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Is it safe to eat canned food past its best-before date?

Yes, but trust your eyes and nose if something seems off, say U of A experts

Are those forgotten cans of food in the cupboard that are years past their best-before dates, still safe to use? Very likely, say University of Alberta food scientists. Cans are sealed tightly against air and light, the culprits behind food spoilage, so they have a shelf life that lasts for years, said U of A […] Read more

How long does frozen food last?

The quality of frozen food depends on how well it is wrapped

I have a question I’ve been meaning to ask you,” a woman informed me one Sunday morning in church. I took a sip of coffee and leaned closer to see if I had an answer. I figured her question might be about food because I know she reads my column. “I have had some pumpkin […] Read more

Propagating a polka-dot plant

They do have a short lifespan but it is possible to get new plants from cuttings

Last spring I bought a lovely pink polka-dot plant, big and bushy and about 20 cm tall. The single plant filled a six-inch pot, and I think it had either been kept over for the winter or else grown from seed planted months earlier. I was fascinated by the speckled leaves and the plant’s tidy […] Read more

New durum does it all!

Our History: December 1997

Melita durum wheat advertised in our Dec. 4, 1997 issue was named for the southwest town in what was once Manitoba’s durum area, but that apparently wasn’t any incentive to keep growing durum in this province. Statistics Canada reported 140,000 acres in 1997 and 200,000 acres the following year, but the crop began a steady […] Read more

cartoon image of a family seated at a table

Christmas excitement builds… for the spa

The Jacksons from the December 6, 2018 issue of the Manitoba Co-operator

“I am so proud of you sweetheart!” Rose Jackson set her coffee cup down on the dining room table across from her husband Andrew, who raised and peered at her over the top of the sports section he was reading. “And well you should be,” he said. “What for though?” “The Christmas lights,” said Rose. […] Read more

Farm Credit Canada backs industry mental health push

Rooted in Strength — Taking care of our Families and Ourselves booklet is designed to help farmers across the country do just that

You wouldn’t dream of trying to feed the world on your own, so why carry the weight of the world on your own shoulders?” That’s Cynthia Beck, a suicide intervention responder in Saskatchewan speaking in a series of videos she’s produced for a new Farm Credit Canada resource identifying how to stay mentally healthy when […] Read more

Nature doubles down on climate warming

A new study shows regions are more often simultaneously experiencing hot and dry conditions

A warming climate is causing weather woes to hit both harder and further. Stanford University scientists say hot and dry conditions are now regularly hitting multiple regions at the same time. These crop yield shrinking, food price destabilizing and environmentally catastrophic conditions are now twice as likely. Climate change has doubled the odds that a […] Read more

Can it

Canned goods can help you meet your daily fruit and vegetable requirements

We don’t need any more canned green beans,” my husband announced from the kitchen. I was sitting on the couch in the living room writing a grocery list for a holiday meal. I was wondering what had inspired his comment, so I walked into the kitchen. He had lined up 10 cans of green beans […] Read more

Don’t forget to check those plants that were brought indoors

Now’s a good time to examine each one and make sure there are no problems developing

It has been a couple of months since we brought all those plants indoors for the winter. We took slips and cuttings, dug up and repotted some, and simply moved some potted plants inside without doing anything to them. We were also (hopefully) diligent about avoiding bringing unwanted visitors indoors with the plants. We cleaned […] Read more

Newborn babies’ first gut bacteria may have effect on ability to fight disease

This could eventually allow doctors to establish beneficial bacteria right after birth

New research showing that the first bacteria introduced into the gut have a lasting impact may one day allow science to adjust microbiomes — the one-of-a-kind microbial communities that live in our gastrointestinal tracts — to help ward off serious chronic diseases. Findings by U of A microbial ecologist Jens Walter and his colleagues suggest […] Read more

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