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Cell wall secrets could unlock plant potential

U.K. researchers say figuring this puzzle out could improve hunt for traits

We’ve gone a long way in recent years unlocking the genetic potential of plants — but mainly the focus has been on seeds and fruits. Now researchers from Britain’s University of York and Quadram Institute say they’re unlocking the genetic secrets of plant cell walls, which could help improve the quality of some plant-based foods. […] Read more

Are rhubarb and tomatoes fruits or vegetables?

Whether produce is a fruit or veggie often depends on your perspective and how you use it

For roll call, please say your favourite vegetable,” our club officer announced. I was at a meeting of PEO, which is a philanthropic educational organization for women. We in Chapter V are getting to know each other a little better every month by answering questions for roll call. The officer stated green beans as her […] Read more

Enjoy peony season while it lasts

The large scented blooms can be admired in the garden or used as cut flowers in floral arrangements

Most rural properties have peony bushes and the owners of these properties eagerly look forward to peony season every year. Nothing can match the wonderful sight and perfume of the bright-red, pink and white blooms. These can be enjoyed in the outdoor garden to their full potential if the plants have been staked so that […] Read more

The elevator repairman

Country elevators are a rarer site nowadays. George Payette’s business is keeping those few left in good working order

Country elevators are disappearing, but so long as George Payette can swing a sledgehammer or pound a nail, a few lone survivors stand a chance. Payette’s business is elevator repair and maintenance, making him the guy farmers who now own these sites regularly call when a roof, siding or cribbing needs work, or a foundation […] Read more

DDG can help forage digestibility

The ethanol industry byproduct can help cattle 
get more from late-season grasses

One of the challenges for cattle producers around the world is getting the most out of late-season forage. In many cases forages become harder to digest later in the growing season, making them less beneficial for animals. Now a group of Texas researchers say supplementing these forages with dried distillers grain from the ethanol industry […] Read more

Is milk good for you?

Don't listen to detractors, milk has many health benefits

I recently visited a dairy farm and especially admired the 24-hour-old calves. They already were up walking around one day after birth. We humans take about a year to do that. A Brown Swiss calf with long eyelashes and I bonded. It licked my hand with its rough tongue and I was carried back to […] Read more

cartoon image of a family seated at a table

A Father’s Day meeting on the front lawn

The Jacksons from the June 15, 2017 issue of the Manitoba Co-operator

I’d like to call this meeting to order. Does everybody have a beer?” Randy Jackson looked around at the people gathered on the front lawn of the Jackson homestead. It was not a large crowd. Aside from Randy and his wife Jackie, there were only Brady, with his wife Amanda holding baby Michaela, and Jennifer […] Read more

MTS’ “Ultimate” cellular plan

Our History: June 1994

Not everything is subject to inflation — this ad for MTS cellular in our June 9, 1994 issue featured the “Ultimate” plan — $149.95 per month. That’s $229 in today’s dollars. Just above that ad was another inviting farmers to an AgrEvo field day near Brandon, where they could see a new crop that year […] Read more

History of Pilot Mound’s ‘Old Mound’

The hill from which the town gets its name is actually two km away

Recently, my husband and I drove to the south-central part of Manitoba to explore the mound near the town of Pilot Mound, in the municipality of Louise. This hill, from which the town takes its name, is actually about two kilometres away from the town’s present site. It is historically significant to the region and […] Read more

The John Deere ‘spoker’ Model D tractor

This tractor had an epic production run of nearly 30 years and is the first tractor of many farms

The Manitoba Agricultural Museum has a number of John Deere Model D tractors in its collection ranging from a “spoker” Model D to late-model-styled Ds. John Deere built Model Ds over an astonishing production run of almost 30 years, beginning in 1924 and ending in 1953. After assembly line production had ceased, there were still […] Read more

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