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Gazpacho is a refreshing change in hot weather

Tomatoes, an ingredient in gazpacho, are rich in nutrients and low in calories

We’re going to have cold soup,” I said to my older daughter and husband. We were in our kitchen talking about the upcoming evening meal. “Gross,” my daughter remarked. She likes soup but expects it to be hot. I gathered tomatoes, red and green peppers, celery, an onion, a lemon and a cucumber, along with […] Read more

Canadian sausages can be mystery meat

A recent study finds 20 per cent of sausages in 
Canadian stores are mislabelled

Using cutting-edge DNA-based technology, University of Guelph researchers have found mislabelling and cross-species contamination of meat ingredients in 20 per cent of the sausage samples selected from grocery stores across the country. “This study now provides us with a baseline that we can use when working with meat processors to help ensure we have a […] Read more

John Deere during the pioneer days in Manitoba

Deere’s Prairie distribution was performed by a local company in the early years of the wheat boom

The John Deere Company’s involvement with Man­itoba agriculture began with an initial shipment of plows and other cultivation tools to Winnipeg in April of 1878. However, it is suspected that previous to 1878, homesteaders in Manitoba had bought implements in the U.S., including John Deere implements and brought the equipment to Canada. At the time […] Read more

New apple press starts operations near Winkler

Burwalde Juice Co. owner expects business to be brisk

A new Manitoba farm-based company offering apple pressing for backyard growers expects to start operations this week. Burwalde Juice Co., located on a farm north of Winkler, is the newest apple press providing cold-pressing, pasteurizing and bottling services to those who drop off loads of apples to be made into cider. They purchased the press […] Read more

Vegetarian junk food panned

Researchers say there are plenty of plant-based unhealthy dietary choices out there

Medical researchers have long said plant-based diets are healthier — but it turns out what type of plant-based foods matter a lot. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and other ‘basic’ plant foods can in fact lower the risk of heart disease, result in less obesity and other positive impacts. But a recent study published in […] Read more

4-H kitchen heats up at Manitoba Summer Fair

Junior and intermediate cooks had already proved themselves with regional wins by the time they donned their aprons at the provincial championships in Brandon

Ffion and Nia Devonald are award-winning chefs, and they aren’t even in high school yet. The pair — and their herb and tomato rendition of the grilled cheese sandwich — took the junior title during the inaugural 4-H Manitoba Food Challenge Provincial Championship June 10 in Brandon. “We’ve baked with our family for a while, […] Read more

Make some memories with picnics

Prairie Fare: Summer is picnic season and we should all enjoy this tradition

I remember the picnics of my youth. I looked forward to visiting a picnic site at a lake or park. Preparing all the food, loading the food in coolers and packing the lawn chairs in the trunk was part of the adventure. As a little girl, I thought that picnics required blankets, so I usually […] Read more

Wheat Board has bad news for grain producers

Our History: August 1998

With BSE still to appear in Canada in August 1998, it may not have been realized just how important our Aug. 13 front-page story would be. Former Canadian Cattlemen’s Association general manager told his annual meeting in Edmonton about the new project to develop a national cattle identification program. There was little good news for […] Read more

‘Get more beets, cleaner beets!’

Our History: August 1963

This ad from our August 8, 1963 issue reminds of when Manitoba had an active sugar industry. And when you dropped in to see the new Farmhand multiple-row beet harvester, you could also check out an Owatonna windrower. We reported that despite heavy losses from drought and rust, Manitoba’s wheat crop could reach 70 million […] Read more

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