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Livestock breeders and “Dairy don’ts”

Our History: July 1887

Livestock breeders advertising in the July 1887 issue of The Nor-West Farmer and Manitoba Miller included the Binscarth Stock Farm (C.L. Smellie), Beresford Stock Farm in Brandon (J.E. Smith), Chas. H. Fox & Co. in Winnipeg, Breeze Lawn Stock Farm (Sharman and Sharman) in Souris and O.P. Skrine and R.H. Skrine of Grenfell — now […] Read more

Just say no to Crow

Our History: June 1983

The Crow rate was a hot topic in June 1983. Jean-Luc Pepin, transport minister in the Pierre Trudeau government, had tabled a bill providing for annual payments to offset the money-losing rate, but debate continued on whether the payment should go to the railways (therefore only on grain shipments) or directly to farmers (which meant […] Read more

MTS’ “Ultimate” cellular plan

Our History: June 1994

Not everything is subject to inflation — this ad for MTS cellular in our June 9, 1994 issue featured the “Ultimate” plan — $149.95 per month. That’s $229 in today’s dollars. Just above that ad was another inviting farmers to an AgrEvo field day near Brandon, where they could see a new crop that year […] Read more

Universal tractors, now in two- and four-wheel drive

Our History: June 1984

Universal tractors advertised in our June 14, 1984 issue were available in two- and four-wheel drive in 35 to 100 hp. The crop report in that issue said that as of June 12, most seeding was complete except in the northwest, where there had been heavy rain in the Dauphin, Ste. Rose and Swan River […] Read more

Waterloo Champion thresher, available in seven sizes

Our History: June 1928

The Waterloo Champion thresher advertised in the June 1928 issue of The Scoop Shovel was offered in seven sizes, and could be seen at that year’s Provincial Exhibition in Brandon, also advertised in that issue. It featured a monster midway, new dog show building, a new nursery and rest room for women and children, and […] Read more

A new concept comes to combines

Our History: June 1983

This ad in our June 2, 1983 issue promoted a relatively new concept at the time — a rotary combine. The new Gleaner Series 3 had a crosswise rather than lengthwise cylinder. Seeding progress had been varied across the province — as of May 31 the northwest region was only 10 per cent complete but […] Read more

U.S. expands war on Canadian wheat

Our History: May 1994

The world wheat trade war was in full swing in 1994, as we reported in our May 26 issue. U.S. Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy had been in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil the previous week, urging them to take action against what he claimed was price undercutting by the Canadian Wheat Board. Espy claimed the CWB […] Read more

Dearth of moisture in Manitoba earth

Our History: May 1993

This photo from our May 6, 1993 issue showed (l-r) Peter Entz of Manitoba Agriculture, Bill Poole of Ducks Unlimited, Bob McNabb of Minnedosa, Wayne Lewis of Rapid City, Garth Butcher of Birtle and Bob Bradley of PFRA checking soil moisture for the first year of the Manitoba Zero Tillage Research Association’s 640-acre research farm […] Read more

Weed-Bane herbicide, ‘harmless to humans’

Our History: May 1948

Naugatuck Weed-Bane advertised in our May 6, 1948 issue was said to be a 2,4-D formulation developed specifically for Canada’s colder climate, and harmless to grass, soil, animals and humans. We reported that flooding was causing serious damage along the Red and Assiniboine rivers, and that many homes had been flooded on low river land […] Read more

Nuffield 10/60 spring clearance sale!

Our History: April 1968

This ad in our April 18, 1968 issue offered a Nuffield 10/60 for $4,505 complete at 18 dealerships in Manitoba and one in Thunder Bay. Alongside that ad was a story which said that a lack of snow across the Prairies over the past winter was a threat to North America’s dwindling duck population. It […] Read more