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Grain sector likes transportation act changes

Time will tell, but the industry says the Bill C-49 changes should lead to better grain service

After decades of complaining about poor rail service for grain, western farmers and shippers say Bill C-49, the Transportation Modernization Act, is close to what they’ve been asking for. Wade Sobkowich, executive director of the Western Grain Elevator Association (WGEA), which represents Western Canada’s major elevator companies, said it includes most of the changes it […] Read more

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Nitty-gritty details in Bill C-49

The revenue cap stays, but railways can include the cost of new hoppers

It took a few days of intense review for the Western Grain Elevators Association (WGEA) before giving its blessing to the Transportation Modernization Act. Others were equally meticulous. “Every word does matter, and the order of the words matters,” Greg Cherewyk, Pulse Canada’s chief operating officer, said in an interview. And while Pulse Canada also […] Read more

Distilling the true spirits of Manitoba

Jason Kang of Capital K Distillery has shifted his brewing hobby into a 
full-fledged business, using only Manitoba-grown grain

Winnipegger Jason Kang has taken many jobs since his family immigrated from China in 2003. He has worked in manufacturing and garbage disposal. He has been a dishwasher, a pizza delivery man and a commercial driver. But now he has a different profession behind his name, one that he hopes to make permanent — master […] Read more

From field to bottle: a look inside the Capital K process

A look at the world behind the still and the process behind locally produced spirits

Kang’s process starts once the grain arrives at his distillery in one-tonne totes. Each 400-kilogram batch of raw grain is first weighed, then sent to the mill to be cracked. “After that, we cook the grain,” Kang said. “Which is what we call the mashing, so the same process as making beer.” After that, the […] Read more

MacAulay not saying if he’ll fix U.S. wheat-grading irritant

The U.S. and Canadian grain sectors agree American wheat delivered to Canada should be eligible for the same grades if the variety is registered in Canada — but will it take U.S. trade action to make it happen?

Federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay has heard the Canadian grain sector’s request to fix a trade irritant over grading imported American wheat, but isn’t saying if he’ll do anything about it. Given United States President Donald Trump’s bellicose anti-trade comments, followed last month by Montana Sen. Jon Tester’s resolution to the U.S. Senate’s finance committee, […] Read more

Transportation bill to be ambitious package

Despite a tight timeline the transport minister is still promising action before the summer recess

While offering no details, Transport Minister Marc Garneau says seven key issues for the grain sector will be included in a bill on rail service to be introduced in Parliament this spring. In a letter to the Commons transport committee, Garneau said, “I look forward to presenting this legislation, which will support a more transparent, […] Read more

Winter wheat takes a beating in the east

The mid-winter melt may have felt good at the time, but winter wheat 
producers are now getting a first-hand look at its downside

Mid-winter thaws hit hard at overwintering cereals in January and February, and farmers in eastern Manitoba are just now discovering the impact. Jake Davidson, executive manager of Winter Cereals Canada, said winter wheat acres north, south and east of Winnipeg suffered significant crop damage when water-saturated ground later refroze. Other growers who escaped that weather […] Read more

Canada’s grain sector wants to keep wheat off Trump’s hit list and preserve open border

That’s why it’s pushing Ottawa to change the grading system to accommodate 
American wheat delivered to Canadian elevators

[Updated May 10, 2017] With Canadian softwood lumber and dairy already in President Donald Trump’s crosshairs, there are fears United States could soon go after Canadian wheat. The Americans have long complained Canadian wheat has enjoyed unfettered access to the U.S. market under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), but charge Canadian regulations discriminate against […] Read more

Barley genome fully mapped

German researchers, leading an international consortium, 
say they’ve given us the best picture yet of the barley genome

Scientists at Helmholtz Zentrum München, a German research centre, have published the closest look yet at the barley genome. They recently published their findings in the journal Nature and lead author Heidrum Gundlach says they hope the new and more detailed barley genome will help develop varieties resistant to pathogens and tolerant of climate fluctuations. […] Read more

StatsCan sees higher corn and soy acres in Manitoba

Statistics Canada’s seeding intentions report confirms, weather willing, 
there could be a 36 per cent jump in soy acres

Get ready to see more soybeans zipping by your truck window during trips to town this summer. According to Statistics Canada’s first Principal Field Crops report of the season, which looks at seeding intentions for the coming season, Manitoba’s soybean acres are expected to jump 34.6 per cent in 2017. Of the seven million soybean […] Read more