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Keep a cap on your sodium intake

Prairie Fare: Most people consume 75 per cent of their sodium from processed foods, not from table salt

What should I make for dinner?” I asked my older daughter when we were at the grocery store on a very cold February day. “Let’s have wild rice soup,” she said. “OK, I will find a recipe to try,” I noted. I pulled out my phone and began checking some recipe sites for a soup […] Read more

Getting to know the Senecio plant family

It’s a large one with approximately 100 succulent types in the genus

Sometimes I come across an unfamiliar plant and become so intrigued by it that I go home and research it. This happened last fall when I saw a display of Fishhooks Plant in a local garden centre. Fishhooks Plant is its common name; its botanical name is Senecio radicans. It belongs to a huge plant […] Read more

Backsetting revisited

The ‘Wheat Wizard of Rosthern’ wrote about this pioneer practice in detail

In 2018, the Manitoba Agricultural Museum wrote on the backsetting method of breaking virgin sod. A reader, Mr. Bollman, contacted us to inform the museum that there is more information on backsetting in the book Profitable Grain Growing, written in 1919 by Seager Wheeler, a noted agronomist and grain grower of the time, known as […] Read more

Beat the freeze with the Rotaspreader

Our History: February 1971

Winter spreading of manure was apparently not a concern in February 1971, as avoiding winter freeze-ups was promoted as one of the benefits of the Starline Rotaspreader. The stories in our Feb. 25 issue reflected the concerns over wheat marketing at the time, as Western Canada was sitting on a huge surplus. Wheat board minister, […] Read more

Harvesting wild genes boosts resistance

A new method promises to make finding and using these genes much easier and faster

A global alliance of researchers has pioneered a new method to rapidly recruit disease-resistance genes from wild plants for transfer into domestic crops. The technique promises to revolutionize the development of disease-resistant varieties. The technique called AgRenSeq was developed by scientists at the John Innes Centre in Britain working with colleagues in Australia and the […] Read more

Feel the pulse of healthy eating

Pulse foods are budget friendly and good for our heart

Can you find your pulse? Try placing your index and third finger on the side of your neck to the side of your windpipe. You also can check your pulse on your wrist. Once you find your pulse, count the number of beats you feel in 15 seconds and multiply by four to determine your […] Read more

Tired of winter? Looking for a challenging gardening project?

Try growing a zebra plant — not the easiest to care for but well worth the effort

Like many gardeners I heave a sigh of relief when February arrives, knowing that we are past the midway mark through winter. At this point we are also pretty tired of the season and looking for something to perk us up as we wait for spring. For some that may mean a warm holiday get-away, […] Read more

cartoon image of a family seated at a table

Current finances offer cold comfort

The Jacksons from the February 7, 2019 issue of the Manitoba Co-operator

Rose Jackson slammed the door behind her, stomped her feet on the welcome mat, then sank down onto the bench beside the door to pull her boots off and toss them onto the rubber mat on the floor of the closet. “This is ridiculous!” she called out. “Why are we not in Puerto Vallarta like […] Read more

Helping hands: pilot immigration program targets rural Canada

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program matches immigrants to jobs and could help agricultural recruiters fill vacancies

It’s no secret — finding employees to work on the farm isn’t getting any easier. Rural populations are dwindling, fewer have skills or aptitudes for farm work, or even any interest in finding out about jobs in agriculture. But a new initiative announced in late January could potentially send experienced farm managers, equipment operators, meat […] Read more

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