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Trade wars and food fights

It would appear Bill Morneau is happy fiddling while our economy burns

Bill Morneau is perhaps an influential figure in Trudeau’s cabinet, but he’s no finance minister. Given the budget he presented late last month, Minister Morneau may be more of a social justice enabler. Supporting more diversity, equality and inclusiveness is obviously critical to the betterment of our society, but most Canadians do expect more from […] Read more

Soy bean seeds on a white background

U.S. to stay stuffed with soybeans despite Argentine losses

Demand for U.S. soybeans remains stubbornly depressed due to high global stocks

The soy complex may be rallying on the Chicago Board of Trade, but the outlook for U.S. supply retains its bearish feel, despite significant losses to Argentina’s soybean crop amid parched conditions. Last month, the U.S. Department of Agriculture cut domestic soybean exports to 2.1 billion bushels, some three per cent smaller than last year’s […] Read more

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What StatsCan and Loblaw numbers are really telling us

While food prices are rising, a newly competitive food retailing landscape makes increasing margins difficult

Recent StatsCan numbers indicate that grocers are in trouble. Food inflation is now above two per cent for the first time since April 2016. This is typically good news for grocers as it gives more room for them to increase margins. But given major headwinds affecting the industry, grocers will need to get even more […] Read more

Opinion: Food policies should support small-scale producers

Ramping up food production via large-scale farming operations alone is unlikely to eradicate world hunger

Ten years ago, a spike in food prices ignited a global food crisis that compromised the ability of the world’s poorest people to access an adequate diet. Governments around the world responded by supporting the expansion of large-scale agricultural production, based on the idea that producing more food in this way translates into lower prices […] Read more

Health Canada’s suggested new food labelling has limitations

The labels would help consumers know what’s in their food but there are some gaps in the system

When it comes to food, the current federal government is big on consultations. Health Canada recently launched online public discussions and consumer-oriented research to find the best front-of-package labelling formula. Four models have been presented – Health Canada appears to want to keep its options open (although all the logos look the same). Saturated fats, […] Read more

Opinion: Pulses and the future of food

India’s decision to impose tariffs to support its farmers is creating dangerous uncertainty

The rest of the world is realizing what the pulse industry has known for decades: pulses are the future of food. Consumers and governments around the world now look to pulses as an important part of action plans to improve the global food system and address nutritional and environmental challenges. Increasing pulse consumption is critical […] Read more

Canada’s new and growing market: Nigeria

This African nation has a young and growing population, making it an ever more important buyer

The 2017 new crop missions’ Team Canada Wheat visited Canada’s top customers and provided them with technical data and support. Who are Canada’s top customers? Some of the answers, like Japan, will be no surprise to anyone, but many would not expect to see one of our newest top customers, Nigeria on the list. Fifteen […] Read more

Food policy recommendations reflect diverse interests

The report to Parliament will either cement the solitudes or set the stage for finding common ground

The 21 recommendations toward developing this country’s first national food policy delivered to Parliament recently establish one thing fairly succinctly. It’s complicated. However, from the first recommendation (making adequate nutrition as a basic human right) to the last (calling for a national food policy advisory body with a wildly diverse range of stakeholders), the committee’s […] Read more

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Comment: A method to its madness

There’s more to Richardson’s canola council withdrawal than meets the eye

Canola is a Canadian success story and there’s no disputing the Canola Council of Canada’s role in making it so. That’s why when Richardson International, Canada’s largest grain company, didn’t renew its council membership in 2018, there was shock, disappointment, concern and even anger. Why would Richardson suddenly pull out of an organization with a […] Read more

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Comment: Have your say on commodity groups

I want to encourage Manitoba farmers to attend the 2018 Crop Connect Conference. While there, attend the annual meetings of at least some of the five farm commodity groups that are considering a new way to promote the research, production and marketing of their crops. Farmer directors of Manitoba Flax Growers, Manitoba Corn Growers, The […] Read more