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Student making a name for himself in bull riding

Rossburn teen thrives on the mental and physical competition

What makes a rodeo athlete compete? For Hayden Charney, who began in the rough stock or eight-second world of the sport, there is a lot that goes into being a competitor — both mentally and physically. “The crowd, the guys behind the chute, fellow competitors and friends all make this sport hard to resist,” said […] Read more

Fight weeds with proven products!

Our History: June 1977

This Manitoba Pool ad in our June 9, 1977 issue illustrates some of the main chemicals available for weed control that year. A story in the previous issue listed new herbicides registered for the year: Stampede, Torch, Sencor, Mataven, Tordon 202C and Treflan Plus Avadex BW. Last week’s history item was from a year earlier […] Read more

cartoon image of a family seated at a table

Calling all Mennonites, prepare the celebrations

The Jacksons from the June 13, 2019 issue of the Manitoba Co-operator

“If anybody needs me I’ll be at the café!” Andrew Jackson opened the front door and stepped out onto the porch. He closed the door and stood for a moment, debating whether to take the truck or just walk the few blocks to the café. He glanced up at the sky which contained, for the […] Read more

Niverville farmer featured in documentary about reducing hunger

Colleen Dyck travelled halfway around the world to meet a Kenyan farmer who is teaching agricultural skills to women in her community

A Manitoba farmer will star in a documentary about the impact of empowering women farmers around the world. “It was quite incredible,” said Colleen Dyck, who farms with her husband and four children near Niverville. “I feel like I got this university education in like two weeks.” This spring, Dyck spent eight days with a […] Read more

Edit avian flu out of chicken genes

New research suggests it could be possible to halt the bird flu virus in chickens

Scientists have used gene-editing techniques to stop the bird flu virus from spreading in chicken cells grown in the lab. The findings raise the possibility of producing gene-edited chickens that are resistant to the disease. Researchers prevented the virus from taking hold by deleting a section of chicken DNA inside lab-grown cells. The next step […] Read more

New groups take up birdhouse project

A 4-H group and a training centre are building to aid Friends of the Bluebirds

Two new groups are helping to improve the survival rate of bluebirds and swallows in Manitoba. They are doing so by providing nest boxes through the Brandon-based organization, Friends of the Bluebirds. One group, the Belles, Beaux & Builders 4-H Club from Neepawa, made a presentation at the Brandon Discovery Centre at the April meeting […] Read more

Enjoy seasonal strawberries

This is when strawberries are at peak quality and, usually, a lower price

I remember the “you-pick” strawberry patches we would visit in the early summer when I was a kid. You could see the plump, red berries peeking out from under the green foliage. I thought walking down the rows in a large field of strawberries was fun. I also remember a lady in a broad-brimmed floppy […] Read more

Dream of a greenhouse business takes off

Busy couple has greenhouse in Rivers and also near Holland, Manitoba

When Travis and Kendra Walker purchased an acreage east of Rivers in 2016, it just happened to include four large greenhouse structures that the previous owner had built on his farm. “I was always interested in the greenhouse business so when the acreage we purchased came with greenhouses it seemed like a good time to […] Read more

Miniota brothers carry on family tradition

Inspired by their grandfather they continue competing in rodeo

Drawing on the inspiration of a former rodeo contestant and member of the Little ‘M’ Rodeo committee, two brothers now calling Miniota home are proud to recall the livelihood of their grandfather Don Haines, even though they never got to meet him. The cowboy lifestyle for both Peyton Hawtin and his younger brother Ashten, the […] Read more

Fly your ‘Rapeyield 30’ pennant

Our History: June 1976

Some farmers were trying to beat the 100-bushel-per-acre canola challenge last year, but in June 1976 the goal was to beat the 30-bushel mark in Elanco’s Rapeyield 30 contest. The winner that year was 43 bushels. Our June 17 front page reported on a “major discovery” at the Agriculture Canada Research Station in Lethbridge. Two […] Read more

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