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Cook quickly with canned foods

Canned fruits and vegetables can help us meet our nutrition requirements

Back when I was in college, my roommates and I relied on canned food and other staples such as rice and pasta for quick, economical meals. We mixed in some fresh meat, fruits and vegetables, too, of course. Preparing canned food was faster, though. One of my roommates was famous for her “mono-meals,” or one-item […] Read more

Annual hockey game becoming a tradition

The rivalry continues for its fifth year between a female team from MacGregor and Baker Hutterite Colony

The town of MacGregor is becoming known for its celebrations during Louis Riel weekend. A variety of activities takes place, including a pancake breakfast, a bannock bake, and several sports: two-person curling; minor hockey and senior hockey; cross-country skiing, with equipment available; and, this year, a short demonstration by the Carberry Syncro Skating Team. One […] Read more

How good is your seed cleaning equipment?

Our History: February 1963

Seed growers could write Simon-Day in Winnipeg for information on the cleaner and disc separator advertised in our Feb. 23, 1963 issue. At the Manitoba Swine Breeders Association in Brandon, members heard of a new provincial program to encourage them to set up high-standard herds from which growers could select quality animals. Also meeting in […] Read more

The McPhail outfit circa 1919

Once again a historic photo gives us insight into a world long past

Among the photos donated to the Manitoba Agricultural Museum is a series of photos taken on the Archie McPhail farm northeast of Brandon sometime around 1919. The photo seen here shows the threshing machine in use by Archie McPhail at the time, a wooden Sawyer Massey. The other photos seen in the series show the […] Read more

Extended lactation could make better cheese

Danish researchers show that despite fears the practice could harm milk quality it may actually be better

Extending dairy cow lactation periods by up to six months not only can lower the environmental impact of the industry — it just might make better cheese too. That’s according to some recent research by Danish scientists who decided to put long-standing concerns over the practice to an empirical test. They found an expected decrease […] Read more

Do you need a vitamin pill?

Do your homework before taking vitamin supplements

You need to eat more vegetables,” my husband said to our 13-year-old daughter. He was scraping the uneaten vegetables from her plate while she was getting a daily kids’ vitamin for herself. I walked into the kitchen during their conversation. “I really don’t like vegetables,” she announced a little sheepishly. I can attest that she […] Read more

Learn about fungicides via your VCR

Our History: February 1991

Fungicides were a new concept for farmers in February 1991. To learn more you could watch a video, but that meant sending for a VHS in the mail, not watching YouTube. In our Feb. 21 issue we reported on a meeting at CSP Foods in Altona (now owned by Bunge), one of three canola-crushing plants […] Read more

Bittersweet Trails — a labour of love

Located near Rossendale, Man. they were originally developed in the ’70s and are now tended by dedicated volunteers

The Bittersweet Cross-Country Trails near Rossendale, Manitoba have been a labour of love for two families: the Woodwards and the McMasters. Situated in the Assiniboine River valley, about 50 km SW of Portage la Prairie on Highway 242 between Highways 1 and 2, these trails were originally the inspiration of Margaret and Hartley Woodward. The […] Read more

From farm implements to home convenience

Maytag is a home appliance giant now but it started out making farm implements

When you hear the name Maytag, do you remember your grandfather’s Maytag tractor? How about the family Maytag car or light truck? No? That could be because the company that began as a farm implement and vehicle manufacturer eventually focused solely on home appliances. In 1893, Frederick Louis Maytag and three partners started the Parsons […] Read more

TB-resistant cattle are a reality

A new technique has produced live animals with 
increased resistance to this dangerous disease

Researchers say they’ve found a high-tech way to produce cattle with genetic resistance to bovine tuberculosis. Writing in the open-access journal Genome Biology, Chinese researchers from the Northwest A&F University in Shaanxi, China say CRISPR gene-editing technology allowed the breakthrough. Read more: TB in the spotlight again with Alberta outbreak Dr. Yong Zhang, lead author […] Read more

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