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Young men for management… girls for typing?

Our History: May 1961

In the “Some things have improved” department, these two ads (shown above and below) appeared adjacent to each other in our May 25, 1961 issue. “Young men” were invited to apply for management, accounting and marketing at the University of Manitoba, and “girls” for typewriting, shorthand and bookkeeping at Manitoba Commercial College. In the “Some […] Read more

That’s one rich ditch

Our History: May 1994

Both the U.S. Midwest and the Canadian Prairies suffered from too much moisture in 1993, but things had switched by the spring of 1994. This photo in our May 26 issue showed a ditch full of topsoil north of Carman, the result of gale-force winds on May 17. A recently bulldozed shelterbelt could be seen […] Read more

The Worlds Greatest Cream Saver

Our History: May 1927

You could get a big allowance on your old machine, a 10-day free trial and “the most generous time in which to pay up” if you purchased the Melotte cream separator advertised in the May 1927 issue of The Scoop Shovel, which was the predecessor to the Co-operator. The Co-operative Dairies report that month said […] Read more

Defeating the 10 little dust devils

Our History: April 1949

Our April 21, 1949 issue carried this “10 little dust devils” cartoon from the USDA Soil Conservation Service. The 10 arrive at a windbreak and drop one by one as they meet a windbreak, a listed field, a clover field, a grass waterway, a fish pond, a field of stubble mulch, a cover crop, a […] Read more

Grow malting barley, win ‘big cash prizes’

Our History: April 1947

In April 1947 the Brewing and Malting Industries of Canada were encouraging production of higher-quality barley through a contest offering total cash prizes of $18,750 plus 120 awards of 10 pounds of seed for “Sensational new Montcalm barley.” The text later in this ad from our April 15 issue notably said that malting barley was […] Read more

‘Wypout’ your wild oats

Our History: April 1979

Uniroyal’s Wypout was available for wild oat control in April 1979 — an internet search doesn’t indicate the active ingredient. The winter in 1978-79 had been the second coldest on record along with abundant snowfall, as was evident by the stories in our April 19 issue. The report from the Provincial Flood Forecasting Committee correctly […] Read more

Farmers “focus” on working together

Our History: April 2001

As today, high world stocks were weighing on prices in April 2001. The U.S. government had abandoned production controls and storage programs in the 1985 bill, leading to all-out production and a prolonged grain price war. In an attempt to rein in production, some farmers in the U.S. and Canada proposed a voluntary acreage-reduction program […] Read more

Beef board rebuffed at ballot box

Our History: March 1977

It wasn’t even close. Our March 24, 1977 issue reported that of 12,204 ballots returned from Manitoba beef producers, 9,445 or 77 per cent had voted against a proposal by Agriculture Minister Sam Uskiw to establish a provincial beef marketing board. Our editorial in that issue suggested that the decisive result would end any plans […] Read more

Interest rates rise on farm supply accounts

Our History: March 1980

That’s 1.75 per cent per month, not per year, if you had overdue accounts with Manitoba Pool in March 1980. In a speech in Washington, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Bob Bergland blamed current low grain prices on high interest rates rather than on a reduction in exports due to the embargo on grain exports to […] Read more

‘Operation LIFT’ to lower wheat surplus

Our History: March 1970

This ad from our March 13, 1970 issue advised producers that they would receive information on how to participate in Operation LIFT (Lower inventories for tomorrow) for the next season. The quota for the current year was announced to be no higher than four bushels per acre. With Canada sitting on almost a three-year wheat […] Read more