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Beef-processing plant closure “devastating”

Our History: November 1990

The front page of our November 8, 1990 issue carried the news of closure of the last major beef-processing plant in Manitoba. Burns had announced the immediate shutdown of its Brandon plant, meaning the loss of processing capacity for 2,000 cattle per week and 145 jobs. However, the plant had only been running at half […] Read more

Top prices for live and dressed poultry

Our History: November 1947

This ad in our Nov. 13, 1947 issue urged farmers to ship their live or dressed poultry to Burns plants in Winnipeg, Brandon, Estevan, Beausejour and Winkler. That issue contained some of the Co-operator’s first classified ads. Among the eight that week (minimum 10 words at four cents a word) were ads for a 1940 […] Read more

Dead battery? Don’t panic, plug in the Muscle Man

Our History: November 1976

Blanchard was seeking 200 farmers to sell the Muscleman battery charger/booster along with 100 items on commission in this ad in our Nov. 25, 1976 issue. The front page reported that Manitoba’s crop yields for the year were up, but income was expected down because of lower prices. The provincial average wheat yield was 27.1 […] Read more

The Campbell Farming Corporation

Our History: November 1928

The November 1928 front page of our predecessor publication The Scoop Shovel featured photos of the Campbell Farming Corporation in Montana. Wikipedia says that “Thomas D. Campbell (1882–1966) was the ‘World’s Wheat King.’ On the farms of his Campbell Farming Corporation he grew more wheat than any other farmer or corporation. He pioneered industrialized corporate […] Read more

Crow era ends on the Prairies

Our History: November 1983

Our Nov. 24, 1983 issue reported the end of a long and contentious era in Prairie grain history when royal assent was given to a bill ending the Crowsnest freight rate. While the end of the below-cost rate may not have been welcomed by farmers, it was by CP Rail, which immediately announced it was […] Read more

Endless savings on diesel fuel

Our History: October 1981

Style and cab comfort were features promoted in this ad for the International Harvester S-Series Sundance truck in our Oct. 29, 1981 issue. If you were buying one on credit, the interest rate would have been more that 20 per cent, and our main front-page story that week was on a spat between federal Agriculture […] Read more

Lands for sale on easy terms

Our History: October 1886

If you were looking to start farming in 1886, there was plenty of land to choose from in these advertisements in the Oct. issue of the Nor-West Farmer and Manitoba Miller. The Hudson’s Bay Company was offering seven million acres and the Manitoba and North-Western Railway 2.75 million acres. The unnamed author of an article […] Read more

Grain toll proposed for St. Lawrence Seaway

Our History: October 1958

Farmers’ returns were a theme running through our issues in October 1958. In the main front-page story in the Oct. 9 issue, we reported that the three Prairie pools had raised concerns with Prime Minister John Diefenbaker about the prospect of tolls on grain going through the newly opened St. Lawrence Seaway. Their brief said […] Read more

‘Freer trade pact’ lifts tariffs

Our History: October 1987

Canada-U.S. trade was also in the news in October 1987 and stories in our Oct. 8 issue analyzed the effect of the newly signed Canada-U.S. Trade Agreement (CUSTA) on agricultural commodities. For grains, Canada would give up the wheat board’s import controls, which would be lifted on oats and barley as early as 1989. The […] Read more

Flooded fields and feed shortages

Our History: September 2008

This image of a flooded field near Eddystone appeared in our Sept. 18, 2008 issue. Hayfields in the Interlake were going unharvested after weeks of drenching rains, and the week before about 250 local producers had met to discuss ways of dealing with the impending feed shortage. The blow came just as the cattle industry […] Read more