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Carrot hanging on the end of angled stick

The carrot, the stick, and U.S. farmers

Trade turmoil has the White House picking winners and losers in the U.S. farm sector

The Trump administration’s good cop/bad cop approach to U.S. trade policy was on full display Aug. 27 when President Donald J. Trump, the bad cop that day, announced a very incomplete NAFTA trade deal — fuelled by his heavy use of tariffs — that pointedly excluded Canada. That day’s good cop was U.S. Secretary of […] Read more

Comment: Why are consumers going meatless?

The answer has something to do with the economy

We seem to be living in an era in which the pleasure of eating is quite simply overpowered by values-based narratives in food consumption. And this is happening at an astonishing pace. Vegetarianism and veganism are both coming into their own, allowing more people to “come out of the cupboard” to speak openly about and […] Read more

Herd of Holstein Friesian cows

Opinion: The whole dairy picture

The current press frenzy around Canada’s supply-managed dairy system is mostly thanks to the rhetoric of politicians south of the border. However, debate about the system has gone on within our own Canadian media for a long time too. Media debate around supply management often focuses on the issue of price for product on the […] Read more

Comment: How we can avoid a devastating trade war with the U.S.

We need a smart, realistic strategy for negotiations, starting with our dairy supply management system

The importance of the North American Free Trade Agreement to Canada’s economy is staggering. Each day, $2.4 billion worth of goods and services cross the Canada/U.S. border. Some 78 per cent of Canada’s merchandise exports are destined for NAFTA partners. Now, the 23-year-old agreement is under severe threat from a hyper-protectionist American president. U.S.-Canada trade […] Read more

Meet your new boss, same as the old boss

Your key customers are reacting to the shifting demands of their key customers

The only Washington, D.C.-area team having a worse year than the Baltimore Orioles is big food’s biggest, richest lobbying arm, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, or the GMA. Most American farmers and ranchers don’t know GMA by its acronym; they do, however, know its work: it was the organizer and chequebook behind the defeat of several […] Read more

Comment: Meal kits set the table for a new food retailing boom

Instead of takeout, consumers can choose a meal kit that allows them to whip up an appealing dish in minutes

Meal kits are sweeping across North America. It’s the perfect trend for consumers who want to be empowered by cooking but still need convenience. For example, Walmart has just partnered with Gobble to deliver meal kits. In the battle over the future of food consumption in the U.S., Walmart wants a fighting chance against the […] Read more

soybean on white background

Opinion: U.S. soy trade stellar in short term

Longer term the outlook for the Chinese market gets very hazy

Market analysts have been trying to gauge China’s forward bean usage as it remains locked in a tit-for-tat tariff dispute with the United States, and the conflict has prompted threats from the East Asian country to severely reduce or ban U.S. bean imports. The future of U.S. soybean trade with China has also been a […] Read more

Opinion: Amazon and Whole Foods – one year later

The blockbuster deal has forced domestic grocery giants to adapt quickly

One after the other, grocers are going virtual. All of them, at some point over the last 12 months, have announced some sort of commitment to an e-commerce strategy. Costco launched its home delivery pilot in Ontario, while Maxi’s, Loblaw’s discount stores in Quebec, were the latest to jump on the virtual bandwagon with their […] Read more

Opinion: Corn may be an unintended trade war victim in 2019

Wheat is also likely to see the effect of a stampede out of beans

U.S. corn supply is predicted to plunge by 23 per cent over the next year, but the tighter domestic market may be a short-lived phenomenon pending the resolution of the U.S.-China trade war. The world’s two largest economies have been embroiled in a trade battle in which Beijing hit U.S. soybeans with a 25 per […] Read more

Tariffs not the answer to U.S. trade woes

Testimony by Minnesota Farm Bureau president Kevin Paap to the U.S. House Ways and Means subcommittee on trade, Washington, D.C., July 18. Agricultural exports are important economic drivers. Once you lose a market, it is really tough to get it back. In 2017, we exported $140 billion in farm products, which is $21 billion more […] Read more