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‘While you wait’ truck service when picking up coal

Our History: September 1961

With chilly nights approaching, this ad in our Sept. 28, 1961 issue told farmers they could get 10-minute service when picking up their coal at Cumming and Dobie in Brandon. “Rapeseed is here to stay” was the title of the editorial earlier that month, noting that while farmers had not been enthusiastic about the crop […] Read more

It never rains, it pours

Our History: September 2009

The front page of our Sept. 10, 2009 issue covered the results of a second wet year in the Interlake. Between May 1 and Aug. 30, Arborg had received 146 per cent of normal rainfall. Kelvin Einarson of Riverton, featured in the front-page photo, said he could only seed 40 per cent of his land […] Read more

The hired man’s duties

Even 100 years ago finding and keeping farm labour wasn’t easy

This is part of an article that appeared in the historic farm publication the Nor’West Farmer in February 1920. The question of working hours on the farm is one that nearly every reader of this paper is interested in. So this letter will serve as well as another to introduce the subject. A Saskatchewan reader, […] Read more

Manitoba Pool offers hybrid pig

Our History: August 1968

Manitoba Pool was in the swine business in 1968, and also owned a packing plant in Brandon. This ad in our August 1, 1968 issue offered Pool hybrid pigs as well as assistance in setting up a barn. If you owned purebred Charolais, there was good news in that issue. The second World Charolais Sale […] Read more

Ad-ventures in beer promotion

Our History: August 1961

Acceptance of advertisements for alcoholic beverages was sometimes a controversial subject for delegates at meetings of Manitoba Pool Elevators, the Co-operator’s former owner. Some argued that it should not carry alcohol ads, but others pointed out that it would be hypocritical for a company to on one hand refuse beer ads while on the other […] Read more

Co-op “Disker,” the new tillage tool

Our History: July 1947

While in Winnipeg, farmers were invited to visit the Canadian Co-operative Implements factory to watch the manufacture of this disker advertised in our July 1, 1947 issue. Some effects of the Second World War were still evident — the federal government had increased the annual sugar ration from seven to eight pounds per person per […] Read more

Reston-area ranchers fight flooding

Our History: July 2013

After 2005, 2010 and 2011, 2013 was another wet year in the southwest. The front page of our July 11 issue had a story reporting on the problems cattle producers near Reston were facing after a 12- to 15-inch downpour two weeks earlier. Some were being forced to find alternative pastures. The deluge flooded basements […] Read more

Five years later, flood aid returns

Our History: July 2010

The wet year of 2005 decided to celebrate its fifth anniversary with a repeat in 2010, and the front page of our July 15 issue carried a story on how Ottawa and the provinces had announced a $30-per-acre payment to compensate for an estimated 12 million acres that went unseeded that year. The estimate was […] Read more

Wheat that put bread into the mouths of millions

Our History: July 1964

The front page of our July 9, 1964 issue featured a photo of R. Glenn Anderson, a wheat breeder at the “rust lab” at the Department of Agriculture Cereal Research Station in Winnipeg. The photo illustrated the height difference between normal-height wheat and semi-dwarf wheat that Anderson had begun developing in 1956. That month Anderson […] Read more

Low cost financing… for the time

Our History: July 1981

Some things have changed, others haven’t. In July 1981 you could “Say goodbye to high finance costs” with rates of 12 to 14 per cent, although those were much lower than the 24 per cent that Manitoba Pool was charging on unpaid farm supply accounts. But on the same page was a story quoting a […] Read more