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Harvest all your grain

Our History: August 1978

One of the earliest combine monitors in Western Canada was advertised by Smith-Roles in our August 17, 1978 issue. Above the ad was a story about the second year of tests of zero tillage at seven farms in northwestern Manitoba. A Manitoba Agriculture representative said it seemed to be working well. “Neighbours were skeptical at […] Read more

“Non-poisonous” sheep dip and cattle wash

Our History: August 1890

Little’s Sheep Dip And Cattle Wash advertised in the August 1890 issue of the Nor’-West Farmer and Manitoba Miller was simultaneously “non-poisonous” as well as “certain death to lice, mange and all insects,”plus acting as a “chemical food” for the wool. On the same page were several “Pointers about pigs.” Among them were: “The most […] Read more

Ranchers inundated by floodwaters

Our History: June 2013

In a series of years starting in 1999, Manitoba’s southwest corner was again hit by excess moisture in 2013. The front page of our July 11 issue featured a photo of cattle along the swollen Maple Creek near Reston. The area had received as much as 15 inches of rain in the previous two weeks, […] Read more

‘It Will Pay Every Farmer’ to use Massey-Harris

Our History: July 1898

A full range of Massey-Harris equipment was featured in this ad in the July 1898 issue of the Nor’-West Farmer. A writer in the issue said now that “effort is being put forth to develop friendly relations between the two English-speaking nations of the world,” it would be a good time for the U.S. government […] Read more

Brigden’s ‘Assiniboine Valley’

Our History: May/June 1944

This photo of an F.H. Brigden painting titled “Assiniboine Valley” appeared in our May 1944 issue. A story said, “Lads from the Prairies” could view reproductions in the barracks, messes, libraries, hospitals and reading rooms where they were stationed overseas. The idea was sponsored by the National Gallery and the Department of National Defence and […] Read more

Fight weeds with proven products!

Our History: June 1977

This Manitoba Pool ad in our June 9, 1977 issue illustrates some of the main chemicals available for weed control that year. A story in the previous issue listed new herbicides registered for the year: Stampede, Torch, Sencor, Mataven, Tordon 202C and Treflan Plus Avadex BW. Last week’s history item was from a year earlier […] Read more

Fly your ‘Rapeyield 30’ pennant

Our History: June 1976

Some farmers were trying to beat the 100-bushel-per-acre canola challenge last year, but in June 1976 the goal was to beat the 30-bushel mark in Elanco’s Rapeyield 30 contest. The winner that year was 43 bushels. Our June 17 front page reported on a “major discovery” at the Agriculture Canada Research Station in Lethbridge. Two […] Read more

Blowin’ in the wind

Our History: May 2008

The photo of dust blowing from a field near Miami was typical of many others across southern Manitoba on May 16, 2008. There were blizzard-like conditions in the Red River Valley, and Manitoba Agriculture reported that many fields had lost so much topsoil that seed was exposed. As of May 22, crop insurance officials reported […] Read more

Pulverising harrow crushes clods

Our History: May 1887

This Acme Pulverising harrow, clod crusher and leveler was claimed as “Best Selling Tool on Earth” in the May 1887 of the Nor-West Farmer and Manitoba Miller. The paper’s editors were running a series of competitions inviting readers to submit essays on various topics. That month’s issue featured two entries on the topic “How to […] Read more

‘Hoop and Holler’ floods farmland

Our History: May 2011

The front page of our May 19, 2011 issue reminds of how different springs can be in Manitoba. It featured an aerial photo of the controlled release on the Hoop and Holler bend on the Assiniboine River near Portage la Prairie. The water was released onto neighbouring farmland to reduce pressure on riverbank properties farther […] Read more