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The other ag college: ACC’s growing agribusiness program

ACC’s agribusiness program is so successful that 26 years later there’s a waiting list to get in

Amanda Boland’s parents don’t farm, but that didn’t stop agriculture from being a part of her childhood. The daughter of two ag retailers in Melfort, Sask., Boland was exposed early to the industry, eventually joining the workforce at Paragon Ag Services, the same company that employs her parents. She loaded and unloaded fertilizer trucks and […] Read more

Frozen soils might be major emitter

A University of Manitoba study has discovered 
the previously overlooked emissions

A new study suggests global greenhouse emission calculations have overlooked an important aspect of the agricultural sector. Emissions, especially of the key gas nitrous oxide, may in fact be about 17 to 28 per cent greater for cultivated soils frozen in winter than currently thought. Mario Tenuta, professor in applied soil ecology at the University […] Read more

Get ready for Canada’s 150th anniversary

Celebrate by visiting a Parks Canada National Historic Site

How you will celebrate Canada’s 150th? Why not check out some of our nation’s historic sites? As of 2016, there were 976 National Historic Sites in Canada, with 171 of them being administered by Parks Canada. One such site is the Riding Mountain National Park (RMNP) East Gate Registration Complex at the east entrance to […] Read more

cartoon image of a family seated at a table

Starting the day with a hearty (breakfast) conversation

The Jacksons from the March 23, 2017 issue of the Manitoba Co-operator

Randy Jackson leaned over to look out of the café window, setting his coffee down as he did so. His wife Jackie looked at him questioningly from across the table. “There they come,” said Randy. “I hope they’re wearing their high rubber boots because some of those sidewalk puddles are deep.” “You don’t want to […] Read more

Does timing of meals affect health?

It turns out breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, according to a recent study

They’re cagey. I fed them at 3 a.m.,” he noted. “You already fed them? Jake was barking, so I got up and fed them at 4:30 so you could sleep,” I responded. Yes, our three dachshunds are like infants who demand early-morning feedings. I got up with our three human kids when they were babies, […] Read more

Make the most of seeding into stubble

Our History: March 1961

Summerfallow was still a common part of the rotation in 1961, but for those seeding into stubble, this ad from our March 30 issue reminded them that they needed nitrogen and suggested they leave an unfertilized check strip to confirm the difference. An article quoting Manitoba Department of Agriculture specialists reinforced the advice. It said […] Read more

Career journalist carves out new niche

Glen Kirby operates the Southwest Post, a digital-only news site serving southwestern Manitoba

Glen Kirby has been writing the news his whole life, but to say the guy has ink in his blood isn’t quite accurate anymore. Binary codes, maybe. The career journalist launched the Southwest Post last fall, a digital-only news site carrying daily news stories he writes and photos taken as he covers the region around […] Read more

Well-told stories attract customers, conference speaker says

Even small businesses with no budget to market can use this approach to build brand recognition

Small-scale direct-marketing businesses that don’t have budgets to do much marketing can build brand recognition by openly telling their business’s story, said the keynote speaker attending the Direct Farm Marketing conference here last week. “The best thing you can do is tell stories about yourselves,” Mark Evans, of Mark Evans Consulting, a Toronto-based company specialized […] Read more

Extraterrestrial potato production studied

Researchers from Peru’s potato centres and NASA are trying to 
grow spuds in conditions that mimic Mars

In a move that mirrors the Matt Damon blockbuster “The Martian,” researchers are trying to prove potatoes can grow on Mars. The International Potato Center (CIP) recently launched a series of experiments to discover if potatoes can grow under Mars atmospheric conditions. CIP’s proof of concept experiment to grow potatoes in simulated Martian conditions began […] Read more

Oakburn farm boy loves to play his fiddle

Youngest of three opts for music and dance versus hockey

Adamant he didn’t want to play hockey like his two older brothers, Nicholas Nowosad of Oakburn surprised his parents when he declared he wanted to learn to play the violin instead. And several years later, the eight-year-old fiddled his way to second place in his age category at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair in 2016. […] Read more

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