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Suffering a man cold… and daytime TV

The Jacksons from the February 15, 2018 issue of the Manitoba Co-operator

Hello?” Rose Jackson turned her head slightly towards the phone lying on the kitchen counter next to the mixing bowl she was measuring flour and sugar into. “Oh, hi Mom!” Randy’s voice came through the speaker phone clearly. “What’s up?” Rose picked up a whisk and began to stir the contents of the bowl. “Dad […] Read more

Soils make smog too

California researchers say as much as 40 per cent 
of nitrogen oxides come from fertilizers

Internal combustion engines are typically blamed for smog in urban centres but researchers in California say fertilized fields need to be added to that list. The scientists, from University of California-Davis, say they’ve found about 40 per cent of the nitrogen oxide emissions in the Golden State is coming from fertilized soils in the agriculture-rich […] Read more

Where to celebrate Louis Riel Day

With a variety of activities to choose from there’s sure to be something to interest you on this long weekend

Do you have plans for the Louis Riel Day long weekend? Are you getting a little tired of winter? Why not use the holiday to do something different, choosing from the many activities happening. A February holiday was originally started in Alberta in 1990 to celebrate the family life of the early pioneers and to […] Read more

Under pressure

Prairie Fare: New ‘smart’ electric pressure cookers are safer and easier than ever

Are you enjoying your coffee?” my husband asked our 19-year-old daughter. “Please stop spying on me!” she exclaimed as she opened the front door of our home. She was not impressed with her parents. “I could turn off the lights in the house now,” my husband said to me a little mischievously. “No, we better […] Read more

A real-life superhero in action

In and out of hospital as a child, Jamie McDonald now gives back to children’s charities

Jamie McDonald, a.k.a. “Adventureman,” made stops in rural Manitoba on his second passage through the province, and just like on his first trip to Canada, he is raising funds for children’s charities. But this time he is driving across the country, not running, and giving motivational presentations and selling his book, Adventureman: Anyone Can Be […] Read more

Swift’s Sky-Hi Layers

Our History: February 1956

This Swift’s Hatchery ad from our Feb. 23, 1956 issue reminds of a time when most readers kept at least a few laying hens. Among the news items we reported that month were that scientists at the university had developed methods of chemical control of wild oats in certain crops, and a wheat-rye cross that […] Read more

Folk art reveals a lesser known side of Mennonite life, says Manitoba artist

Artist Margruite Krahn says vivid designs are a reminder of the value of bringing more colour into our lives

Like most Mennonites, Margruite Krahn knew women on southern Manitoba farms once hand-painted their homes with lively and colourful designs. But it wasn’t until the Neubergthal artist became involved with a local housebarn preservation that she began to truly see these floors for herself. That was several years ago, while serving as chair of the […] Read more

Rossburn family recognized with MSA award

Northern Light Simmentals has been dedicated to the breed for many years

Since 1995, the Manitoba Simmental Association (MSA) has presented the A.O. Henuset Memorial Distinguished Service Award, to persons who have helped establish the Simmental industry in Manitoba. As the 2017 winners, the Carson family of Northern Light Simmentals, located approximately 15 km southwest of Rossburn, exemplify dedication to the Simmental breed through the cattle program […] Read more

Not all omega-3s are created equal

It turns out the source of these healthy fatty acids is important

Fish or flax? That’s the question researchers from the University of Guelph have been trying to answer when looking at the cancer-prevention qualities of various sources of omega-3 fatty acids. David Ma, a professor in the university’s department of human health and nutritional sciences, says so far fish is coming out on top. His work […] Read more

Diet can give your immune system the advantage

You have several ways to help your immune system resist colds and flu this season

Recently, I was on six flights during the course of five days, with about 250 people per flight. Every flight had several people who were sneezing or coughing. So, I was exposed to at least 1,500 people all nestled in a pressurized tube, breathing the same recycled air. Now I wait to see if my […] Read more

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